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Petri Seikkula (Deathbound)

Interview with Petri Seikkula from Deathbound
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 22 December 2007, 5:46 PM

We Deserve Much Worse was a pretty good Grind/Death Metal release and DEATHBOUND proved that Finland cannot only produce melodic whiny Goth Metal, but some great brutality as well. Let's see what the band's guitarist Petri Seikkula had to say…

Hello guys. Congratulations on your brand new album. It was really good. Can you give us a short biography of DEATHBOUND?

Hello and thanks for the words! Well, what can I say? Me and Kai started the band with a different name back in ? but changed it to DEATHBOUND later and released the first album (To Cure The Sane With Insanity)  in 2003. After the release of that album, Sami joined the band on drums and the old drummer (Mika) took over the bass and then later released the second album (Doomsday Comfort). Mika left the band after the release of that album and the bass was done by me and Sami on the new album (We Deserve Much Worse). But during the studio time Toni took over the bass duties and is an official member of the band today.

Why did you change the band’s name two times until now?

The name was never good until now so what can I say he he… When the band was called TWILIGHT, the music was different (more like Death/Black Metal) and later we got new members and started everything from the beginning again. So basically DEATHBOUND was a new band for us.

This is your second album through Dynamic Arts Records. Why did you decided to leave Woodcut Records? Are you satisfied with the effort Dynamic Arts has put on you until now?

Because Woodcut didn’t keep its promises, and DAR offered a better deal, so we didn’t want to continue with Woodcut. Dynamic Arts has done a good job. There is always something they could do better, but nobody is perfect he he.

Which bands have influenced your sound? Do you consider yourselves to be a Death Metal or a Grindcore band?

I would consider us more as a Grindcore band but we are a mix of those two so I really don’t care so much.

We are influenced from Rock n’ Roll to Black Metal and Crust, bands like KYLESA, NAPALM DEATH, MARDUK, DISFEAR, ENTOMBED, DARKTHRONE and MOTORHEAD are some bands that we like.

The cover artwork you used on We Deserve Much Worse was pretty clever in my opinion. Who drew it and what do you want to show with it?

Thanks! The cover was done by Ville Anger ( and he made a good job for this album. The cover reflects the chaos that we live in; it is a picture of the brutal side of this world we live in, which is total chaos.

When you started as a band, you had to release four demo CD’s before finding a label. Was it that hard to find a home for DEATHBOUND?

We did 2 demos with the name TWILIGHT and 2 demos with DEATHBOUND name. The deal with Woodcut started when I had a party at my place and the boss of that label was there, so the deal started from my drunken party he he. We didn’t send any demos to any labels before this.

Are there any news behind every member’s other activities (projects etc)?

Yes, we have other bands, too. Sami is the drummer of ROTTEN SOUND and HAVOC UNIT. Toni plays the bass in ROTTEN SOUND. Kai does the vocal duties to DEATHCHAIN and THE DUSKFALL. And I play guitar also in THE BREED.

Have scheduled any tours to promote your new album until now? Is there any chance we may see you performing live here in Greece?

We had the Baltic tour with NAPALM DEATH in January, and now we are doing new songs for the next album, but we love to play live so if some promoter out there is interested, then contact us at

Is there any concept behind the lyrics in your new album? Really, who writes them and what do they have to do with?

Kai should probably answer this, because he writes all our lyrics, but they are about the stupidity of the human breed, and the world we live in. How we are a cancer to this planet and to ourselves and nobody can stop it, so we deserve it.

What is your opinion on the current state of the Death Metal scene? Do you see any good bands coming out?

Yeah there is some good bands like DEATH BREATH who make it the old way like AUTOPSY and REPULSION. I don’t like bands that have a million riffs on one song and everything has to be faster and faster with trigger drums, I hate that!

Did you hear about the DECAPITATED’s tragic event? It is so tragic when the word death gets away from Metal and becomes a cruel reality…

Yes, I heard that, and it is a sad thing that people have to go tragically like this. And you never know when shit like this can happen.

Why has the band replaced the man behind the drums so many times? Is there a drummer curse going on?

What? We only had one drummer in DEATHBOUND before Sami, on the first album and it was Mika (the same guy who played the bass on the second album). And he’s not even a real drummer! He could just play d-beat and some Grind. Sami is a real drummer and we wanted to do more stuff with the drums than just d-beat and Grind, he he…

What is your biggest dream with DEATHBOUND?

To play live! We love to play for people who are into some brutal shit!

What advice would you give to some youngsters that want to form a Metal band?

Try to do something new, and don’t follow all the trends! There are already so many bands that sounds like MORBID ANGEL and DARKTHRONE out there! Why would anybody want a young band that sounds like that when you can listen to the original!?

Thank you for your time. It was a pleasure having the chance to interview DEATHBOUND. The last words are yours…

Thank you for the support, we appreciate it! Buy our albums and visit and


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