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Pete Newdeck (Tainted Nation)

Interview with Pete Newdeck from Tainted Nation
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 01 July 2013, 10:35 PM

Conjuring some of the best veteran players in the European and American scenes of both Hard Rock and Heavy Metal worlds, TAINTED NATION came be. Through Massacre Records, this supergroup released their debut album ”F.E.A.R.”. Kati discussed with Pete Newdeck, at the helm of the vocals, about the new album, being a multi national band, and more…

Hello Pete, how are you? Thank you very much for the time for this interview for Metal Temple.

Hey, I am doing great and no problem

TAINTED NATION is a multinational band, even I might say supergroup. Though it has been a common phenomenon among bands nowadays, how do you perceive the work with artists from different countries?

To be honest, It's a privilege to be working with these guys. It doesn't matter which country they are from, the chemistry and the talent is what makes it great!!

All of you guys played in other bands like Eden's Curse, The Poodles, Lionsheart, Firewind, Outloud, Helloween or Kingdom Come. With all your combined experiences, both as individual artists and as band mates, how does it affect your music?

It was very positive that we all had experience. We respected each other’s opinions because it would seem that egos tend to become less of a problem as you get older hahaha!! we aimed to bring out something fresh and different to what was expected of us, in my opinion we did just that!

Is the essence of TAINTED NATION your collective influences?

You could say that yes, sometimes you just write and see what comes out . there is a combination of everything, new and old influence. Ian Nash and I came up with the core of the song ideas. We aimed to write music that we enjoyed playing. We all have been influenced in our lives, songwriting sometimes shows obviously your influence, and on other occasions it's not so obvious. There was more than influence that went into this, real life and all its struggles, the world today and many other feelings added to the feel.

Your new album, “F.E.A.R.”, was just released. How can you describe the work process on it?
It was a process…………taking big monster riffs and turning them into the songs you hear………in fact it was totally enjoyable. We had the sketches of the songs…then when Pontus and Mark had their input also, it made the dynamic of the band ……..of course there are elements of doubt, re-writing , re -recording and other things………..thats why this album is very close to our hearts.
Why choosing this title?

Tainted Nation is our view on the world…….the poverty, the corruption and the lies……….nomatter where you live, you are being told a lie to some degree……

What were your main inspirations for writing the music of “F.E.A.R.”?

A lot of angst, some personal stuff too. If you read the lyrics, you will know where I was in life when I wrote each particular song. It's a very good outlet to vent your emotions.

What topics are the foremost important to you regarding the lyrics?
There is nothing I wouldn't write about…….and it depends my mood at the time of writing. Are there any more unreleased "F.E.A.R." tracks that should be known about? If so, please share a bit of info.
We gave you everything we had….we did consider keeping it back, but we thought fans deserve the best.

Any plans for the next album of TAINTED NATION?

Definitely. We have begun writing, no rushing and trying to make sure that the quality remains the same………..the follow up album can be the most difficult, especially when the reviews of FEAR have been overwhelming. We are very happy.

Currently you are the drummer in Eden's Curse and here you are, the vocalist of TAINTED NATION. Is it tough to switch mindsets, from a drummer to a vocalist and vice versa, when it comes to your two roles in two different bands?

For me, every day I am proud to be in music………….being a singer was a new thing….i am still learning , but I don't particularly find it hard…..I was obviously born to rock!!! I enjoy both my roles the same and I look forward to the next show with either band!!

Any plans for the support of “F.E.A.R.”?

Lots of plans. We have done UK dates, We played R-mine festival with Symphony X and we are about to announce a Spanish tour, things are looking good right now!! For us as a band, we want to play live and enjoy rocking out with people!!

Your previous job, before music, was a fireman, what can you remember from that period of time? Are you currently a full time musician?

Being a Fireman is the same as being a musician…'s a way of life, you are in a family……….a family that works together and relies on each other. It's rewarding in both life sets beyond belief. I am happy to be so fortunate.

Personally, what is your prime wish as a member of TAINTED NATION?
As a member of Tainted Nation , I wish for this band to gain success and the recognition such a great bunch of guys deserve.

Do you have bands musical idols and influences?

My main influence as a singer is not too obvious……….I am told I sound like Paul Stanley and Ozzy Osbourne,…..that’ll do for me hehehehehe!!! I liked Daryl Hall, John Waite, Don Henley amongst others, but I don’t sound anything like them hahaha. A drummer, my main influences were two people. Frank Noon who was with Stampede / Lionheart / Wild Horses was a big inspiration………and listening to Pete Jupp of F.M was where I learnt how to change from a drummer, to a musician.

In general, what is your perspective regarding the old phrase "Sex, Drugs & Rock N’ Roll"? Is this a dying art?

I like the sex and the rock n roll…………..the drugs don't work at my age !!! it's not a dying art…..and you have got to live a little to experience life . I have been on the edge a few times and have no regrets at all. It's something to tell the youngsters!!!

Thanks for your time on taking this interview. I wish you all the best and hope to see you live on stage one day. Any last words for the readers of Metal Temple?

Thanks for everything……and to our fans .thanks for being so supportive. Keep checking us at and hopefully we will see you on the road soon!! \\m/


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