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Peter Dolving (The Haunted)

Interview with Peter Dolving from The Haunted
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 26 March 2009, 10:59 AM

Peter Dolving of THE HAUNTED had some interesting things to say about their latest release, life on tour and their future plans a few days before the Athenian concert.

Interview with: Peter Dolving from THE HAUNTED

Hello and… welcome back to Greece! How many years has it been since you last visited our country for a live show? How does it feel being back?

It feels really good! I think we were in Greece last summer actually!

How's the tour going so far? I guess you'll play in front of huge crowds every night!

Well, we are one of those bands that seem destined for underground greatness in some ways. Some nights we'll play in front of 150 people in a tiny club and the next we play in front of 10000 people at a festival. It all depends, and even though we are becoming very big in some places we play all over the world and doing that keeps us from getting bloated egos, Everywhere it's different.

You have a new album on your backs. I guess we are going to listen to many stuff from Versus during the show. Is your setlist mostly based on Versus or do you play mostly older material?

We mix it up really well.

By the way, how is the feedback you've got until now regarding the new album? Are you satisfied with the reactions of the press and the fans?

Fans yes. Press… I honestly don't have any idea, I haven't checked.

Would you say the Versus has significant changes regarding your sound compared to your older stuff?

I think Versus is a more defined album than any of the older records. It feels confident and has an energy that I like a lot.

Last year you won the category Best Metal Album Of 2008 at the Swedish Metal Awards. Do you feel that you are receiving the credit you deserve for your work?

Hehehe… No I don't. I am not dissatisfied, but I am in some ways puzzled that some of our contemporaries are as successful as they are.

In a few days from now Earache Records is going to release a best of compilation. Tell us a few things about this release…

It's a record, you can buy it if you think it's worth it.

It hasn't been much time since Versus was released. Is it too early to be talking about a new album?

No, go ahead; Talk…

You shot a video for the song Trenches. Who was the director? How was it during the shootings?

It was very Swedish, slow, quiet, low key and fun.

We all know that it is way too hard being on the road. Was there any time you seriously thought about quitting?

Last night I thought about quitting. I think it's something we all think about from time to time. This is a very very strange way of life, but so far so good right?

Speaking about touring, would you mind sharing with us the best and the worst moment you had while being on tour?

The best is going onstage and that hour and a half. The worst is waking up dreaming you are on tour to realize you are on tour and you have 14 hours to go before it's show time. Seriously, if you want sex or like to give total stranger rock-stars a massage, contact me; obviously I have some time to kill…

Do you feel that you are writing music that satisfies you or are you mostly trying to satisfy your fans?

It's about us trying to satisfy some abstract need for expression and a desire to create something interesting, cool and amazing. Sometimes we actually succeed.

Except the touring and the best of compilation, what are THE HAUNTED's plans for the near future? Will you take any time to rest and spend some time home with your families?

We have a lot of time this summer at home actually and we are looking forward to it. Then we'll start writing the new album this fall.

My humble opinion is that THE HAUNTED took a more melodic turn during the album The Dead Eye. At least here in Greece, their fans were kind of split into two camps. Do you think that the specific album marked a new era for the band (musically speaking)?

It was about time. We really felt we needed to do something we had never done before and try new boundaries and so for us it was a very important album. We still that record has some of the strongest songs we've ever written on it. Of course in some ways it was strange because Jensen wasn't a part of the process, having had really big personal issues at the time and it does show, it is different from the other stuff. Less tough guy, more emotional. Where the next record takes is still in the air, we really have no idea.

Let's get away from the musical part, which is in fact a daily routine for you and talk about something that is not in your typical everyday schedule. In early May you will be facing TIAMAT and ILLDISPOSED and IN FLAMES members… well, in a soccer match. Do you think you have what it takes to beat them down? Hahahaha!

Most likely we will destroy them all. All you have to do is watch them live onstage and it gets terribly obvious, they are all a bunch of tired old drunks.

Thanks a lot for your time! I hope you tear down the stage here in Athens! Basically, I am sure you will! Hehehe…

Thank you!

(Photos by Olle Carlsson)


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