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Re-Machined's Andreas Glanz: "Music doesn't always have to be complex, sometimes it's harder to keep it simple…"

Interview with Andreas Glanz from Re-Machined
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 March 2022, 10:22 PM

Hard to the crew, never letting go of the roots, being straight to the point, without anything that is unnecessary to add, because if it works, it works. Simplicity has never been a bad word in music, and in Rock and Metal it generated a whole lot of power. Letting the fans sing the songs, air guitar the riffs and simply having the moment, stand up and be counted. The veteran bunch of Re-Machined never tried to be more than they are, they portray their German essence as humble but with class. With their new album "Brain Dead" out there, Steinmetal had a good chat with songwriter and guitarist, Andreas Glanz, about the album, the period and more…

Hi Andreas, good to have you for this interview with Metal Temple Online Magazine, how are you sir?

Hi Lior, thanks for the interview request, I'm fine and looking forward to the release of Brain Dead. We are rehearsing because the first gig is coming up in May.

Over the course of two years it has not been easy for anyone, of course the public has been in turmoil worldwide, a state of events due to the pandemic that has damaged fabrics in our society. Even though there are signs of relief at the moment, how do you view this whole situation?

It was a difficult time for the band. In February 2020 our album Wheels of Time came out and then came the pandemic and the lockdown. All planned concerts were cancelled, despite good reviews, album promote no chance.

Our first appearance was a streaming concert in June. Then another break and wait, but then we were able to play two great open-air concerts in September.

One of the biggest conflicts musical acts face, particularly in our hard rock and heavy metal realm, is whether to continue because it's impossible to go live, postpone commitments on a quarterly basis, or stay and just wait should. Their band Re-Machined is no different. Would you say that working on new material is the only answer to keep the flame alive or is there more to it?

That's exactly how it is, we used the time and made new songs, the songs for the album were set at the end of 2020. At the beginning of 2021 we recorded our album Brain Dead, although we hardly ever met during the recordings and we each recorded at home for ourselves. Which made the recording process difficult as we like to record as a band.

Speaking of going live and going on stages, have you been able to perform in any form over the past few years? Maybe between variant reliefs or something? Have you thought about the live streaming that became popular when the pandemic hit?

As I said, in 2020 a streaming gig and two open air concerts, all other concerts were cancelled. We found that streaming concerts is not for us, we need the stage and the audience.

As I listened to you, I could feel your conviction and honesty, and of course your absolute drive to be alive, without compromise. Being part of a great music scene that has been in demand for technical skills over the past two decades, what do you think speaks for keeping it simple?

Music doesn't always have to be complex, sometimes it's harder to keep it simple, we want to pick people up with our music, just good songs with hooks to sing along to. It's easy to make music and play live and we love being on stage and reaching out to the audience.

Re-Machined released its second album, Brain Dead, continuing its fruitful relationship with local Pride & Joy Music. Speaking of the title, it's a kind of statement, maybe even a critical look at our social order. How do you interpret that?

Yes, we are very happy that our second album Brain Dead will also be released by Pride § Joy Music, working together with the label is really great.

Of course you could say Brain Dead is to be seen as a statement, since our society is very isolated and contact is limited, especially during the pandemic. The human being, the family, however, needs contact so that brain damage does not occur. In fact, Thomas our singer got the idea for Brain Dead through The Walking Dead series.

Even though the whole album has a charged feel and some of the songs take it bluntly so to speak, there's this aggressive tone, not just the music sharing the mood but the lyrical ending as well. What form of statements or thoughts are you trying to share with the audience?

The song Demons takes up the lyrics of the pandemic and tries to show what the pandemic has done to people without becoming highly political. We just want to make good songs, catchy hooks that you can sing along to.

Since people have an inner desire to just step out of our reality from time to time, would you say Brain Dead serves that purpose? Is there a form of escapism inherent to the record?

Think that you can escape reality for a short time with Brain Dead, just listen to our music loud, drop it and let the journey begin.

Even if you've remained consistent in your musical agenda and kept it straight to heavy metal, with no padding or cheap thrills or any additions that might take you away from your musical integrity, there's always a step up. What do you think makes "Brain Dead" a special entity?
We're not just a band, we're friends making music together, writing songs. Of course, we don't reinvent the wheel, but we constantly try to work on ourselves and the song and to develop it further. Every standstill means the brain dead, laughs, maybe that's our secret, always going one step further.

With your experience as a songwriter and the leading elements in the band, what can you say when it comes to music and songwriting, what can you say the process of “Brain Dead” has taught you? Would you say you were able to apply the lessons learned from the debut album experience?

Yes, Wheels of Time showed me/us that you can achieve with our music if you don't bend and stay true to your line. Brain Dead is an evolution, sequel to Wheels of Time. Straight Rockers, refrains to sing along with, melodies for your ears. Raise your fist and bang your head.
Songs like "Because I Hate You" and "Fist In The Face" feel real, but also convey an "in your face" sort of message. The music serves the lyrics, perfect cohesion between the two to establish that street vibe. What were the inspirations behind these tunes?

That's exactly what we want, our songs should dig into your brain. Usually I have an idea/riff in my head and then record the song at home. Then I present the song to the band, and we work on it together until everything fits, and everyone is happy. Thomas then writes the lyrics, sometimes I have a working title for the song, but since we've been making music together for so long, Thomas knows what the lyrics to the song are.

The catchier note on this album is undoubtedly "Standing On The Edge" which has an 80's feel to it and I can also add that personally I found it quite emotional. There is pure passion in this number. What do you think of this particular track? How does the more melodic vibe of the song stack up with the rawer aspects of the other songs?

80/90's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal that's our music where we come from, inspired by bands like Dokken, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy. Standing on the Edge is maybe a little homage to the 80s. The text is about you are being on the road as a musician, playing with the band, sometimes you have no money, sometimes you don't. That's how it was back then, either you had the fat deal or Pay to Play. Glad the song touched you.

Markus Teske, already proven with his works with U.D.O., The New Roses, Mob Rules and Vanden Plas, has ensured that your punchy sound and fist-wielding vibe stays the same, maybe even up a notch. The sound fits the music, no question. What do you think of the band's sound direction on the album and of course the quality of the work done?

We already worked together with Markus on our EP with 5 songs, we released it under our own direction. That's why we worked together on Wheels of Time and of course again on Brain Dead. Markus is just perfect for our music, the guy is awesome and just a nice guy. The sound on Brain Dead is fat and just suits us, that's us Re-Machined. Thank you Markus, you're the best.

When you had the final product in your hands and listened to the entire record from start to finish, which you probably already did in the previous stages of recording and engineering, what went through your mind? Would you say that the record took you on a kind of journey as a listener?
We presented some of the Brain Dead songs to the audience at the two open airs in September 2020 and the response was very positive. I think Brain Dead is worth a trip for me. We are all very proud of the album and we look forward to seeing old and new fans embark on the Brain Dead journey.

We mentioned live shows earlier. Is there anything you have planned for 2022, although there is still a degree of uncertainty in the air?

Two concerts have been confirmed for 2022, a Festival Headbangers Night in May and an Open Air in July, further concerts are being planned.

Andreas, I would like to thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. It was a pleasure to hear "Brain Dead" and may you continue to be true to yourself. All the best

Thank you for the interview and I'm glad that we made you happy with Brain Dead.



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