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Satanica's Ritti Danger: "Hahaha! Yeah! I feel good! Like Dan Beeler, however, I do admire Triumph's Gil Moore! But writing lyrics is hard..."

Interview with Ritti Danger from Satanica
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 June 2020, 8:56 PM

It is no secret that nearly every band that is outside Europe, wishes to make it big in the small, yet Metalized, continent. Delivering music from the Eastern part of the world, may also be quite a hard task, and achieving influential stance, now that is even harder. Hailing from Japan, Satanica, which has been long running, are starting their first steps in Europe by signing with a German label for the release of the old school spirited, “Resurrection of Devil's Spirit”. Steinmetal talked to Ritti Danger, the band's founder and leader, a skinman on vocals, about the new album, signing with a European label, new music and more…

Hello Ritti, it is a fine pleasure having you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing in these crazy Covid-19 times?

Thank you for contacting us. Thank you so much! For us, the activity was limited for Covid-19, so we concentrated on recording.

Talking about this pandemic, I wonder how are things going on in Japan at the moment? It is said worldwide that there are signs of a second wave incoming, and prior to the next Winter period. What do you make of all this? Are we in danger or it is rather a minor happening that would eventually pass without us noticing?

Compared to the West, Japan has fewer infected people. We live in a safer area because our area is not a city but a small town. I think that the second wave will come. However, if you continue to protect your hygiene and social distance, you will survive. Let's wait for the vaccine to be completed.

I will be honest sir, up until now, I didn’t really know about the existence of Satanica, yet thanks to Pure Steel Records and Iron Shield Records, the experience of knowing you guys has been amazing. And I have here your new album, “Resurrection of Devil's Spirit”, to assert to that. What is your general appreciation of your new record, which I am sure that you listened to more than anyone can count?

I used to release the band's albums as independent productions, so I'm glad that now more people can get to know the band better, thanks to Pure Steel Records and Iron Shield Records. On a personal note, I am very satisfied with the new album

“Resurrection of Devil's Spirit” actually marked a major change for Satanica, with you taking on the lead vocals role after your previous vocalist left. What happened Jonn Universe, which was with you guys ever since the band emerged? Perhaps differences? Lack of motivation to carry on?

Jonn Universe had lost the love for metal music. That's why he got fired. I can't talk in detail, but there was an incident that made me angry. That's it.

Even though it has been six years, how does it feel to be at the helm of the vocals? I presume that now you know how does it feel to be a vocalist and a drummer, kind of like the Canadian Exciter’s Dan Beehler?

Hahaha! Yeah! I feel good! Like Dan Beeler, however, I do admire Triumph's Gil Moore! But writing lyrics is hard…

With “Resurrection of Devil's Spirit” put into motion, it also led to your signing with a European label, Iron Shield Records, after being even further down the underground. Was it a planned change in order to invade the European market, or simply that you finally felt that it was time to grow? What can you share about the decision making process regarding taking the band to the next step in terms of finding it a proper home?

Before I started recording the new album, I was thinking of signing with an overseas label. Unfortunately, it’s Japanese. It was because I couldn't get a good promotion on the label and I wanted to make it to Europe, which is my dream, that has to recognize the existence of this band. I would like to have a long relationship with Iron Shield Records, whom I contracted for Satanica.

I guess that the million-dollar question is quite obvious, but we will roll with it. How did it come to the point that a decade passed without a Satanica album? What stopped you? What made you return?

To be honest, I was surprised that 10 years had passed already. It didn't stop the activity of the band though, I focused mainly on live performances. Also, I spent some time solving private issues… Another issue was that there was no recording studio with excellent engineers. The studio I used to employ for the previous records, I didn't want to use it anymore. That's why I decided on the owner of Live Music Club, which has recording technology. After getting to know the work and trying, everything went well and I was able to produce results.

In terms of lyrical concept, you remain true to the occult theme, however, letting it loosen a bit from time to time. I have to ask, what makes you so invested in the occult theme? What other worlds within this concept are still relevant in your opinion?

I love occult themes and I have always wanted to play similar to early bands such as Black Sabbath, Angel Witch, Mercyful Fate and Slayer. I also admire Anvil and aim for a direction that is Mercyful Fate meets Anvil. I set the music. On the other hand, I've been growing up listening to NWOBHM, Old School, L.A.Metal, etc. I tried to write songs with the cons of pros and cons, trying to get attached to my roots.

Leading with the occult theme, the first thing that I thought to myself was Venom, yet I backed away pretty quick. Similar to elements that I found in your ol’ countrymen Loudness back in the day, “Resurrection of Devil's Spirit” is a Teutonic Metal driven sensation, mainly the 80s of course, whether Accept, Grave Digger, Sinner and likeable, not doubt a celebration for me. What is your opinion on that? Do you believe that Satanica has that German Metal connection, in comparison to what has been written in your dossier, meaning NWOBHM?

I am really happy that you said that. Of course I also love German metal. Early SCORPIONS and GRAVESTONE, STORMWITCH, NOISEHUNTER Especially love. And of course ACCEPT, GRAVE DIGGER, SINNER are also my favourite bands.

With the larger sum of the Metal scene worldwide, and it goes to Japan as well, trending with the modernized version of Metal music, how do you find an album such as “Resurrection of Devil's Spirit” relevant?

Satanica has always been aware of the 80's and wants to provide Old School Metal. It is OK to be classified as NWOTHM.

Going backwards a decade and back to the present, how do you feel that Satanica developed itself musically in light of the efforts made for “Resurrection of Devil's Spirit”? Have you found anything new in your abilities to create music that made this album different from its predecessor?

I think the biggest change is the push forward regarding the vocal melody that was scarce in the past albums. In addition, the speed is suppressed by the middle tempo rhythms, also, a characteristic that led the songs.

You saved the best for last with “Deal With The Devil”, perhaps one of the strongest songs that I heard from Japan in the last five years, totally a food for an old school digger. It has that fine sing-along type element and the main riff simply kills. What can you tell about the song’s origins?

Thank you! It's an honour to have you like it! This song was composed by Ozzie and I wrote the lyrics and melody. The influence of BLACK SABBATH in the Dio era and JUDAS PRIEST, yet also a distinct progressive rock like NOVALIS as another influence.

With “Like A Fire” I banged myself silly, remembering old Grave Digger songs, celebrating Metal and the pure heat of the genre’s sensation, especially that lead guitar section. Is this the burning flame of Metal storming through the gates? What does this song make you feel when playing it?

"Like A Fire" is a song about Metalheads, written by the band and fans hoping for a sense of unity. While playing this song., I dreamt for it to become a big chorus with the audience screaming "Fire!" "Fire!" "Fire!".

Even though you guys are a pack of old schoolers, with the inability to play live, what do you guys do to promote your new album? Any thoughts of actually doing a live stream show or you decided that it would be better to wait until things will get back to normal?

That's not true! Live activities will start in September. The release gig will be held at Hometown on September 20th. At the moment. Scheduled until November.

Have you already thought of heading to Europe in 2021? Any plans to storm the continent in the coming future?

I don't have specific plans, but I would love to play in Europe if I have a chance!

Ritti, I would like to thank you for this awesome piece of music and your time for this interview. It is truly a pleasure sir, give it all you got because we need more quality Metal. Cheers

I'm the one who should be thanking you! Thank you for loving our music! This was the catalyst for Europe. I also hope to become a known band one day.



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