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Sandra Oliveria & Ricardo Silveria (Blame Zeus)

Interview with Sandra Oliveria & Ricardo Silveria from Blame Zeus
by Jo Jo Hamilton at 07 December 2019, 6:31 AM

BLAME ZEUS is a band, from Oporto, Portugal, which began in December 2010. With influences that range from blues to metal, progressive and alternative rock, their music does not belong to only one style. Their main objective is to create excellent and innovative music and, above all, that appeals to the inner most profound core of our selves. Inspired by the old school of rock and metal, but focused on doing something new, they intertwine rich melodies with interesting lyrics, creating intimate surroundings with a strong rock sound, and combining heavy guitars with the raw tone of a raspy and powerful female voice. Metal Temple writer JoJo Hamilton recently had the chance to catch up with Ricardo Silveria and Sandra Oliveria.

Hi and thank you for performing this interview for Metal Temple Magazine. Do you have a few words for the readers to sum up Blame Zeus?

Blame Zeus is a female fronted Portuguese band, with sounds that range from Heavy Rock to Alternative and Progressive Metal.

How did the band come together back in 2010?

Ricardo: Sandra and I were in a band together. When it disbanded in late 2010, we decided to form another one. With that in mind we invited Luis Carvalho, a guitarist we knew previously. Luis accepted and brought along a friend of his, bass player Diogo Vidinha, thus completing the initial line-up.

The new album Seethe is now out, how long did the album take to write musically & lyrically?

Ricardo: It's hard to give a precise answer to that one. The writing process for this album was done pretty much in three stages: the first one during the second half of 2017; the second one encompassing pretty much all of 2018; and the last one from January to April 2019. So, we're talking about roughly one year and a half, being that music and lyrics were written at the same time.

Why Rockshots Records as your record label?

Ricardo: In the second half of 2018 we recorded a 5 song demo which we sent to some record labels we thought could realistically offer us a deal. We got some offers, of which the Rockshots' one seemed to be the best. We talked with some friends who were on the label and, as their feedback was good, we decided to sign with them. It was very important for us that this record was released via an international label, as internationalization is one of our biggest goals.

Sandra, have you always wanted to be a singer in the metal world?

Sandra: I always wanted to be a singer, since I was 12 years old listening and singing to my big brother's records of Queen, but I see myself more as a rock singer. It so happens that a band is made of the influences of 5 different people, and we come together as alternative metal and progressive metal. I love it all the same and have been appreciating other kinds of singing it the last few years.

Do you plan on doing any tours for the new album Seethe?

Ricardo: Definitely! First of all, because touring is a big part of this band's MO; secondly because, as mentioned above, internationalization is one of our biggest goals. Therefore, we're working hard to get a few tours together.

What was the creative thinking behind the new album Seethe?

Ricardo: We played several shows supporting our previous album, Theory of Perception. As those shows went along we started to feel the need to have songs that were maybe a bit heavier and more powerful. When it came time to write new songs, having that thought in mind, we just let our creativity flow, in a very natural way, and the result was the ten songs of Seethe.

When you begun the album writing, what was the vision the band had in mind?

Paulo: Based on our experience of what the fans respond more vividly to, we had in mind that it should be heavier, in sound, than the previous 2 albums. We also knew we wanted a better production and studio sound. From those ideas, we composed the album together, with much attention to details, trying to grow it into something we ourselves would also love to hear.

What was the best part of the production of Seethe?

Celso: We enjoyed the whole process! From writing the new material, rehearsing the songs, the studio time, working with our producer Ricardo on the final mix and master, working with Gustavo Sazes on the cover art, with Pedro from Unbox Films, who directed the video for “No”… all of these parts of the process had their challenges that made us grow personally and musically and lead us to meet new interesting people.

Who writes the song lyrics and music for the band or is it a joint process?

Celso: The lyrics are all written by Sandra. The music is a joint effort from all of us. Normally we bring some material we did home – a riff, a melody, a rhythm – and then we work it out together in rehearsal.

What is your favourite song from Seethe and why?

Sandra: We really love all the songs in this album, they really represent what Blame Zeus is all about, but if I personally had to choose one, I'd choose The Crown And The Gun, because it's pure pleasure to sing.

Where does Blame Zeus go from here, what do you want for the future of the band?

Celso: In our future we mainly want to keep making music and playing live, that's where our passion lies. Keeping that in mind, our next big goal is to tour abroad, we want to spread our message across the globe!

On behalf of Metal Temple Magazine, I’d like to thank Blame Zeus for taking the time out their busy schedule to perform this interview. Good luck with the new album guys!


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