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Richard Sjunnesson (The Unguided)

Interview with Richard Sjunnesson from The Unguided
by Daniel Fox at 20 March 2016, 4:51 PM

"And then there were 3".

THE UNGUIDED is the Swedish Melo-Death-Core-Something powerhouse formed by 3 ex-members of SONIC SYNDICATE; Richard and Roger Sjunnesson, and Roland Johansson. 2016 marks the release of the band's third album since their inception in 2010/2011, titled "Lust And Loathing".

Daniel spoke to harsh vocalist, Richard, about a multitude of subjects: why THE UNGUIDED was the breath of fresh air that he and his bandmates needed, why the recording and writing for the new album was a much more 'involved' piece of teamwork, the origin of their "616" 'Easter egg', and the benefits of not working with managerial overlords that want a piece of your pie.


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