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Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy)

Interview with Peter Tägtgren from Hypocrisy
by Fotis Giakob at 03 May 2004, 2:42 PM

Having your first live interview is one thing and meeting one of the most workaholic people in metal history is certainly a thing to remember. All started one rainy Sunday where everything pretty much went wrong. A PC damaged, no printer to print the questions, couldn't find a cab for at least 20 minutes and it took me like another hour to get to the venue where the Hypocrisy interview was going to take place.
No harm done, since the famous Swedish deathsters were still rehearsing and gave us a taste of what we were going to experience a few hours later. With no further ado here are a few questions we managed to get from Hypocrisy's frontman, Peter Tägtgren.

You’ve released The Arrival, a new album. People say that you are back to roots, to more powerful music. How good has the response been to the album so far?

It’s really good so far, very good responses!

I think that the title of this album, Arrival, is a metaphor for Hypocrisy being brought back to the Death scene after a good but highly misunderstood Catch 22. How do you feel about that?

You know, in Catch 22 we tried a different style on our music and on The Arrival we return to our own style again, it’s good to take a break. It makes you hungrier. You got to do different things, if you have people controlling on what you are writing then you are fucked. You got to do what you want to and just do your best.

One more Hypocrisy album dedicated to Alien and the unknown. Do you have an influence about the songs of The Arrival? Some kind of story you heard or something you saw on the news?

We’ve did that in the past. This album’s lyrics are just fantasy, fiction, what if this would happen with this and so on.

You just finished making your first video clip from this album and for the song Eraser. Can you tell us how it looks like?

Well you can view it from the Nuclear Blast homepage but I’ll give you some hints. We are standing in some kind of alien environment like a spaceship and we got some girls with some kids running around all painted black. It’s a good video!

Are you planning on a DVD release after the tour?

We are probably going to do it for the next album because we did this limited edition box of Arrival and a DVD from Summer Breeze but it was only for a 1000 copies.

Can you tell me your favorite song from Arrival?

It’s kind of difficult to say because it changes day by day.

Speaking of promos, was the remixing by Nuclear Blast of Arrival after the promos were sent intended or you just got pissed of from the whole leaking issue?

No, when we released the promo it came out really bad! So I decided to remix the actual album because we were on tour in Europe and then I got home and did the remix for the promo and then went back touring in America. When I got back at home I listened to the promo and I said fuck this! cause they fucked it up a bit in the mastering so I remixed and went to the mastering studio for the retail version of the album. But of course we do get pissed off with the leaking thing, because companies are losing money and groups actually get less money to make studio albums so that’s a big problem for all of us.

If you ever wanted to change something in The Arrival what would that be?

Nothing! This is the best thing we can do at the time. We don’t aim to do something new or anything like that, we just trying to do good song and good productions.

Are you planning on new Pain material?

It’s already done and it would be released around September, maybe October.

So you just joined Bloodbath!

Yeah only for the vocals! Cause the record company wouldn’t let Mike from Opeth be on the album and record Bloodbath material.

Have you done any vocals yet?

No, not yet. I’m going to do them I think 9th of May or close to that.

Tell me an album you’ve listened recently and you really liked it.

I like the new Cannibal Corpse, pretty powerful! I can’t think of anything else…I can’t remember hearing anything good lately.

Thank you for the interview, it was great meeting you and I’ll see you at the gig later on.

You too man! Have fun!


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