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Rick Black (A Tortured Soul)

Interview with Rick Black from A Tortured Soul
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 01 July 2010, 10:07 PM

Damn! What a weird guy A TORTURED SOUL's Rick Black is! Pfff, there are not words to describe the outcome of this interview. Just read it and you'll understand…

Hello there! Let's start with something typical. Give us a short bio of A TORTURED SOUL.
A TORTURED SOUL is a Heavy Metal band that was made of friends that were musicians. When Rick joined the group after answering an add, everything started rolling and has not stopped since that 1st Halloween night. Through personal changes we have the best band ever with the current line-up.

This is your third full-length album and your first through Pure Steel Records. How did you reach a deal with the label? Are you satisfied with their work until now?
Pure Steel has been great. They have been there for us and are really knowledgeable about the industries and how to market an album. We are very lucky to have the privilege of working with them.

Tell us a few things about the album? Where was it recorded and who handled the mixing and mastering?
All A TORTURED SOUL albums (there are only 2) have been handled by JTW Studios and Joel Wanasek, an amazing guitarist as well as producer. The 1st demo was just some songs recorded with a Sub/Par Drummer that we would like not to be named as his antics nearly destroyed the band. Best to forget that unreleased recording.

What is the feedback you've got until now from the press and your fans? Are you satisfied with the reactions?
We haven't really gotten any attention with our 1st recording "Kiss Of The Thorn" which was released through Northern Silence-Eyes Like Snow. This is the 1st chance we have had to answer any feedback to speak of for an album much because of Pure Steel Records.

Is there any kind of concept behind the lyrics?
My lyrics are a reflection of my self. Very dark, depressed and very evil. I am sorry but that's the kind of person I am and have always been this way. I am the guy that's not afraid of ghosts, sleeps in a cemetery and howls at the moon. The one that tells you a scary story at the campfire only to find out that it is true.

Who designed the cover artwork for "Lucifer's Fate"? How can someone connect the artwork to the album's title?
The album art was from the label, painted by Markus Vesper, and we all loved it!!!

Are you going to shoot a video clip for any of the songs contained in "Lucifer's Fate"?
We are talking to the production guys right now and still don't know what song to shoot. Do you have a favorite?

What are your plans for now? Are you going to hit the road to promote "A Lucifer's Fate"? I have already seen some dates on your Myspace profile.
Right now we are only playing a few dates as we are right in the middle of writing another album (we have 2 songs semi-finalized).

Which are your main influences as a band? The first bands someone may think of when listening to your music are definitely JUDAS PRIEST and KING DIAMOND.
It is a great complement to be compared to bands as great as those you have mentioned and we are always humbled by the compliment as they are our influences in Metal musicianship.

What I noticed is that on the cover of your first album there was only the band's name, on the artwork of your second album a "weird" logo and on your new release someone can see both the logo and the band's name. Why is that?
Again the 1st album "Tomorrow's Door" (which became "Kiss Of The Thorn")was created by the drummer at that time. He called all the shots on that album, promotion , sound quality, production and was let go by the band because of it. He and myself butted heads at every turn. I wrote the song "Cut And Bleed" about my feelings toward him. I want a relaxed calm environment with out the worries of egos and unecessary baggage most bands have to deal with. It's tough enough to make a band work without it. The font was from our tattoo artist/photographer Marla Hoffman and the logo was from our longtime bassist/friend Wes Tesch and once the old drummer left the band was able to work together and create music promo and artwork that we all enjoyed together as a band.

What are your goals with A TORTURED SOUL?
I sincerely hope you enjoy the new album and rest assured we are working on an album even heavier than "Lucifer's Fate" for 2011. Our goals are to make quality albums that absolutely kick ass!! and then to be able to tour forever to support our albums. We want our address to be on tour! Making you bang your head to ATS!

Thanks a lot for your time!


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