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Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy)

Interview with Peter Tägtgren from Hypocrisy
by Katrina Cannon at 06 March 2006, 4:31 AM

Before taking the stage to perform one of the most incredible concerts I've seen, Peter Tägtgren invites me on the bus to discuss with me their latest album review.asp?id=1131 (2005, Nuclear Blast Records) and future plans of Hypocrisy.  And I have to admit, I was nervous as hell while conducting this interview.  I wasn't even this nervous while interviewing Meshuggah.  I guess it's the whole metal icon status mixed with the dark, intimidating Christopher Walken look, even though Peter was a very nice guy…

So when the tour started off, you were pulled from the bill.  What happened with that?

I don’t know. I guess the promoter couldn’t afford to have the whole package, I don’t know what happened. We couldn’t do anything about because we flew in and we were like ok, day off I guess.

Virus was released late last year. How did the recording go for it?

It went pretty good. The pre production we did the whole summer then like took a break for 2 months and we had some time in between to think about changing things and stuff like that. Then we recorded the actual album. It was a good, relaxed process. Usually we go into the studio and we write the songs and record them at the same time. We never have the chance to go back but on this album we could.

I know it comes with a bonus live DVD but are there any plans for a full length DVD?

Yeah, we’re hoping to do it. I don’t know when and how and where but we definitely want to do that.

How is Virus different from your previous albums?

I think it’s more complex and a little bit more technical and much faster but also like the slower songs are good. We’re just trying to make it better and faster. Faster songs, faster and slow songs, more epic. I don’t know, we just developed this recipe to make it better.

What is the theme behind the album?

It’s just like a fantasy horror story and stuff. It’s not like on the previous albums about extra terrestrials and stuff like that, it’s more back to the Death Metal type of lyrics.

It has reached several metal magazines’ top 5 list and seems to be a very popular album. Did you expect it to do so well?

You always hope, you know, but I was kind of surprised that so many people liked it. There’s always people who’s not going to like it, the same thing with all the other albums we’ve released, but it seems like this album a lot of people like, so it’s very positive.

You seem to be very busy with Hypocrisy and your recording studio. Does all of this ever become overwhelming?

The recording I kind of put on the shelf for a while. I used to do like 20 bands a year, now last year I only did like 3 bands. I tried to slow down on that and try to go out on the road a little bit more.

Before coming to the U.S., you were on tour in the U.K. How did that tour go for you?

It was pretty good, we only did that one gig but we’re flying back after this and doing 4 more shows in the U.K. so it was kind of like a warm up.

What are Hypocrisy’s plans for after this tour?

We have another European tour coming up in April. We’re gonna do a headlining tour with Soilwork and Amorphis and a couple more bands will be supporting us \[Neckbreaker’s Ball]. It will be pretty good I think.

Any last words?

I hope you enjoy the show tonight and the album and we’ll try to come back in September for a headliner. That’s our plan.

Links: Hypocrisy Official Site


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