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Sabina Classen (Holy Moses)

Interview with Sabina Classen from Holy Moses
by Michael Dalakos at 28 April 2005, 9:02 AM

There are lots of gals in the music scene lately. But what about the 'old school' ones? Metal queens like Doro or Sabina Classen have written history in Heavy Metal in a period where women and Metal were considered to be two different worlds. Sabina and her band Holy Moses return with a brand new album. Do you think I would ever miss the opportunity to talk to her? Silly rabbit!

Sabina hi, I finally have the chance to talk to you. How are you?

I’m fine, thank you. And you?

Great, it’s almost summertime here in Greece!

What? You son of a bitch, it’s still cold here, what are you telling me now… I want to go to Greece \[Laughs]

Well, what are you waiting for! Of course I know you have promotion duties right now!

Yes, at least it has its fun. But I hope to go on holiday soon. I have a friend in Athens and he always tells me to visit him. Hell, it’s always cold in Hamburg \[Laughs]

So, congratulations on the new album. But first tell us: why did it take three years to release a new album?

Well we played our asses off! I have to tell you that we never actually stopped touring or at least giving live shows in the local clubs. Our new guitar player \[Michael Hankel] joined the band just before we went on our European tour in 2002. Between all those live shows we started writing the material for the new album. What we tried this time was to pass the living feeling we have during the recording sessions. We didn’t want to hurry things up. After three years I can say that we have 28 new songs \[Laughs]. It also took time to choose which songs to include…

Do you think that the album title summarizes the elements that kept the band going for twenty years now?

Yes, absolutely because you need all those elements to keep doing what we are doing for more then twenty years. It takes a lot of passion, will and power to do this kind of job in a successful way. But also the tile has to do with everything we do in life. If you can gather those elements in any activity of your life you are destined to succeed.

This is the first album without any kind of involvement by Andy \[Classen, ex-guitarist / song writer of the band]. Where you anxious to see how this will go? And why exactly did he part ways with the band?

We decided not to work with Andy anymore since I have gathered around me a very fresh team of musicians. We’ve had this lineup for the last three years and Andy was not involved in any way in the live activities of the band. He has worked with me as a producer for the last two albums because the band was not set up. Now it was best for me to work with Michael rather with Andy. Andy also agreed with me since he always wanted Holy Moses to look into the future.

What can you tell us about the recording sessions?

We wrote the songs in a rough period of three years. We stepped into the studio in November 2004 with 28 songs. It took us a while to choose the songs that fit perfectly with my vocal lines and the lyrics that I could write. We used the Absurd Studios in Hamburg. In January I did the vocal lines and around February we packed the whole thing for mixing.

Inside the promo you mention that you haven’t used any studio equipment on your voice. That sounds a bit like criticizing all those brutal vocalists who are doing so…

\[Laughs]Well, everybody can do what they want for their music. If you like having harmonizers or whatever its your choice. I don’t really have a problem with that, but for me it is most important to show to all the people that what you hear is the real thing. My voice sounds like that and I don’t need any technique to sound like that. If you don’t believe me… \[Sabina at that point howled over the phone and I thought I heard a voice from hell – !!!].

Please don’t do that, I have more interviews later on, I need my hearing! I believe you!

\[laughs]Sorry. It is just nice for people to know that there are no tricks or bullshit in there.

Heavy Metal was never too friendly with women. This seems to be changing during the last few years. What is your opinion on this?

Heavy Metal was man’s area and it is never nice to invade a man’s world. I guess this caused the behavior you’ve mentioned. Yes, I have experienced this prejudice in the beginning of my career and if you think about it, it was me and Doro, the girls who actually started singing in totally Heavy Metal bands. There were other girls back then but not in 100% Heavy Metal bands. I am really happy to see that now more girls are into it. OK, most of them are into the melodic style because they seem to have the voices for that kind of music. There is a normal evolution in everything.

What keeps your engines running all those years?

I love what I do, it’s really my passion. My life, I have the ability to speak my mind about everything. Freedom and Heavy Metal are the same thing. Also my fans keep me going. All those fans, all those years in every show… they give me more power than anything else.

\[qst}Touring plans. Are there any and do they finally include Greece?

I hope so. We have a 15 days tour here in Germany and we have also scheduled a show in Kabul, in Afghanistan! After that we return for the summer festivals… I have talked with my booking agency and I really hope they will manage to book some shows in Greece. I really want to play there. I know we have never played in your beautiful country before but we are working on it. I know we have many fans there.

Will you make any videos for the new album?

We really want to but they are very expensive. You need lots of money for a cool video. Also the music channels avoid playing good music for some years now…\[Laughs]. The fans love to download the videos so we have already some live recordings from Wacken Open Air in the Wacken DVD and we will find other live recordings for our website.  

I have also noticed that you will release a limited vinyl edition of the new album. Are you a vinyl lover?

Of course! It’s a really nice vinyl, a picture version of the album. In 666 limited pieces \[Laughs]. There will also be a 5000 limited digipacks with posters and one bonus song. Very cool and value for money, for the fans.

You know the music industry very well. If you had the ability to change one thing what would that be?

Oh my god, this is a great and difficult question. I would kill all the people saying that we can’t play in Greece \[Laughs]. Seriously, I would make the TV channels and the radio play all kinds of music and not only what the companies demands them to play.

Any unfulfilled dreams?

I would like to get on a big bus tomorrow and tour relentlessly around the world for one year in a row.

Sabina thank you for your time. Please close this interview with a message to all your friends…

Thanks for the interview. I would like to say a big hello to all our fans around the world. We hope to see most of you on the tours we will do for the new album. I also wish to have the chance to play in Greece for you this time!


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