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Renato Tribuzy (Tribuzy)

Interview with Renato Tribuzy from Tribuzy
by Grigoris Chronis at 27 August 2007, 5:31 PM

Speaking with Renato Tribuzy was a real pleasure; deep from the heart. So gentle, so helpful, so warm-hearted…bearing in mind the man's already collaborated with grand Metal stars like Bruce Dickinson, Mat Sinner, Ralf Scheepers, Kiko Lureiro, Roland Grapow and Michael Kiske I was ready to tell him he can be considered as a Metal star too, from now on. Enjoy the Execution: Live Reunion DVD and get excited by his (and their) performance!

Hi Renato, greetings from Metal temple magazine!

Thank you my friend, and hello to everybody!

Listening to the Execution: Live Reunion CD again and watching the relative DVD upcoming release, I cannot help but ask how did you manage to gather all these to Metal artists to appear on stage with TRIBUZY in Sao Paolo? We knew about the guests you had in the TRIBUZY debut album, Execution, but how did you gather them all? Did you organize this whole thing?

It was really difficult (laughs), I worked hard on this concert. I organized everything about that night, I mean, schedule, hotels, support, marketing, DVD team, audio team, flights, Visa…every little detail I was there working. It was a dream that I was realizing I had to make it the best way I could. And besides God’s hand working with me, I had the effort of all my guest friends, to make it real.

How did you ’build’ the gig’s setlist? It features tracks from both your debut album as well as e.g. Tears Of The Dragon (BRUCE DICKINSON) and Final Embrace (PRIMAL FEAR). Were there any other songs that did not make it to the live release(s)?

We had so many nice things that night and the show was really huge. When I met Bruce in London to talk about the concert, we started to throw over the table some song names to play. But one thing that Bruce asked me was to play Tears Of The Dragon; I said ’sure!’, (laughs), firstly because I love that song and second because it would be killer to see Bruce singing this classic in my concert. But we played another tracks with him that we did not use on the DVD such as: The Evil That Men Do, Be quick Or Be Dead and Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter. Another really cool song that we played with him was when Bruce decided to play drums in the end of the concert and we played a ZZ TOP song, with Bruce playing drums. It was great!

About Final Embrace, I spoke with Mat and Ralf, that my band used to play that song alive in our first concerts, because we are huge fans of PRIMAL FEAR’s music, and I mentioned that we could play that song with them and they loved the idea, so we did it, and it was great.

One question out of curiosity: the CD and DVD version have a slightly different tracklist. Why this?

I don’t know, I just decided to do that when I was finishing the mix sessions. I think that when we are listening to a live album, in that case TRIBUZY live album, and in the middle of the concert appears another singer singing songs that are not from the band, it sounds weird. But on the DVD it works, because you see the image and the whole vibration that helps to make this moment in magic.

I think there was a small delay in the release of the DVD format, right? Why did this happen? What was the obstacle?

I was the obstacle (laughs). Firstly I’m completely perfectionist, and I was working to have the best I could there, and while I couldn’t see something that I thought ’OK this is what I want to see! I just couldn’t stop to work. And because I was really busy too, I was working at the same time in several projects, I was producing and mixing my live album with my friend Roy Z, I was editing and mixing the DVD, I was producing a Brazilian Heavy Metal band and recording my vocals on Frank Schieber’s album, besides the touring commitments. So it took a while to be ready, but now it is done.

I was wondering: I love Mat Sinner and I consider him to be a Metal guru in German Metal music. But, do you think he is famous to the average Metal fan (e.g. in your country - Brazil - or mine - Greece - or anywhere else)? I tell this because I was positively surprised to see you made the SINNER cover of Nature Of Evil.

I can answer that question with another question. Tell me, which headbanger in the whole world never heard about Mat Sinner? He is a legend of European Heavy Metal and a legend in the world with no doubt. But I wasn’t thinking like that when I decided to cover that song. I was recording the album when my ex-guitar player brought to me the Nature Of Evil album, and I just got crazy (laughs)! I loved the whole album, so I decided to make a cover of that song. I spoke with Mat about that, he said all was fine, and itr was like that. Few days ago, I was speaking with Mat about that album, and I told him that for me it was difficult to find one song to record because I like the whole album; maybe in my next album I will have some tracks written by me and Mat together, let’s see! I hope to have some good vibrations in our song writer partnership, because I love his material.

Really, why did Magnus Rosen not appear in the live Execution: Live Reunion gig? Wasn’t he available to appear in Sao Paolo?

No, Magnus was about to record the studio album in 2003,but in that time he couldn’t find time to work on Execution, because he was too busy with HAMMERFALL.So in the end, the album doesn’t have his participation. All bass lines were recorded by Chris Dale (SACKTRICK and Bruce’s band) and he came to the concert, because he is a dear brother of mine.

Did you have any other Metal musician in mind, who eventually could not make it to the SP gig?

