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Phil Rind (Sacred Reich)

Interview with Phil Rind from Sacred Reich
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 08 August 2008, 10:19 AM

There is no doubt that SACRED REICH have been a special band; with albums like Ingorance and The American Way they managed to write their own pages in the book of Heavy Metal history. METAL TEMPLE got the chance to talk to Phil Rind about the old days and the possible future plans. (Photos from

 Metal salutes from METAL TEMPLE! Thanks Phil for taking some time to talk to our readers.

You are welcome.

 So, it has been almost a year since you played the first reunion show; how does it feel performing live with the original lineup?

It's been a lot of fun. We've had a great time with each other and the fans.

 And how do you feel seeing that your music can still fire up some pretty violent mosh pits after all these years?

It's cool. I hope no one gets hurt. Old bones break easier.

 How did you decide to go on a reunion tour? Had this decision anything to do with the METAL BLADE reissues?

It started with the re-issues and we thought it would be fun to do some shows as well.

 Did the record label or any other “pushed” you to do the reunion tour or was it a spontaneous decision?

The re-issue as well as the shows were our idea.

 So, are there any plans to re-release the “The American Way” album? I am asking this because I read somewhere that you have some legal issues about his one.

I would like to put out The American Way record, but as you said there are some issues to who has the rights and other legal bullshit.

 Are there any thoughts to release any of the albums on vinyl?

Not as of yet.

 Have you ever thought of re-recording some of the old material or do you believe that re-recordings fail to capture the original atmosphere and feeling?

I think any interest would be in the original recordings. They document a time and place that new versions could not.

 Let's talk about the reissues; how did you feel getting through all this old material? Are you satisfied by the results?

I think the package came out great. I'm glad we finally released Rapid Fire with Rob Halford singing. That is cool. Also the first Dynamo we played has a special significance in the history of the band. We are happy to be able to share these with the fans.

 Are there any recordings that still have not seen the light of the day?


 Some believe (and I am one of them) that SACRED REICH were pretty underestimated band and could have done better. How do you feel about the 20 years of career? Are you satisfied, do you have any regrets?

I think we got what we deserved. We had a great opportunity to record, tour, meet people and see things that we would have otherwise never gotten to do. All in all it was an incredible experience.

 In a recent interview you said that you have actually moved away from the band days; so, does this mean that there is absolutely no chance to do a new album?

Correct. It is the furthest thing from my mind.

 During the band's “silent” days what did you missed from being with SACRED REICH?

Just hanging out with the guys and traveling.

 What is your opinion on the situation in the Metal scene? It seems that there is an almost New Wave of Classic Thrash Metal in the making.

It seems like a lot of bands from our scene are doing new records and touring. I think it's great. It gives the younger fans an opportunity to see where this music came from, up close and in person.

 You were writing lyrics that were dealing with society, politics and war; do you believe that Heavy Metal music is the best way to deal with these matters?

It's a way to express how you are feeling. That's what I wanted to talk about, but it wasn't on everyone's minds.

 Have you ever get troubles due to the political content of SACRED REICH lyrics?

No. We are just a little Metal band.

 I was watching the video that won the Youtube competition and I think that even “The American Way” was written 10 years ago its lyrics still apply to the current situation in the US. How do you feel that the US are deeply involved in all these wars?

Some things never change. I look forward to the upcoming elections in the U.S. as an opportunity to move in a new and more positive direction.

 One thing that I really liked in SACRED REICH were the distinct sound of the bass guitar. What were your influences when the band was making the first steps?

Musically it was METALLICA and SLAYER. Lyrically it was DRI, MDC and COC.

 Many believe that we will never get that many good bands as we did back in the 80s. Why do you think the 80s was a golden era for Heavy Metal?

There were a lot of great bands to take influences from. JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, SCORPIONS, IRON MAIDEN, RUSH and later METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, EXODUS etc. There were a lot of great bands making inspirational music. Everyone had their own sound. Those bands were influenced by some of the best music ever. LED ZEPPELIN, THE BEATLES, THE STONES. Who are todays bands influenced by?

 Expanding the above question what are the differences from the musician's point of view between the 80s and the current days?

I can't speak about today with authority but I think there is more pressure to sell records immediately now. We were fortunate to be part of something pretty new and growing.

 Looking back can you remember the best time for SACRED REICH?

There were lots of great memories, Making our first record. Playing our first 'Dynamo Open Air'. Touring Europe for the first time with MOTORHEAD. Making Surf Nicaragua. Touring with SEPULTURA, also PANTERA. Going to Greece. Recording The American Way. Actually making a few bucks. Working with Mark Pellington on videos. Recording Independent with Dave Jerden. Playing in NY for the first time. Meeting SLAYER, It goes on and on.

 That's all from me. Thanks again for your time and I wish that you will make it back to Greece for a live show. The last words are yours.

Thank you for your time. We had such a great time in Greece, I thought we would be back again. Hopefully there will be an opportunity in the future to play there again. Thank you to all the fans who have supported us over the years. Peace, Phil


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