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Quazarre (Devilish Impressions)

Interview with Quazarre from Devilish Impressions
by Karila "Femme Metale" Shannis at 30 September 2012, 4:26 PM

Probably many of your guys out there that heard the new album of the Polish DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, might have noticed how close they are to BEHEMOTH. Nonetheless, these guys proved that they can be unique on their own. “Simulacra”is the band’s third album, and first through Lifeforce Records, Femme Metale talked with Quazarre, vocals / guitars / keyboards about the proceedings of the new album, involvement with BEHEMOTH and their future.

You have recently returned from the Carpathian Alliance Metal Festival, which in fact does take place on the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine! Most European festivals will take place on a large, flat field, so how different is the festival setting when it's placed on a mountain? Did you enjoy it more or less than the typical setup?

Hey! Well, to me is just doesn’t matter. This one was different indeed, but in the end of the day the most important moment is always when we take over the stage, no matter whether it is typical or crazy-styled set up. We’ve had some thrilling moments though when being driven up to the mountain where the stage was placed as we thought the car would just slip down from the edge of the cliffs we were driving at, haha. Luckily, it didn’t happen… We’re still here, all good and ready for the next ones to come, even for the most crazy ones you may ever think ofJ

The bonus track 'Prince of The East' features a guest appearance by Orion of the ever mighty BEHEMOTH. You have supported them many times in tours, but what was it like to have Orion recording on your album?

It’s been great! Orion was actually supposed to take part in the “Diabolicanos…” recording session (the previous album – rem.), yet we’ve had some technical problems at the time and couldn’t made it. Luckily, it worked for the “Simulacra” album and I believe we’ve done something here no other band have ever done. I mean, the track he appeared at is not just a normal, regular song… He played the role of Mephistopheles on “Prince of The East” which is entirely based on the „The Tragical History of Dr Faustus - 1604” by Christopher Marlowe. I took over parts of Dr Faustus, selling his soul to the Devil whom behalf of Mephistopheles (Orion) was arranging the deal for… So it’s more like a theatre sort of thing, you know? Very disturbing and dramatic…

Your third studio album "Simulacra" is a very epic combination of hard-hitting edge and ambient orchestration. What was the inspiration for the marriage of these two elements?
In fact this is what we’ve been doing since I formed the band back in 2000. Each Devilish Impressions’ record contains elements characteristic for different genres, especially those associated not only with black or death, but also with heavy and thrash metal, yet always topped up with parts of ambient and orchestrations.

"Simulacra" also marks your debut album with Lifeforce Records.  How is your relationship with the label thus far?

So far so good… There’s really nothing to complaint about… They do their job as good as possible, so do we as the other part involved. Yet what impressed us the most was Stefan’s, the label’s driving force, work ethic and attitude towards our music. His seriousness and passion about the band let us believe signing to Lifeforce was actually the best choice we’ve made. The worldwide release of the “Simulacra” album has initiated our new partnership and we can’t wait to see where it is going to bring us in the years to come.

Why did you choose "Icaros" to be the promotional single?

Well, this is an opening track of the album and it consists of all the elements that may somehow suggest what “Simulacra” and its further songs are about. I mean, you’ve got some blast beats there, sort of a thrashy riffing, lots of majestic orchestrations and massive slowdowns topped up with parts of huge chorus made of clean vocals. Since the album is so diverse we’ve actually had a big problem when choosing the promotional single. People like different things, I guess some of them may truly fall in love with “Lilith” being the slowest, the most melodic or even melancholic song we’ve ever done, while others are probably up to some of the heavier, faster ones, such as “Fear no gods!” or “Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici”. Yet again, you are not able to satisfy everyone, therefore we’ve decided on choosing one that got a bit of everything…

You are the remaining original member of Devilish Impressions. Have your goals for the sound and style of this band changed since first starting the band?

I must admit this is a really hard one to answer on… I mean, I had never planned anything when comes to Devilish Impressions’ music field or even how the band is supposed to evolve. It just comes out naturally. With the years passing by we’re becoming more experienced both as musicians and on the personal level, and I think the music we create reflects all these changes, it defined who we were during the particular periods of our past, as much as it defines who we are nowadays…

Are there pending plans for Devilish Impressions to tour with this album? Within Europe or perhaps internationally?

We’ve recently signed worldwide management and booking contract with The Flaming Arts Agency, whom we’ve had a chance to work with several times in the past. So literally as we speak the dates for the European run we’re to take part in are shaping up. We’ve already done a bunch of shows at the summer fests this year in support to the album yet we all can’t wait to hit the road again for the regular runs to come. And yes, plans are being made to tour internationally. We really hope to invade the lands we’ve previously never been to.

Thank you so much for time, I thoroughly enjoyed this album!! :)

I’m really glad you did! Thank you very much for the opportunity to present Devilish Impressions at Metal Temple!


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