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Sakis (Rotting Christ)

Interview with Sakis from Rotting Christ
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 01 March 2008, 3:47 AM

I don't know how many of you know it but Sakis is a really down to earth person and has remained loyal to the underground scene from the very beginning. As you have probably read, (shame on you if you haven't) ROTTING CHRIST came to Chicago (US) in the context of the 'Lucifer Over America' tour so METAL TEMPLE scheduled a really friendly talk with the band's main man to get the latest news!

How is the tour like so far?

Officialy, this is our first contact with the U.S and I can surely say that things are looking pretty good. We really like to play in small places like yesterday in Nashville, TN and see that there are fans that know our songs.

 So, you can say that the attendance to your shows is good.

Taking into account that we are touring U.S. then you can say it’s satisfying. Of course it’s nothing like Europe. But hey we are from Greece and we are doing a headlining tour in the U.S. so it is something eh?

I totally aggree. You have a really long and if I may add a tough program ahead; have you thought about it?

Yes, we have in total 28 concerts to do and this is the 10th I think and you bet it’s tiring. It’s a big country and thus you have to travel a lot from one place to the other. You know that for Theogonia we have done more than 120 concerts… so it’s kind of tough.

 You have also booked some Latin American dates, I think. I wonder how are the metalheads there?

We will go there in May and let me tell you this; the Latin American audience in one of the toughest. They are really die-hard fans there.

Do you think that Greeks have something in common with them?

Yes definitely, but they are more extreme in the concerts. Latin America is one of the last places where metalheads hold the Metal banner high!

You have added some Greek dates in your tour program in places where Metal concerts are kind of rare.

Yes, we love playing in small places. You can find ROTTING CHRIST performing live in a bar, because we are not a haughty band and in the bottom line this were we started.

How was the Athenian concert where you filmed the upcoming DVD?

It was something amazing! We had 1500 fans who knew all the songs and were singing with us. I am really happy about the result of this concert.

When can we expect the release of this DVD?

Actually, we have done absolutely nothing about it! After the U.S. tour we will start working on it. I think that we will probably release it on September.

 On Sanctus Dabolous you added some lyrics in Greek, in Theogonia you also added some Greek instruments; what is the next step?

I really don’t know. I have to confess to you that this is a nightmare for me; thinking about the next step and can I do to improve myself as a composer. I am thinking about an album that is going to be released after 2 years!

Have you ever felt frustrated about this situation?

Definitely. It’s hard you know, because things don’t just come up. You have to work and think always how to move on. We are not supported by a big famous record company and some things must be done by you.

Last time we talked you said that you were thinking about having Greek lyrics and what will be the result…

(interrupting) I wanted to do something really different. Nowadays the bands tend to have the same sound, they are walking towards the same direction without have their own personality. So, I thought why I don’t do something Greek without having any intentions to act like a nationalist zealot.

I know what you mean. So, have you written anything new?

No. I have absolutely nothing. The truth is that I do not write music when I am on tour. I have to sit in the studio completely alone and think what I want to do and then start writing music.

So, how difficult is it to do all things by yourself?

I have the rest of the band that helps me when we are on tour but yes it’s very difficult. It’s like a regular job where you work from nine to five. Well sometimes you have to get your chances and there is always the possibility that thinks will not go as planned.

Can you say that Sakis is an easy going person and that it’s fun to work with?

(thinking) Generally I am a good person. I wish that I could do all things by myself but you cannot say that I am too much to handle.

Do you believe that ROTTING CHRIST have the place in the Metal scene that they deserve?

Tough one. ROTTING CHRIST could have done more or less. You cannot be objective about this. Well, if you think that we come from a small country then you can say that we have accomplished something. I am satisfied because you know that we started playing in small venues for free where we felt a kind of a racism because we were from Greece that was nothing in the Metal map.

What do you about the Black Metal scene nowadays?

Ok, things are definitely not like they did in the 90s. I think that the Black Metal scene looks a little bit stationary and bands sounds pretty much the same. Of course, there are some very good bands but generally I think this scene have reached a certain peak and remained there.

 Why do you think that only ROTTING CHRIST have gone far from the Greek boundaries?

Believe me Dimitris it has nothing to do with music. It has do to with your heart and how much do you believe in what you are doing. This band took some chances in the beginning that eventually paid back. In the beginning when I was 20 I was paying to have ROTTING CHRIST on various stages. The bottom line is that most of the Greek band think that things must come easily without personal sacrifices and this is not the way to go through.

Are you satisfied with Season Of The Mist?

Yes you can say that, it’s a small record company that has us as top priority and I am satisfied.

You did buy the legal rights for the first albums, is that correct?

Yeah I bought them an actually sold them for the same price. It was a same to watch these albums given away with music magazines, so I did it that way.

 What is your opinion on the reduced CD sales?

They are dead! The only thing that a new band can do is to pay some money, get on a bus and do some live shows abroad. Of course, it is even tougher to make a living from the concerts. Here in Chicago we will probably get some money but in the previous shows I have to confess that we earned just the money for the gasoline!

Fair enough, my last question; what are your future plans?

After this tour we will work on the DVD then we will go for the Latin America live dates and finally start preparing the next album. I have to rest a little bit and calm done in order to start thinking of composing new music.

Thanks man for this interview I’ll see you during the show.

I have to thank you for coming down to see us and to all our fans I have to say this Keep The Horns Rising!


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