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Peter Tägtgren (Pain)

Interview with Peter Tägtgren from Pain
by Elina Papadoyianni at 30 September 2008, 10:43 AM

Due to the release of his new album Cynic Paradise, I took the opportunity to interview the mastermind Peter Tägtgren; the man behind one of the leading Death Metal bands HYPOCRISY, the industrial PAIN and many other projects. The new album of PAIN will be released in October and Peter once again shows that he can still amaze us with his work and that the passion he has for making music is endless…

Hello Peter!

Hey Elina, how are you?

I'm very well, thank you. How are you doing today? Are you tired at all from all these interviews I know you have to do these days?

{laughs) oh no, not at all, I'm fine!

I've listen to your new release Cynic Paradise and I must say that this is really great work! The songs vary from each other, there are different styles and they embrace perfectly the industrial element

I'm glad you like it, thank you very much!

And there are also two songs there, Follow me, and Feed Us were Anette Olzon from NIGHTWISH sings too

Well yeah, we met from the tour we had together, everybody had a really great time, it was a great tour generally and very good for PAIN also and we thought hey, why don't we do something together? When I was writing the song Follow Me I had the vocals of Anette in my mind in order that they will fit the song, but I wanted her to do some more heavy, angry vocals, not to use the same style she has in NIGHTWISH and I think her vocals fit perfectly. The same thing with Feed Us were I had already written the song and my vocals were there, but I wanted to try to have her there as well and I didn't know how it would sound, and the result was great there as well. I mean, it is the first time that I listen to my songs with female vocals too and the whole result turned up great!

I know that you are a person that works really hard and that music consumes almost all of your time for over 15 years so far. I mean, has it ever crossed your mind that you feel like you need to take a break for a while?

Oh, no, I mean it's been so many years and right now I feel I'm making a new start, I'm just beginning! I'm now more excited than ever and the tour with NIGHTWISH help a lot with that

I know that you've done a lot of remixes and you like to do that with songs from artists that basically have nothing to do with metal music, like BJORK

Well yes, there are songs that I like to listen to and there are artists also that I really admire and it's a challenge for me to remix one of their songs. I know that people would prefer to see me remix an IRON MAIDEN song let's say but it was way more challenging for me to remix a song of BJORK for example were it felt very risky and I had no idea if it would turned out good

It turned out great, if you ask me, I like the original song Play Dead and I believe the remix is awesome

(laughs)thank you!

How do you feel about the fans that support you all these years and what about this free internet downloading situation, has it affected you in any way?

You know, I have a strong appreciation for all the fans we have, they follow us in our very step and they are there to buy our albums and show up in our live shows.

The whole thing about free downloading I don't feel it has affected me, I still sell the same 'cause we have die hard fans out there that don't want that shitty quality from the internet and they want to buy our original album that has everything than a blank cd-r and that pleases them more

Why did you decide to re-record the HYPOCRISY album Catch 22?

I did that to satisfy all our fans who didn't like the original. I mean, it was a controversial album that some people that some people said they didn't like and I'm a very open minded person and I did that in order to please them. All the others that like the original don't bother with this one! (laughs)

Is it true that back in 2005, while recording the album Dancing With The Dead, you heart stopped for a few seconds?

For a couple of minutes actually…


Yeah, that was related to all that stress I had back then, it was also what made me write the homonymous song. It was lets say a very weird experience that I try to live in the past and not think about it.

And (laughs) that's probably not true but I read that you own a small village in Sweden

Well, yeah, it's true!


(laughs)well, you know it's not that big, it has very few houses, I began at first by renting the house I was living, then I bought the studio, then I bought the house I used to rent so they they told me, why don't you buy the whole shit and get it over with? So I did! (laughs)

Great! Anything you'd like to say to your fans here in Greece?

Hope we come back soon there to play for you guys and hopefully there will be more people to see us next time

Well, you know I was there at you last live show in Athens with PAIN and I was very surprised to see few people there. I mean there are a lot of fans of you here in Athens and what I believe is that the whole promotion of that gig was very poor…

Yeah, that's what I heard also. But in anyway, it doesn't matter because we had a great time, great mood, it was like a private party!

Thank you very much for your time Peter, enjoy the rest of the day!

You too and see you soon in our next show!


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