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Robert Rodrigo (Airless)

Interview with Robert Rodrigo from Airless
by Maria Kallinikou at 03 January 2009, 12:27 PM

AIRLESS is a band from Spain which counts eight years of existence. In their country it seems that they enjoy publicity and hopefully the new album will help them go further. Fight is the title of their third album and was the motive to contact them and have a chat. By going through this conversation, one can assume that Fight could also be the title of this interview.

First of all congratulations on your new album. Tell us a bit about the concept and the idea behind Fight.

Fight is about going on, making those things that make you feel alive, about never giving up even when life puts you to the test.

Who did come up with the idea for the cover? The first impression is that is connected with the name of the band but is there any further meaning?

It's Leonardo DaVinci's. It makes us think about how we fight since we are born.

You have a video clip out, Now Or Never. Tell me what led you in choosing this track to make a video clip and not another song from the album?

We all agreed from the very first moment after writing that Now or Never was the song we all wanted to be the first single. Why? it reflects the band's sound in 2008, good riff, catchy melody and a strong chorus.


Tell us a bit about the band's history. How did AIRLESS begin? Were there any changes in the line up since the formation of the band?

It started when Pako, Miguel and Iρaki joined Robert to record his first album.  After that, Pako and Miguel left the band and came back after the debut Airless album, to work on 2nd Round. To be honest we've played together so long ago that we can't remember when it actually began!

I saw that in the past you have opened shows for TYKETTO. What are the plans now, for the promotion of the new album. Is only Spain in the plans or further countries are under discussion? (and, if yes, which countries?)

We're going to start the promotion for Fight in Spain with several shows in February, but we'd love to play live in other countries. Europe is the easiest option, but we'd like also to travel to Japan or USA for example so our fans out there asking for us.

How hard is it for a Spanish band to evolve in the kind of music you play? How do people receive this?

Well, it's quite hard…Sure, it would be much easier here in Spain if we sang in Spanish. But we think Hard Rock's language is English. We are very happy with the people's answers and most people in Spain tend to understand why we do sing in English.

Which bands would you say that have mostly affected your style?

Every member of the band has their own favorites. But bands like HAREM SCAREM, FATE or TNT, WHITESNAKE, VAN HALEN have influenced all of us.

Through the distribution of your previous albums you targeted markets in Japan and in America. So, what are the news from there. Does the band make itself known to the people in those markets?

We don't have much news from USA or Japan. We do know that 2nd Round got very good reviews from Press in these territories.

As far as the distribution is concerned, how is the situation with Europe?

As with 2nd Round, Lion Music will distribute the album all over Europe.

I saw that you contributed in the Singing To The World album. Tell us something about the tracks, the musicians taking part and how did this participation help the band?

We are pleased to make this kind of things. It always helps the band, but you make it for something more than just success or personal satisfaction.

 How easy is it to balance the sound between AIRLESS and solo albums?

In AIRLESS every member of the band puts something of his own on the compositions, and the songs are built around vocals and melodies. On the other hand, in my solo albums it's me who composes everything, so the main instrument is the guitar, which gives the music a totally different concept.

 How do you feel about AIRLESS and your solo project, could you say which is a priority for you?

AIRLESS is my priority, but I also like to do some things on my own, and to explore different places which make me go on evolving.

Ok, the last words belong to you. What would you like to say to your fans out there?

Thank you very much for being there. That's what makes us going on FIGHTING.


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