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Pete Ahonen (Ghost Machinery)

Interview with Pete Ahonen from Ghost Machinery
by Markus W. at 26 October 2004, 5:35 PM

A trip to the history of Heavy Metal comes in your mind when the debut album of Ghost Machinery invades your stereo. An album full of hymns, completely in the tradition of melodic and classic Metal acts of the 80s. If Hauting Remains would have been released back then, the band would be on top of the scene nowadays. Pete Ahonen, who is also singing in Burning Point, put out his personal masterpiece with it. In Ghost Machinery he shows us his other side, the more straigh one, where it seems he becomes a fan of his own again.

How do you feel about the final result right now?

I`m very happy with the outcome, it rocks! And I know that Tapsa \[Pelkonen – Bass guitar] and Jussi \[Ontero – Drums & Keyboards] are very excited about the release as well :)

You worked for two years on this record; did you have some songs already before you planned this project?

Actually we started recording the album last December and continued in couple of different sessions this year. Originally the CD was scheduled to be released in June but there were some minor setbacks so we all decided to move the release a little further! And here we are : ) The song that put the ball rolling was Temples of Gold. It was the first song that I wrote.

When and how did you feel the need for another band besides Burning Point; wasn’t it possible to use some tracks for them?

There was couple of songs that I introduced to the BP guys but at the time they didn`t share my enthusiasm towards the songs. the songs sounded too good to be left unnoted so little by little there was a handful of songs and I decided to form another band. Of course some of the tracks would be suitable for BP too but you have to remember that I was writing songs for the BP and Ghost Machinery at the same time. When I`m writing a song, to me, it`s very easy to separate the BP songs from the GM songs but it is very hard to explain :)

Haunting Remains is like a trip through the history of Heavy/Power Metal, especially in the teutonic and classical way; what faible is coming out of you in the music for this album?

Wow, you`re one of the first ones that really gets the point :-) I really love German Metal, Stormwitch, Mad Max, Zed Yago, maybe that teutonic is coming from there. There are songs for everybody, if you like epic midtempo (Shadows), faster tracks (Blinded Eyes) or if you´re in to a little melodic stuff (Darkest Hour) and of course there`s a beautiful ballad (Dreamworld) also. The variety of the songs is huge. I definitively know that I`m not  inventing the wheel  with these songs but that is not what I`m after. My main goal is just to make good and  enjoyable Metal music

Did you grew up with bands like Pretty Maids, Magnum etc.? Those are the ones that sometimes came in my mind - as well as an old German band called Mania & later Abraxas?

Yes, Pretty Maids and Magnum were some of the bands I listened to when I was a kid. Accept, Judas Priest and all that. This is the first time my music is compared to those bands  and I love it, fucking great !!

What kind of music are you listening to nowadays?

Well, of course there is all that 80`s Metal scene, Helloween, Accept, Queensryche; Judas Priest, Iron Maiden etc. But I love the new Metal as well, Nocturnal Rites, Dream Evil, At Vance, Hammerfall etc. I`m a CD Junkie so there must be tons and tons of new CDs to keep my hunger satisfied, haha.

How did you choose your musicians for Ghost Machinery? Are Tapsa and Jussi are the ones that share the musical opinion of GM?

Jussi and Tapsa were the first in my mind when I thought the musicians to the band, they are absolutely amazing players!! When they start to play, I`m just a innocent bystander!

The songs mainly seem to deal with fantasy topics, are all of the lyrics fictive?

I´m glad that I managed to veil them as fictive stories, hehe. Maybe that answered your question?

What about Dreamworld, is there something like that for you?

Yes of course, everybody should have a place where they are far away from everything that causes pain, at least in their minds.

One of the greatest tracks is the emotional Darkest Hour. Was this about a certain periode in your life?

The lyrics in the songs are gathered from different happenings in my life and in the end I throw in some fiction. Maybe on the next album I’ll write something about swords and dragons?!

You also made a great cover version on Out In The Fields that fits perfectly in your style. Do you remember when you heard this songs first?

Thanks, we`re very pleased as well. Yes, I remember I was watching some music program (back in the 80s) and this video comes out and I thought, wow, this sounds great! Was it on the Run for Cover album? Anyway, yeah I love Gary Moore’s stuff. Nightwish made a awesome cover of Over The Hills And Far Away!

You have signed with the brazilian Underground label Sound Riot; why did you choose them?

We had negotiations with few labels all over but in the end we decided to choose Sound Riot because they definitively share the same kind of enthusiasm towards our music as we do and to us it`s a very important thing.

Ville Laihiala of Sentenced is one of the guests on the album. Is he a friend of yours, or how did that came?

Oh yes , he is one of my friends. I can`t remember excatly how I thought of that but we were hanging out in some local bar (drinking coffee, haha), and I explained  him what I was looking for and he was immediately into it. By the way, we recorded the song with BP in our Salvation By Fire album sessions but I wasn`t too happy with the outcome then so we decided to leave that song out of the CD.

Which are your expectations towards the album?

I tried to expect very little as possible. Of course I want that everyone that buys the cd could enjoy it as much as we did enjoy making it. Hopefully next year there are millions of Ghost Machinery fans all over the world.

Which are your personal plans for the upcoming future? Are you working on new Burning Point material?

I am constantly writing a new material. A second GM album is almost written and there are 12 new BP songs too! I wrote 8 of them and we co-wrote 4 with Jukka, our guitarist. At the moment we are demoing the songs, a few vocals here and there. We’re planning some gigs too, with BP and GM! I love playing live shows!

So let us hope that they will tour around the globe soon, in the meantime enoy their album, which is a MUST for each Metal maniac!


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