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Reba Meyers (Code Orange)

Interview with Reba Meyers from Code Orange
by Emily Coulter at 05 April 2017, 8:20 PM

CODE ORANGE is certainly a band gaining notoriety for their loud and angry shows in the hardcore & metal scene and they have no intention of stopping soon. Moving to Roadrunner Records and releasing one of the most talked about releases of 2017 ''Forever'' it seems like the band is currently unstoppable. Metal Temple speaks to guitarist Reba Meyers about the new album and touring.

Your newest album ''Forever'' came out this year how do you think it's done compared to your previous releases?

This has done a lot better response wise to our previous albums.

''Forever'' is your debut release on Roadrunner, do you think it's been a positive move to the label?

Yeah very positive, they have some great ideas for us and a lot more resources for us to use so it's a step in the right direction for us.

What are your favourite tracks on the album?

It changes all the time but currently ''Bleeding In The Blur'' and ''The Mud''.

Your sound is different to your previous albums, do you think the change is positive?

Yeah as a band we are constantly changing and making new ideas as we progress so I feel it's a good change for us but we still have our original sound in there. It can be hard to translate that sometimes in our live shows with new tracks but I think we've got it covered.

What bands got you into playing music?

Oh so many, when I was younger in Pittsburgh I used to go to all the shows so I got to see a lot of punk & metal bands, some local and some bigger. I don't get to see as many as I'd like to any more but I used to go to every show I physically could and it really inspired me.

You do guitar & vocals in the band, is it difficult to do live or is it more enjoyable?

I've been doing both for so long now that I'm used to it so I don't find it difficult, if anything I see doing vocals as another outlet.

How has the tour been so far, playing with GOJIRA and CAR BOMB?

Oh it's been great, it's been a really enjoyable tour for us so far and really crazy. I have a lot of respect for GOJIRA and CAR BOMB are great guys too.

You've toured with a variety of bands in different styles, who have been your favourite to tour with?

Yeah we've toured with a lot but I'd say personally more our style of bands such as FULL OF HELL and TWITCHING TOUNGES.

What advice would you give to people starting out in a band similar to yours?

Do it for you and make sure you're practicing a lot, keep focused and make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

Do you think the incident in Salt Lake City has given a more positive or negative light to the band and the hardcore scene in general?

It's such an isolated incident and it's really bad what happened at the show which has raised a lot of mixed discussions about hardcore dancing in a positive and negative way.

Do you think 2017 is going to be the year for Code Orange?

Well hopefully every year is from now and for how long we keep this going, we've got some really big plans in terms of touring and music.


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