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Ruthless’ Sammy DeJohn: “A relic lol, we might be getting older but not a Relic yet, we're not out to make a point we just love playing…”

Interview with Sammy DeJohn from Ruthless
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 May 2019, 8:15 PM

There is no such thing as “Too old for Rock N’ Roll”. A strong spirit, motivation and will to continue forward, can make wonders. The 80s US Metal bashers Ruthless is still out there, unleashing the sound and thunder of the 80s spirit right at one’s face and a good kick in the teeth. Steinmetal had a small chat with vocalist Sammy DeJohn about the band’s new album “Evil Within” and what he thinks of the new age of Metal

Hello Sammy, it is an honor having you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, I hope that I caught you in a good moment. How have you been?

Not bad my friend just getting ready for all the upcoming shows

Truth be told, back when your amazing sophomore, “Discipline Of Steel”, was released I was four years old. However, I came around it in High School and I was psyched by it. Simply a jewel. Now you guys, already back more than a decade, unleash “Evil Within”. How do you feel about it in comparison to your ancient past?

Well, “Discipline Of Steel” was our second album. Personally I like our debut “Metal” better than “Discipline Of Steel”, yet “Evil Within” is a great turnout.

How were the reactions to the “Evil Within” single? It is one hell of a strong tune.

Thank you we have had a lot of great responses to it.

About that album title, I would like to understand what is behind it. Who is the evil in your eyes and mind? Is it a kind of a rude awakening?

The Evil is all around us Asshole politicians & big corporations destroying our world!

While writing the songs, since I have yet to listen to “They Rise”, did you make any attempt to add elements to your music that you haven’t used earlier? What do you think makes “Evil Within” special musically?

You should listen to it my friend, “They Rise” is a great album. Though, “Evil Within” has a lot more aggression, a very powerful force.

Which of the songs made quite the impact on you? A song that you have been listening to again and again, blown away by it? Please elaborate your choice

My favorite is “Death March”, while ”Storm of Souls” is epic.

Who did the sound for “Evil Within”? It sounds like an old school killer, even though with a bit of polish. How do you appreciate the studio work done?

Ron Sandoval is our producer now, and did a fantastic job can’t tell you enough about how great he did.

Ruthless has been one of those US Metal relics that made their comeback with a display of aggression, which I believe is to make a point. With “Evil Within”, as the second album after your return, in your belt, do you think that Ruthless has what it takes to strengthen its influence in the US scene, especially since Modern type Metal has the grip?

A relic lol, we might be getting older but not a Relic yet, we're not out to make a point we just love playing

Talking about your local Metal scene, which clearly had its fair share of changes over the years, what do you think of it? Any bands that you can notice to become in similar magnitude to the Metal gods of the past?

I like alot of younger bands, as they continue to carry the Metal torch

Like I previously mentioned, I see you as part of the 80s US Metal relic, yet I wonder, which recent albums caught your ears lately?

New Judas Priest, Attacker, Saxon, heard some of the new Tyrant great stuff, a new band called Claymore in Reno, Nevada wait till you hear them, Epic German oriented Power Metal.

With “Evil Within” storming the scene, will you be travelling to Europe in order to support it as well? What are your plans?

We'll be in Europe in September for a few shows, then early next year again, we love playing in Europe.

Sammy, loads of thanks for taking the time for this interview. I thank you and Ruthless for a wonderful old school Metal experience portrayed in “Evil Within”.

Thank you my Friend I hope we meet up again someday for Bier's


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