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Raw In Sect

Interview with Raw In Sect from Raw In Sect
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 28 July 2007, 10:17 AM

The Greek underground Metal scene has many things to offer; at least that's my opinion. RAW IN SECT's demo CD, which I reviewed a while ago managed to confirm my view on the Greek Metal scene with its technical and groovy Death Metal. If this band keeps up like this and finds a good promotion deal, we will surely be talking about them in some years!

Congratulations guys! I just finished my review on your demo CD and I was amazed! What’s the history behind RAW IN SECT?

The band was formed in 2005 by guitarist/vocalist Kostas Diamandis with Kostas Dedes on rhythm guitars and George Soimiris on bass. Kostas Dedes left to form his own band. He was replaced by Andrew Georgiladakis. After a few months, drummer Spiros Petropoulos completed the line-up and the first rehearsals took place at the same time. Soon the band completed some songs and continued to rehearse constantly. At March 2006 Spiros Petropoulos left the band and two months later Jim Alexiou replaced him. After a few rehearsals, we entered the studio to record our first demo CD that is entitled Demo 2007 and is given for free. At July of 2007 the band had to move on without Andrew Georgiladakis so RAW IN SECT remained a trio and they are in search of another guitarist. We have played many shows and we are planning to do more along with the recording of our first full-length CD that will probably be released in 2008.

Is the cover showing something specific?

It is a photo of a place out of Athens near Corinth called Agii Theodori and it shows a road, the sea and the clouds at the particular time.

What s the feedback you have from the press until now?

There have been many reviews, which were really positive and encouraged us to move on but the most important one was when we got to be ’demo of the month’ at a very popular metal magazine here in Greece.

What do the lyrics have to do with and who writes them?

The lyrics on the album will probably be written from Kostas. In the demo, Kostas has written them for 2 of the songs and Andrew for one of it. They have to do with life’s feelings that you get inside your soul and can’t explain. These feelings grow in you as you grow older in a civilized society. There are things that are related to everyone because we are not unique as we are taught… We are trying to put all these stuff with words and make art. We don’t want to sound like journalists; a lot of people have forgotten the difference of writing an article at a newspaper with writing lyrics for a song.

Which bands have influenced your music? Is it my imagination or SADUS are ranked high in your favorites list?

Well, DEATH, ATHEIST, CYNIC, NEVERMORE, ANNIHILATOR, PANTERA, SLAYER, MASTODON, NILE, ICED EARTH, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ and it goes on and on… We have heard of SADUS and they are awesome but none of us is into them. It is possible that we will start buying some albums of them in the near future!

The Greek metal scene has shown that it is hard for a band to achieve something outside of Greece. Why do you think this happens?

There are a lot of amazing bands here in Greece in every genre but the problem is that all tenses and movements are accepted when they are dead so it is hard to move on with conditions like these. There are lots of reasons that we will probably should write a book about it…

You have decided to play a pretty hard and complex kind of music even though you are pretty young. I say this because most people at your age choose to play either trendy stuff like melodic Metal or Metalcore. What is your opinion on these styles of music?

Their problem, not ours!!!

Have you managed to support any well-known bands until now?

No. We want it bad but none has invited us… It seems that the same bands play again and again. We hope it will happen one day though; we have a dream sharing the stage with NEVERMORE!!!

Since you are a relatively new band, how does the audience faces you during a live performance?

They seem excited by the groove and complexity of our songs but they wait for some cover to start the moshpit!! We hope they will moshpit on our songs in the near future! We’ll see!

What other kinds of music do you listen to except from Metal?

George listens to 70’s classic rock, bands like DEEP PURPLE, THE DOORS, PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN and all that. Kostas listens to a lot of progressive rock, some trip hop and a little bit of darkwave and he is also not embarrassed to say that he likes THEATRE OF TRAGEDY!!!! Jim likes Frank Zappa and fusion stuff as well…

I assume you are in search of a contract. Did you have any good offers from labels?

We are waiting to get some reviews to start sending packages because a lot of people have said that Greek demos never make it to the promoters’ ears… It seems that Greek bands are not taken seriously for some reason. We hope not to face that, it is humiliating…

What are your plans for the time being?

We will rehearse to update our set-list and we will start recording our full-length if we don’t see a good contract along the way. We also want to find another guitarist and finally find a way to take part as a support act or at a big event!

What are your favorite releases for 2007 (at least from what you had the chance to listen to)?

The new PARADISE LOST is very good, the new MORGANA LEFAY is also killer!! We are also looking forward to SICKENING HORROR’s debut that will blow away anything we have heard from a Greek band the last years! The JOB FOR A COWBOY is interesting too! There are lots of good albums every year so you have to keep your ears opened!!

Thank you for your time! I wish you only the best!

Thanks for this opportunity to speak our minds! Take care!


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