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R.B. Brogi - Messiah

Interview with R.B. Brogi from Messiah
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 24 February 2018, 1:59 PM

I think it’s a common misconception when Death Metal began to spread its wings in the Metal World. Some say it was with bands like VENOM, some say it was BATHORY, I think everyone is right on that front. Time may forget that a lot of European bands were there at the same time and helped forge the scene for years to come. In 2018 we are having a resurrection of sorts of many bands from the early 80's, well this time, one of the pioneers of Death/Thrash Metal are back with a vengeance, the legendary MESSIAH is back and ready for more after a long hiatus. Metal Temple Editor Jean-Francois Poulin had the pleasure of interviewing the underground legends!

It's funny but we don't hear much about the Switzerland Metal scene, how was it back in the day? Was there a very underground scene?

Yes, we had a cool underground-scene in Switzerland, connected with several international scenes. Mainly the Bands and small Fanzines used to be in contact via tape trading and “paper-mail” to a time without digital contacts.

You guys came back in 2003 but quickly disappeared, what happened back then?

You mention the “ Reanimation 2003”. We never announced it as a reunion. We only planned and realized two live-shows, one in Switzerland (Abart – live also on Massacre CD and DVD) and in Germany at the With Full Force Festival. We did this only for the fans without having any  plans for the future.

2018, it's already been one hell of year, we are so glad you guys came back, what brought you back to the fold?

That developed step by step 2017. A friend and old MESSIAH-Fan of us asked for a MESSIAH-merchandise-booth at his MegaMosh-Festival in spring 2017. There I met a lot of fans. After 14 Years of silence I realized that MESSIAH is still alive. The same guy asked us for a small show for the forthcoming festival in December 2017. I rounded up the other guys for a barbecue at my home and we talked about the offer and forthcoming rehearsals. We played two secret shows in Switzerland and had fun. That made us talk about a reunion. So we decided in January 2018 to start again.

I wanna talk about the 1991 band contest on Swiss TV…how did that come about? And how was the overall experience?

Hey – you know about this??!! Great. That was based on a Swiss Music-Contest called Marlboro- Rock in. Our manager from back then registered us for this contest – totally crazy – we became the possibility to perform with other swiss non metal bands. That’s really crazy because we were an extreme band and our style of music was not compare with the swiss music scene at that time. In advance, we had to play the qualification in a small club. We did well and also won the semi final at a big Swiss open air (with Nazareth). So we ended up at the final at Swiss TV – with the third place. It was strange – no fans in front of the stage – but we contributed to the acceptance of extreme metal in Switzerland. Even our parents were impressed - 

Was it important to bring everyone on board in 2018? The lineup seems to be the one we had in 1989. and in hindsight, was it a common idea to decide to come back?

MESSIAH has two different phases.  My wish would have been to perform in its own lineups comparing to. But it was never possible to get Tschösi back – the original singer and bass player. The band-members of the “Noise-Era” agreed with me and with Andy Kaina we have also the possibility to perform the old songs.

What did you guys discover about yourselves as musicians with the two long hiatus?

Totally different: Steve, the drummer is the only one who was continuously playing in bands like GURD, SINSIDE etc. Andy was never active as a singer, I saw my Guitar more on the wall as I played it. Patrick used to be in some non Metal Bands and is singing in a Church-Choir.

You guys toured extensively in the mid to late eighties…was there any tour that really stood out for you guys or one show that really stands out in your memories?

I can talk only for me: In the old days we had great crazy shows in the Netherlands and Belgium. As we started with “the noise lineup” we were impressed by the shows in East-Germany DDR shortly after the opening – totally crazy fans!. And I remember the two shows we played in Poland – the same. A little negative experience was the first tour 1991 with DEICIDE cause the tour was cancelled in Germany – we were lost on the street, no money, sick and disappointed… The second tour with DEICIDE was great.

Any cool road stories with all the bands you toured with back in the day?

Oh yes too many to mention. We had great times with AGRESSOR, CANCER, PESTILENCE  and THERION in Poland and some funny times with DEICIDE. A very special thing for me was to share the stage again with NECRODEATH last December. 31 years ago we played together in Italy 1986, also with BULLDOZER.

You guys were so underrated and the impact you had on bands was really more evident in the future than in the years you were active, a lot of bands cite you guys like a big influence, how does it feel to be regarded by your peers in that very way?

It`s a great honor for us and we never thought that it will come like this. But it is also a hot iron for our future – I`m not fooling myself – but MESSIAH will go his own way as ever – and we trust in our very loyal fans – the most important – MESSIAH lives in the hearts of the fans – no matter if we were active or not. We want to give something back now, they deserve it!

Any plans on a new album for 2018 or some extensive touring?

Yes – the ideas of the themes and songs for our new Album are chosen. We need the time during 2018 for doing it. Touring is not possible because of our live-situations – but we will play some festivals and small Shows for the fans.

Approved is the following:

Our official Reunion Show at home – Zug /Switzerland : 29.09.2018
Two Shows in Italy: 1 + 2. June 2018
Metal Méan Festival in Belgium (with VADER and TRIPTYKON) 18.08.2018
More coming tba.

So what's in store for you guys in the near future and is there any bands you guys would love to tour with?

If a Greek Promoter/Organizer like to bring us to Greece – it would be a big honor for us to meet the fans over there ! We never played in Greece – would be very, very great!

Thanks so much for the opportunity of interviewing you guys, it's been a blast!

Oh yeah – thank you that we were allowed to be guest at METAL-TEMPLE!!!

Cheers and thrashing madness,



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