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Peavy Wagner (Rage)

Interview with Peavy Wagner from Rage
by Michael Dalakos at 22 March 2006, 9:35 PM

Though I didn't like the new Rage album at all, I decided to have a chat with Peavy Wagner (vocals & bass) and see what he has to say about Speak Of The Dead (Nuclear Blast Records)…

Peavy, I am a bit confused with your choice to divide the new album into two sections. The first one is a concept with the Lingua Mortis orchestra. Why not do an entire album with the orchestra again?

We could have done a full length album with the orchestra but we have already done it in the past. We didn’t want people to start saying that we are doing the same things over and over again.

Yeah but we are talking about half the album. If we take what you just said, it’s like half doing what you’ve already done in the past…

Maybe but I guess there will always be people complaining about what a band does and how it does it. Truth is that we also had lots of cool songs in our known style and we didn’t want them to wait for the next album.

What can you tell me about the recording process…

We started last year in August with the production; we used a different studio for the orchestra parts as you can imagine. We had time to work on the songs so I can’t really say that we rushed things. I don’t like rushing… the last part of the album was recorded between October and November 2005 in Germany.

How difficult it is in your opinion to have traditional Metal instruments and classical instruments in the same album?

Not difficult at all. It works pretty good I dare to say. Yes of course you have to use different recording techniques but with the use of today’s technology it is not difficult. It was hard the first time we did it but now we have everything under control… well, most of it! (Laughs)

This is your first album with Nuclear Blast Records. Were there any other propositions from other labels as well?

Yes, we had other propositions but Nuclear Blast was the best. We are very satisfied so far with their work. We started looking for a record deal since last year when our contract with SPV ended.

Will there be any limited edition for this album?

Yes, there’s going to be a Digipack version with a bonus track and a video and a special booklet. There will be a special edition box set with lots of good stuff inside. Check it out! (Laughs)

You have shot a video for the new album and it is part of a movie soundtrack…

Yes, that’s right; it’s a German psycho criminal story film. A very good one. The story behind this is that I am friends with the director of the movie so he called me and asked me if we can work together. I said yes and… oh well, you will see the results soon. (Laughs)

Do you find the idea of composing a full soundtrack for a film interesting?

Definitely but it is very hard when you see the way the composers for movies work. If I had the ability to do such a thing, I guess it would be for a thriller or something. Viktor \[Smolski - guitars] has done it several times in the past, you know, for Russian movies.

Touring plans…

We’ve already booked lots of European shows. No plans for Greece so far but we are working on it. We will go to Russia, Japan, and South America…

Rage is one of the oldest bands still hanging around. What do you miss from the early days of the band?

I don’t really miss anything. I guess it was easier since there were few bands around. Back then all the bands were connected in one way or another.

Your opinion about the internet?

I guess it works both ways for us. Two sides of a coin. A good way to promote your music but unfortunately the whole piracy problem is more present than ever now. Plus so many bands around…

What kind of profession would you have done if you were not a musician?

I know a lot of things. I would have been a pathological assistant since I have studied that but eventually I dropped it for the good of the band.

Rage is a legendary band. Are there still any unfulfilled dreams?

What I want the most is to have the ability to keep playing for as much as I can. I don’t want to turn into some kind of metal dinosaur or something however! (Laughs)

Your last words…

I hope our fans like our new album. Check it out. Thank you for this interview and I hope to visit Athens again soon.


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