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Pussies on the Dance Floor

Interview with Pussies on the Dance Floor from Pussies on the Dance Floor
by JoJo Hamilton at 04 January 2020, 6:33 AM

PUSSIES ON THE DANCE FLOOR is a German five-piece Glam band that recently released their self-titled album via ZoundR Records. Metal Temple writer Jo Hamilton recently caught up with the band to discuss the band, their style, and their new album. Check it out!

Hello PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR! It's an honour & a privilege to interview you today for Metal Temple Magazine. I hope you're all well and enjoying the holidays. (Please initial your answers for reference)

Thanks for having us! We’re lazy, drink/eat a lot and listen to some rock music. Hopefully your holidays rock too!

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers that sums up PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR?

POTD are 5 damn sexy guys in leggings blasting 80s glam rock/metal with a wink in a modern way I suppose

Pussies On The Dancefloor, a very sexy name! So just how did PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR come together as a band and how did you come up with the band name?

The bands name was created by Tom and Ray in a way a lot of ideas had been created - drunk and wasted! As the name and the direction was clear, they started looking out for other members on tinder - the look and stupidness was the main criteria.

The Style of the band, 80’s Glam Metal look, do you guy’s hope to make Glam great again as you say on your introduction on the POTD website? How do you plan on bringing Glam back into the mainstream?

Yeah, make glam great again! We don’t have a specific plan or do it extra „mainstream“ on purpose. We don’t take it so serious and let out what comes in our minds in a direct way. It seems getting offended way easier nowadays but bored at the same time. Just feel the beat, take it easy and have a seat in our silly time-machine

Leo, you spent a long time on the Death Metal scene before PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR, has it been a difficult transition from Death Metal to Glam Metal?

There was a learning curve, but to be honest it’s not that different. It was kind of Trivium style in the past, so I was used to clean singing. The high notes came pretty by building a strong head-voice and I do a lot of false chords shouting in POTD too. My voice lasts way longer without harming the vocal-chords cause I used to do death growls for hours in the past. If you’re used to that, it feels like nothing can harm your chords anymore.

The new album, self titled “Pussies On The Dancefloor” is amazing 14 songs long, how long did it take to write & subsequently produce this fine album?

We wrote it pretty fast, in almost exactly two month. I think that’s pretty good for a new formed band, but the vibe and working flow was simply awesome! It took another 4 month to finish the production, followed by 6 month trying to figure out how to release and searching for a suitable label. And here we are!

In my album review, I’ve quoted the band as being the most wild and sex appeal orientated band since MOTLEY CRUE, What do you guys as a band want to project as POTD’s image and what kind of reputation do you guys hope to earn?

First of all: thanks for comparing as with CRUE! I think that’s pretty much it - but even if we wish, it’s not the 80's anymore. So don’t try to be like this legends, we just want to keep it alive and bring the feeling back in the best case. As a natural thing, all the legends getting old and it’s just a matter of time till they retire. People that come to our shows or listen to our music should feel relieved, happier, more confident and stop thinking to much. You want to be stupid or kind of embarrassing? Go ahead!

So after an EP, the debut album has come out from the band who like to say MEOW! What’s next after the current tour dates?

From MEOW to ROAR hopefully! We already started writing new stuff, looking for some cool gigs and spread the glammy vibe!

The “Pussies On The Dancefloor” album has 14 song on it, who does most of the bands writing or is it a collaborative process?

Most of the writing is done by Ray Dancefloor and me (Leo), we do most stuff at home. Writing songs during rehearsals can be sooo exhausting… But everyone collaborate after the main idea is created. I think I’m kind of an exhausting person cause I can’t listen to my mates until I wrote the whole idea I have in mind, before that even if the others have good ideas, I can get no relief. Sorry mates for being such a fuckface sometimes!

You guys certainly bring flirt & flare to the scene. Will this be a lasting image & style for the band or do you think the PUSSIES will be fluid and change styles in the future?

As been said, we just do the way we feel. And as we have to be serious and in our jobs, it’s kind of a compensation. So yeah, I think we’ll flirty, dirty and sexy in future! At the same time we don’t try do be an over-the-top image like Steel Panther for example. Don’t get it wrong, I love em! Man these guys know how to rock. But they’re clumsy and dirty over the top, that's an image you have to carefully feed.

During the recording and production stages of the self tiled album, did you have any setbacks or difficulties? Or did everything run smoothly?

I have to disappoint, no gossip here my dear. Our buddy Johnny O’Hara did an amazing job and was just a cool dude. Can you imagine it was his first major production? We had no rush during production, so everything run smoothly throughout. A lot of beer helps too.

The songs on the album are wild, passionate and funny, can we expect more of the same in the future from POTD?

As I confirmed we already started songwriting again, some lyrics have been written to. To give a small taste: „Let’s Blow It Away“, „Razors Edge“ and „It’s Short But Really Thin“

Where do you see PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR in 5 years time from now? What does the future hold for the band?

Hitting the worlds biggest stages!!! Naaaah to be honest, we like club-gigs. So a tour with sold out <1000 people locations would be awesome!

PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR, I’d like to thank you for performing this interview today for Metal Temple Magazine. May I wish you guys all the best for the future. Thanks!


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Edited 07 February 2023

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