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Ramon (Deathfall)

Interview with Ramon from Deathfall
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 21 April 2007, 9:25 AM

I recently got DEATHFALL's promo and I can say this band amazed me. When I learned that Ramon (DEATHFALL's guitarist/vocalist) was going to visit Greece for some interviews I made sure not to miss the chance to sit down and have a talk with him. To tell you the truth, Ramon is a warm and kind person that made me feel like home. You rule brother! So, here is what he had to say about his band's new start.

First of all, welcome to Greece. It is the first time you visit Greece, right?

Thank you very much! No, I have been in Greece several times.

Can you give us a short biography of the band?

We started out about 12 or 13 years ago and the band was called RIMMSHOT. We made a demo, which sold pretty well. That was in 1997. In 1998 or 1999 we released our debut album called Denial Of Truth, which sold pretty good as well. We then got a management by a guy who runs a record label in Holland. So everything was under his commands. Then, we released a sampler for I Scream Records with five songs. After that I went to work in Greece and Indonesia for several seasons, so we got quiet about the band. And you know that if people don’t hear from you they kind of forget you. That’s what I found out when I got back. We started writing music. Most of the time we played with Hardcore bands, but we never were a Hardcore band, we were something in between Hardcore and Metal. It was hard to get in the Metal world, where many people were running around; people that would like our music but never got to listen to us. Anyway, I hope in this way we can reach a wider audience. I am much convinced that they will like our music.

Why did you decide to change your name? Was the new name something like a start of a new era for the band?

Yeah, exactly. We wanted to make a new start for the band and I think the name RIMMSHOT sounded more Hardcore. When people hear the name RIMMSHOT they say yeah, the Hardcore band from Holland and I wanted to get rid of that image. I wanted to start all over again.

You have up to now released a demo CD and one full-length album under the name of RIMMSHOT if I am not mistaken. This is your second full-length album, this time under the name of DEATHFALL. What are your expectations?

To tell you the truth we have released two full-length albums under the name RIMMSHOT. Now that we finally found someone who believes in us, I think that everything is going to be good. Now people will actually have the chance to hear us everywhere and not only in Holland. It’s good to know that our music is all over the world now because Burning Star has distribution around the world and I am quite positive about this.

You have signed a contract with Burning Star. Are you satisfied with your new record label up to now?

Yeah I am. So far Mike and Kostas (label’s owners) have worked things out just fine and don’t delay much, something like that happens a lot. They are doing a good job so far.

You have managed to tour with BORN FROM PAIN and have also supported bands like BIOHAZARD, CROWBAR, BLOOD FOR BLOOD and DISCIPLINE. How was the experience of playing live with such well-known bands?

It is a kind of strange feeling because as a kid you look up to these bands and all of a sudden, you are there and your name is on the poster. It is like a dream coming true but at the same time, you realize that these guys are the same like you. Just some guys doing something they are good at. But yeah, it was a nice experience.

I have seen people calling your music Hardcore, others Death Metal and others Deathcore. How would you call your music?

That is a good question. Well, I think the best description I have heard so far is Death Metalcore. Basically, when I get this question I always say judge for yourself because there are so many styles. Everyone can give a title. As long as he likes the music, I am fine with it.

You come from Netherlands, a country with many great Metal bands like THANATOS, TEXTURES and GOD DETHRONED. What is your opinion on your country’s Metal scene? Are there any good bands that you can suggest?

First of all, regarding the Metal scene, I think that it is still alive in Holland, but it is not as strong as it used to be in the early days because of the many different styles. I think that it is still alive though, the atmosphere is always good.

And you have a pretty good tradition regarding Death Metal.

Yeah, and that is what I want to do. I want to see if we can get people into this Metal scene. Because we know people will like it. Bands that I would recommend people to listen to would definitely be BORN FROM PAIN, ENGINE OF PAIN, a band we have played several gigs with, they have a deal with Lion Music. And an other band would be STATE CHAOS. These are all bands coming from my area and they are all good bands. So check them out!

Are you planning to tour or something after the release of Reborn?

Yeah, that’s why I am actually here for. All the bands from the label are here and I want to see if I can arrange a tour with them. I have already spoken with NEED and ZENITH and it is ok. We should sit down with a beer and talk.

Which bands have influenced your music?

I would say bands like MERAUDER. They had a big influence on me when Master Killer (1996) came out. I have always been a great fan of PANTERA, MORBID ANGEL and MALEVOLENT CREATION. Devin Townsend with STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. PRO-PAIN as well.

Which is the process you follow when composing a song?

It depends. Most of the times, it is me and the other singer who writes the lyrics. So it depends. Sometimes I just sit in my room and make a song and then afterwards we fit in the lyrics. The lyrics are ready so I just sit and look at them and I just try to see which music best fits them.

What is more important? A good production or good songs?

I think good songs to start with, because if the songs are good.. people get to hear the songs anyway. No matter if the production is good or not, people who have a good taste in music will understand that the songs are good.

Are there any bands you would like to share the stage with?

SLAYER! Come on! MORBID ANGEL! I would like to play with PANTERA, but it just cannot happen anymore. Devin Townsend of DEATH, but it also cannot happen.

Who is in charge of the songwriting in DEATHFALL?

That would be me.

Both composing and writing lyrics?

Yeah, because most of the music is written by me. Recently we got a new guitar player and he is putting some great ideas as well. So we mix our ideas and it gets better!

Do you watch football? Which team do you support?

I am not a football fan at all. I only watch the national team when we play in the World Championship.

Now I want you to tell me the truth. Where are the women more beautiful, here or in Holland?

(Laughs) I spoke to Mike about this because I was looking around and I see that women here are quite good dressed, stylish. That is something that women in Holland sometimes lack of. There are beautiful women in Holland. I have not checked much stuff until now, but from what I have seen I think it is almost the same thing.

 Thanx for your time. I leave the last words to you…

Thank you for the interview and many thanks to Metal Temple!


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