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Richard & Teun (Her Enchantment)

Interview with Richard & Teun from Her Enchantment
by Michael Dalakos at 06 April 2006, 9:28 AM

Her Enchantment recently visited Athens to promote their new album Darkest with interviews, a release party at a known Metal club and lots of drinking. I had the chance to chat with Richard (vocals) and Teun (guitars) about their band and their latest studio attempt...

As far as I know, this is your first visit to Greece…

Teun: We really like it here. Yesterday was great, we went to the club and met all these cool people. We drunk lot of beers.

Richard: For us this is a dream come true, you know. To be able to visit a country other than ours to promote our album…

Please tell us the history of Her Enchantment for our magazine…

Teun: The history of the band goes way back. We exist for more than 14 years. Well, maybe 11 (Laughs). The band started by our ex-drummer, Elwin, who wanted to make a Doom / Death Metal band. Our first name was Crucified Corpse and our first Demo released back in 1994 was titled Reflections From The Other Side.

Richard: Constant lineup changes happened and the band changed its style radically throughout the years. A second demo was released back in 1995 called Servile The Serene and we participated in several compilation CDs. Our first album was released in 1998 and it was titled Sagas.

Teun: I joined the band in 2001 and Richard did in 2002. So, we started searching for a new label by releasing a promo titled Lacrimae Mundi in 2004 and we were very lucky to catch the attention of Burning Star Records from Greece. Too many lineup changes to mention. (Laughs)

Compared with your previous album are there many differences…

Teun: In some way it is a natural evolution but as you can imagine since the two albums are released with so much time in between, it is quite obvious that there are some striking changes. The old album was more technical than the new album. The first album was more melody oriented while the new one is more riff based. It is more of a tight album.

Richard: The new album is more complex, you know. The songs are written many times and we had a lot of time to work on them. As a base it has a modern Swedish sound but if you listen to it you understand it is much more than that. We are not another In Flames clone.

Can you give us an inside look on how the band composes music?

Teun: Eventually it is a team effort. We start with a guitar riff, an idea and that is the base of the song. So it takes time and a lot of effort to evolve into something complete. We are not that kind of a band that writes simple songs, chorus / riff / chorus / riff stuff. We really like to let things flow.

Richard: The only exception is the songs Darkest where I wrote the lyrics first and then the music. We need everybody for a song, so this is a team effort. I was in a band once where I had a very stubborn guitar player that didn’t want anyone to touch his songs. That was a bit silly, I think. It is not wise to have a band with only one guy doing everything!

Teun: It is essential to us that every member adds their part in our music.

The artwork of the album is definitely not the typical Metal artwork…

Teun: Well, we had the album title Darkest and we wanted to find what reflects the title the best.

Richard: So our label brought us in contact with a Greek photographer, Costas (Constantinos Kranis) and he showed us some amazing pictures, about 25 that we really loved. Then we got in touch with Spina graphics design and he did his own interpretation of the lyrics.

The photo of the album shows a desolate road that seems to be leading to nowhere. It fits like a glove to the music. In the inner pages I included some pictures from the bombing of Rotterdam. All these are nicely blended and you can really realize which photo comes from where. We are very satisfied with the artwork. Not the typical splatter artwork.

Teun: We wanted to do something you don’t see that much. We are very happy that we had the privilege of using Costas’ work for our artwork. Also the guys from Spina did a hell of a job…

Great artwork and the album comes in a digipack. Are all these essential nowadays?

Teun: Definitely. You see, things have changed a lot the last years. You simply can’t expect a lot as a new band without something striking. It has to be something special. And I think we have achieved this special feeling in the package. It comes as a great package with our music.

Touring plans, are there any?

Richard: It is hard to get a stable tour but we will work on it. We will play in Germany and in our country as well but we will try to get as many gigs as possible. We also hope to book some shows here in Greece…

Your opinion about your country’s Metal scene?

Teun: We have a really solid Metal scene in Holland. Everyone knows each other, many fans of Metal music. It is very good even for smaller bands. What bothers me regarding the live shows is that it doesn’t really matter how good the music you play is but how good you are sucking the promoters. I hate this. Many good bands can’t really play live because they don’t do such things.

I want you guys to close this interview with a message to all our readers…

Teun: Thanks for your time. Hope you like our new album.

Richard: Yeah, being here is a dream come true. I really hope to come back and play live here in Greece.


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