Yes for sure, I had Michael Kiske singing Absolution on the studio album version with me, so when I was planning to make this concert I invited him, but he couldn’t come. So, Ralf Scheepers sang Absolution with me on the live version.

By watching the DVD bonus interview, I realized you did not expect the whole TRIBYZY project could make it to this point. Meaning: did you think it would be too difficult running this band with all these guest musicians, or you were optimistic from the beginning?

(Laughs) Honestly, when I started the whole idea I was just a boy with 22 years old, so I was a dreamer and I believed I could do that. In the DVD night, I already was 27 years old, I could see the dimension of where I was, and I could understand that ’Wow, amazing!’ (laughs). It’s really weird to any musician in the world, to see some of his greatest heroes singing his songs or doing soundcheck with him. It was what I was passing through in that moment, so when I recorded the ’making of’ interview I was really touched by the whole thing; it was really unbelievable.

Speaking ’bout the band, I think we should give some credit to the normal musician backing you: Frank Schieber, Eduardo Fernandez, Flavio Pascarillo and Ivan Guilhon. A word or two for each one? How did you come in contact with them, for the TRIBUZY project?

They are great, without their talents I would be in serious trouble (laughs). I met Frank when I was a kid yet, I was 17 years old or 18and we created together my second band called THOTEN. Eduardo got into the band when my ex-guitar player, Gustavo Silvera, decided to leave the band. He used to play on Gustavo’s first band called NORDHEIM. TRIBUZY had a tour here in Brazil with NORDHEIM as supporting band, so I already knew his way of playing and all. Flavio was the same thing; he was the drummer of Gustavo’s band too. Ivan came into my mind since my first steps to create the band; I always liked his way of playing bass.

As written in the band’s website, the DVD features a jam on the ZZ TOP classic ’Tush’. Still, in the promo copy I did not witness this jam. Is it going to be in the normal release of the DVD?

Yeah I really would love to use it, but until now I don’t have how to make it real. We had some audio file problems during that song, so we may use it in the future, because we are trying to fix it out right now, and I couldn’t delay the DVD release any longer, or my labels would kill me (laughs)!

What is the amount of help Kiko Loureiro has offered you, for this CD/DVD release and - in general - for TRIBUZY? He is a well-respected musician. A comment for him?

Kiko is a dear brother, he always helped me a lot with everything; I mean contacts, advices, marketing…he always said great things about me to the people around him (laughs)! For example, one day one of the most famous music school from Brazil called me up to schedule a workshop with me and the guy said ’Kiko was here and he said so many great things about you and your voice that we are really curious’ (laughs)! I met him in 1997 (I guess) when my first band, HORIZON, played with ANGRA here in Brazil, and in that time we already became good friends. Around 2000 he came to produce my second band, THOTEN, and there we already spoke about my ideas to Execution.

Are you already writing songs for a possible new TRIBUZY studio album, by the way? Are you planning on - again - invite guest artists to participate in this one?

I already have 6 songs finished, I’m still working on the rest of the material. I will start to work on the pre-production until the end of this year and I pretend to start the recording sessions of the new album around Feb of 2008. About guests, I have still not decided it, I’m thinking about to make the next album only with my band, but if someone decides to make an appereance at the studio when I start to record the next album, he will have to sing something (laughs)!

Are you positive bout the future of Heavy Metal music in Brazil and South America in general? The TRIBUZY project does really help a lot, but is the fire still burning down there? Metal festivals gather thousands of fans but when will we hear ’bout new bands that will conquer the world?

I think the market is not the same anymore, in the whole world, and all the downloads stuff doing with that all bands sell less albums, with it, the bands are getting less money to survive, so it is difficult to see the future in the point we are now. When you are a huge artist like MAIDEN or GUNS AND ROSES, the market is not a huge problem, because everybody already knows you and everybody wants to see you, but what about the new bands? Without supporting them there’s no Heavy Metal future. So I think it is not a South American problem, it is a world crisis. So we need to ask, will we hear ’bout new bands of anywhere in the planet, that will conquer the world again?

Even if a different kind of sound/style, were you ever fond of more ’extreme’ Brazilian acts like e.g. SEPUTLURA or RATOS DE PORAO? Are Metal fans in Brazil more attracted to classic/melodic Heavy Metal music or Thrash/Death Metal stuff?

Here in Brazil you will find all styles burning, when some one loves Thrash Metal here he really loves and the same about melodic style. Few days ago I had a concert with a Trash Metal band called TORTURE SQUAD and the kids that were singing their songs during their concert were the same kids that were singing my songs during my concert; here people don’t care too much about the style, they just love Metal.

Renato, thanks a lot for your time to do this interview. Really hope all the best for TRIBUZY in the near future!

Thanks a lot Greg, and thanks a lot to everybody who supported our music. I hope to see you guys soon in a future concert, cheers and all the best!!!

Studio photos by Bruno BezerraLive pics with the guests by Annamaria Disanto


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