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Ryan Panfil - Everlit

Interview with Ryan Panfil from Everlit
by JoJo Hamilton at 27 October 2019, 4:12 AM

EVERLIT is a Hard Rock outfit from Philadelphia, PA. Their powerful hard-hitting debut EP “Renovate" was released on June 23, 2015. They’ve since released seveb singles with new singles coming every couple months. EVERLIT will be releasing singles one by one off their full-length album “Welcome To The Show” prior to releasing the physical album in its entirety. Metal Temple writer JoJo Hamilton recently caught up with singer Ryan Panfil to talk about the band.

For those unfamiliar with the band, can you tell us how Everlit was created?

So Everlit has 3 members from a band called Willpowerless. That was our first project but we ultimately parted ways with our long time guitarist. After that we felt like we needed to continue on under a different name, it just didn’t feel right to keep moving forward as Willpowerless. Everlit was created in 2015 and really the name and first EP ‘Renovate’ were fuelled by our fire to continue writing music together and doing what we love.

Ryan, what age were you when you decided to become a singer & subsequently form a band?

Uh, I was young. Not sure how old but I remember always singing to songs as a little kid. We started our first band in 5th or 6th grade . . . I think we were called the Venus Fly Traps . . . haha.

How long did it take to recruit all the band members from the start of the project?

It was pretty quick since we already had 3 members ready to go. We did need to get a new guitar player which wound up being Anthony, who was a high school friend with a lot of similar musical tastes. So that worked out well. We also moved Jordan from Bass to Guitar so we needed to find a new bass player. Kyle took Jordan’s spot on bass making us the new 5 piece outfit.

Who were some of the bands who inspired you to form Everlit?

For the most part we grew up listening to hard rock and Nu Metal. Bands like Deftones, Breaking Benjamin, Incubus, Slipknot, Korn, Trust Company, Linkin Park were the type of bands we were really in to. But, as we’ve gotten older what we listen to has really expanded. I think you can hear the early influences in our music, but our sound isn’t like a straight up Nu Metal sound.

Kyle, have you always played bass or do you play any other guitars?

Yea I’ve played bass as long as I can remember. I also play guitar and drums. Playing music is my jam!

Why the name Everlit, what does it mean?

So Everlit for us just means that we’ve got a fire or passion to write music. The name was kinda sparked during our split/ending of Willpowerless but we didn’t want to be done. So we moved on and started Everlit.

Fidelity, what age did you begin to play drums?

I’ve been playing the drums since I was around 9 years old. I’ve been in a bunch of different bands but I’ve been able to consistently play with these guys in both our projects for the majority of our time making music.

How would you describe your genre of metal?

It’s really easiest to just describe our music as hard rock. But that’s super vague. If we had to group ourselves into a more defined genre, I guess it would be Nu Metal since that’s where most of our influences come from.

While writing new material, what do you focus on for inspiration?

That’s a good question. Inspiration for new music comes from lots of different places at lots of different times. For the instruments I guess it normally starts with guitars first. That could hit when listening to music and hearing a sound that you think would be sick with our style, or even just in the car like humming to yourself. You never know when your gonna hear something in your head that would sound dope. For the lyrics that comes from all over as well. Normally from life experiences or if we want to put out a specific message about something for people to grab on to.

Jordan, how many guitars do you own?

Uhhh, I own a decent amount. I have 6 guitars and 4 basses. Bunch of different tunings and brands. My latest guitar is a Dean Black Satin Icon that’s in drop D. That thing rips!

Do you have any plans for upcoming worldwide tours?

No right now. We’ve been focusing on writing and releasing music consistently. We’ve been putting out a single every 2 or 3 months rather than focusing on being on the road. We will post more tour dates at some point, but right now we’re just enjoying writing and sharing new music with everyone.

Is there a story to tell about the history of the band?

I guess the story is what we talked about earlier. The majority of Everlit used to be Willpowerless. We were really starting to do some cool things and make that jump from a local band to a touring band/regional band. Our fan base was growing and we were touring with some awesome national acts. But we parted ways with our guitarist and didn’t want to stop. So we formed Everlit and haven’t looked back.

Who designs the artwork for Everlit's album covers?

Ryan and Jake take care of all the artwork for our covers. Both of them have contributed a lot of their time to actually paint the covers to a few of our releases. Ryan painted the covers to The Call of Gaia and Gravity. Jake painted the cover to our latest release Oh, Erica. And they both painted a cover for Welcome to the Show. We’ll have two different covers, one for the single and one for the physical album when it’s released. On top of that, all the digital artwork that’s put together for our releases and social channels Ryan takes care of.

What can we expect from Everlit in the future? J

Just expect more music! We actually just got out for the studio with two more songs. One of which is the heaviest we’ve written to date so we’re definitely excited to share that new sound with everyone.

Do you have anything you would like to say to the readers of Metal Temple?

Just stay metal! To us rock and metal is the most amazing style of music on the planet and without other fans keeping rock alive, we wouldn’t be able to keep writing and performing. If you like our music, share it with your friends! Hope to see everyone on the road out at some shows soon. And thanks again to Metal Temple for giving everyone a place to come and stay up to date with the music that we all love.

On behalf of Metal Temple Magazine, I’d like to thank you guys for giving us your time & performing the interview. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have you! I for one shall continue to follow you guys on Twitter & thank you for the follow as well! Best of luck with the future. Cheers.


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