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Peter Wildoer (Darkane)

Interview with Peter Wildoer from Darkane
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 11 April 2001, 1:00 AM

The weather's really funny sometimes and on a hot evening, in March, we spoke with an insane guy from an insane band. Peter Wildoer of Darkane, a Swedish Death Metal band, told us everything about their new insane album…Insanity and their relationship with the supernatural! This was one of the most enjoying conversations I ever had!

My first question is: Since I’m from an Internet Metal Zine, what’s your relationship with the Internet?

Actually we’ve got a really good relationship with the Internet. I think it’s very important, especially in our days for extreme music like Darkane and stuff. It’s very important I think because you can reach out other people and there are a lot of people that are really into the Underground kind of music. The only problem is that Napster thing and things like that but it’s also good in some way because it’s a very good commercial, a very good promotion for bands. But downloading the whole album without downloading, that’s crap. We also have a web page - The Official Darkane Website .

Yeah, I visited your Web Site today and it’s pretty nice.

Yes, it’s pretty nice and we’ll have a major update when our new CD will be released in April. Everything will look totally new. A totally new layout and everything, you know. We’re working on it right now actually.

Do you have a specific person doing the webmaster’s job?

Actually our web master is our Bass player, Jorgen, doing it. In that way we can keep very interesting information. We have been very, very lazy and we haven’t been doing much on the web site so we decided to work on it…(laughter)…so that it would better in the future (laughs again)

So what you’re saying is that the Internet is something great for communication but you’re against MP3s and Napster.

Nah, I wouldn’t say I’m against it and as I said it’s good for promotion to download stuff and then when you like it, you buy the album. But when you download the whole album and then you don’t buy the CD…well that I don’t like. Nevertheless I think the Internet is very important. I myself am a big fan of the Internet Everyday I’m in the Internet. What about yourself? Do you like it?

Well of course, we’re an Internet Zine. I have to be online most of the day, hehe.

But of course you like it (laughter)…I’ve got a cable connection now and it’s quite fast.

Well faster than the connections here in Greece! That’s for sure! (laughter)

(laughter) ok.

Peter, guitar player Christopher Malmstrom and you, used to play in Agretator. I heard it used to be a really talented band.

Actually, Jorgen, the bass player played in that band too. It was a very technical band and progressive. It had something from Synic, Death and Watchtower in a way.

Yes, I did hear something about a Watchtower resemblance.

Yeah, we were very much influenced by Watchtower, Synic and that kind of stuff but the vocals were more like Morbid Angel vocals. They weren’t progressive vocals at all.

But the music was. I mean, in the background.

Very progressive and very…weird. And right now we’re working on if we’ll release Agretator songs through Darkane maybe but I don’t really know.

That would be very interesting to listen to! Not that Darkane isn’t interesting! It’s insane! (laughter)

Insane, yeah! I just love the stuff we’re doing with Darkane actually. The only thing that really concerns me is that people should take some time to listen to this album. I think that when you hear Insanity for the first time, you can’t actually grab everything. There are so many different vocal-styles, progressive parts and very intense music. I think they’ll have to listen to it, perhaps ten times to really get used to the sound and the album.

I find it really interesting. It’s technical and weird. Weird Death Metal…

I think it’s also pretty much Thrash riffing in the guitars. A lot of Thrash riffs going on actually. I also think the vocals are cool as a style. The sound we now have is more OUR sound at last.

Since Rusted Angel (1998) it’s been almost three years. What are the differences between Rusted Angel and Insanity? I mean what has changed since Rusted Angel ?

I would say, between those two albums, Insanity is more…everything! Faster parts, heavier, more vocal styles and the production is of course quite different this time. It was more chaotic in Rusted Angel…you couldn’t hear what everybody was doing. I think now you can very clearly hear what everybody’s playing. The drums, the guitars and everything. Insanity took us from late May to early July that year to record. The album is kind of old for us right now but it took a while you know to choose a proper company (which is Nuclear Blast right now)and we felt pretty good about that. It took a while for everything…had to write new songs. When you play technical music it takes a bit longer for you to write a song you know.

Does the aggressive style in Darkane express your inner emotions?

I would definitely say so because we are happy people actually on the outside…

It shows…(laughter)

Haha! We are definitely happy persons ! (laughter) So actually all of us guys, are very friendly and happy. But I think that when you’re that kind of happy person all the time, sometimes you have to put out your aggression somehow. Everybody has an aggressive side too you know. I find it very interesting to express this aggression through music. The feelings from our dark side of our personalities.

What inspired you guys to make Insanity and why’d you choose Insanity as a title for the album?

We’re so influenced by movies basically. But we also wanted to do something…umm…like you know, combining Slayer with Strapping Young Lad. It’s a thrashy Strapping Young Lad or a futuristic Slayer version for like on Reigning Blood or Seasons in The Abyss or something. We just wanted to do something like really futuristic. Bring the thrash into the future in some way. I think we succeeded somehow. When we wanted to choose the title for the album…there were these pictures we had taken for the little booklet inside where we’re all rapped in plastic like the guy on the cover. It’s really cool…very insane. We wanted to do something like that because the lyrics are quite insane. I think I’d say that there are two themes going on behind the lyrics. One theme is about insane minds or insane inner feelings like inner daemons and the other theme would be about a very dark and Insane future like the Matrix or something like that.

The Matrix…cool

Yeah, The Matrix…very cool! You know the song Hostile Phantasm…we were very much inspired by that movie. (pauses) Hey, can you hear some noise in the background? (laughs)

Yeah…what’s that music or something?

Right now, as you know, we’re at Nuclear Blast and the guys from Steel Prophet are doing some vocal stuff down here (laughs)

Now that’s weird! I’ve got an interview with Steel Prophet right after you!

Yeah? Rick Mythiasin (Steel Prophet singer) is sitting right next to me! That’s weird! But ok…he’s a very cool guy.
(everybody laughing)

Nevertheless I must really say that I’m quite satisfied with Insanity. I love the title, I believe it sticks to the whole meaning and all the lyrics. I just want people to give it some time. If they listen to it like ten or fifteen times…then they’ll dig it. With records like this one, you can’t grab the whole album with just listening to it two or three times. You might listen to Insanity a year after and go like shit…I didn’t notice this one

Insanity: A Really aggressive album with explosive Death vocals by Andreas Sydow who’s actually new in the band, right?

He is new in the band, yes.

Where you satisfied with the sound’s outcome after finishing the recordings of the album?

Yeah I was very satisfied if you come to think that we had enormous problems during the recordings of the album. Eight recorders burned up, three of them exploding…

Oh shit…

…twenty centimeters of water in the whole studio for a few days…

Well, I was going to ask you about all this in one of my last questions later on.

Sure, let’s talk about it later on. So, the sound - as I was saying - is quite different from other Metal bands. The production is very different and I actually like it myself because you can hear what everybody’s playing. The thing is with this album that you can crank the volume up very loud and still hear what everybody’s playing…

Without burning up your Stereo…

(Laughter) Yeah! Exactly! With lots of Darkane, insane riffs!

What’s your opinion on other Swedish, Death Metal bands? Like In Flames for example.

I’m quite a good friend of In Flames. I think they’re very good even though it’s not the music I personally want to play. I like these bands…In Flames, Soilwork - I like a lot - and I think we’ve got a lot of good bands coming out of Sweden right now. The Haunted is one of my favorite Swedish bands.

The Haunted…of course, yes.

I like them because they’re really a Thrash Metal band. So Sweden has really great bands…but Darkane are the best (laughter)

Here’s a funny question. Are you Insane? (laughter)

I am totally insane! I’m a totally insane guy you know. I’m always on the verge of insanity I guess. Everybody in the band is pretty Insane. We’re friendly and stuff and we’ve got humor but when we go on stage we go totally schizophrenic! We transform into these…Metal monsters! Either way…we are insane…

What’s your relationship with the Mysterious forces from down under and high above? Do you believe in the super-unknown ? Tell me about what happened back in the recordings of Insanity…

In our days I definitely believe in the forces of the super-unknown! There were some sort of forcers…I don’t know if they were evil or good but they didn’t want this record to be ready!(laughs)
We had booked like four weeks and it took us five and a half weeks to get finished! It was total chaos! Eight of the recorders with our master tapes in them burned up…went into flames you know. I don’t know if Satan did that…(laughs) And we had to rescue the tapes from the flames, the drum tapes, because those were the original drum tapes in the recording. Then one day we went into the studio and the studio was totally flooded with twenty centimeters of water. You know, with all this electricity in there it was very dangerous! So we had to wait a few days…you know we had those big pumps rescuing the studio. We then were forced to do the mixing in one and a half days and at the same time we were moving everything from one studio to the other…

It must have been harsh!

Harsh? Yeah! I mean…with all this noise around you. Hammering on the walls to get stuff down etc. Boy…

I guess all this explains the aggression in Insanity (laughter)

Definitely ! Um…and the last thing that happened was …I thought I heard someone firing a gunshot in the studio! I was totally freaked…I nearly shitted in my pants! Also we got in time out of the flooded studio because lightning had actually hit the studio!

Lightning hit the studio????

Yes, because it was flooded you know. All this water was there so the lightning went directly into the studio…


…yeah and all the electronic stuff went totally nuts. Luckily Daniel had insurance for his studio. So…now I definitely believe in the Super-Unknown ! Someone didn’t want us to finish this album. I don’t know who but someone…

Maybe as you said before Satan didn’t want you to record this album (laughter)
Maybe your next album will be titled Jesus Saves (laughter)

(laughter - note: I’m cutting on the parts were we laughed cause I’d have to fill three pages with laughter hehe) Something like that! It was really, really weird man.

I bet! Peter, are you going on Tour?

We will probably go on tour after the summer because the CD will be released on the 30th of April and then in May…all the festivals start so we’re not going anywhere before summer. We do hope we’ll be in some festivals this summer though and then in September or October or something. We will probably be the opening act for a bigger band, I don’t know what band yet but I think Nuclear Blast is working on it right now.

You’ve got plenty of time till then I think…

Yeah. I think people need time anyway to get used to our Insanity album. I guess that around September they’ll hopefully love it! (laughter)

Peter, what are your future visions and plans?

World domination of course!

(laughter) World domination?

Yeah, I hope these super-unknown forces can help us with that! I think I’ll have to call Pinhead or something…I’ll try to get his number and call him. (laughter all around)
Honestly now. We really want to go on tour of course like around the world. I’ve been in Japan…and oh it’s so cool there. Basically I want people to be very patient with the new album. I know that if they take time, they’ll definitely love it! Give it some time. That’s what I want. Like with Strapping Young Lad, when I first heard them I didn’t really like them but after listening to them more and more…they became one of my favorites!

Finally, the last question. What’s your message for all the death fans out there, the totally insane guys and the weirdos!

If they think they’re weird you know - all these people - they haven’t heard Insanity yet! If they listen to Insanity then they’ll surely know what total Insanity is all about! Just give this album a chance! Especially, I hope the Greek fans will give it a chance!


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