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Savvas Betinis (Acid Death)

Interview with Savvas Betinis from Acid Death
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 November 2012, 4:55 PM

As one of the countless comebacks going on today, ACID DEATH from Greece is no different. Returning stronger, progressed and louder than ever, Savvas Betinis and his crew release “Eidolon”, while also signing with the Austrian Noisehead Records. Steinmetal talked with Savvas about the comeback, the early break up and the new album.

Hello there Savvas, how have you been? Thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple. It’s great to have ACID DEATH back from the crypts. 

Hello and thanks for his interview too! Yes, ACID DEATH is back for sure! We have our new album out and things are on a really good way!

So what happened to you guys after the “Random’s Manifest” back in 2000?

The band stopped after “Random’s Manifest”, in 2001. Things worked really bad that season. We, as musicians, continued with different bands but ACID DEATH was always in our mind. So, after almost 10 years and of course after solving all the issues that created us trouble in the past, the band is active again, but with different lineup from 2001.

Can you consider ACID DEATH’s disappearance all these years as a brake up or just taking the time to think things over?

It is a strange feeling… ACID DEATH was inactive for all these years and this was a reality. I dare say that things worked fine after solving the issues that made us stop the band. So time worked fine for us, making us think what was wrong till 2001.

What made you decide to make a comeback?

The band itself! This band was our life for more than 12 years before breaking up. For many fans out there ACID DEATH was something like “a piece of madness” having in mind that our music style, Progressive Death Metal, was really unusual those days. For us it was the hard way of musical expression that we chose back in those days. Tis music style was and still is in our hearts. So, after many years and serious thoughts we said “ok, let’s see it the engine can start-up!” and things worked really fine!

Now, after 12 years, you recently released your long awaited new, and third album, “Eidolon”, via Noisehead Records. Congrats for that. Why the chosen name “Eidolon”?

Thank you! Yes, “Eidolon” is the band’s 3rd full length album and 5th official release. “Eidolon” was the title we chose having in mind the lyrical concept and the song that has this title that is the “center” let’s say of the album.

In general, does this album has some message hidden within its lines or just perhaps a continuance of your early work?

No, there isn’t any special message hidden. All the songs describe stories coming from the horrible side of life, some true, some phantastic ones. There is enough lyricism, something that we had in the past in a rather strong base, but the messages we send are human, touching stories that could be a reality for everyone.

About the music, I must say that I have been following your development since your early unofficial material of the late 90s, starting from a wicked approached Thrash right into a Progressive manner of Death Metal as it also showed on “Eidolon”. Is there a room for further development?

Great to hear that you have followed us all those past years!! Well, I can’t say anything on that! There are always many crazy ideas in our mind, you know, Music is always a good way for experimentation. I believe we will have to wait before saying yes or no…But I am sure there is some room left!!!

Do you agree that your riffing style, passages and melodies have that DEATH influence to them?

Yes, there is this influence. Of course we don’t want to “copy” that tremendous band but DEATH and Chuck Schuldiner as musician are something like Gospel for us. The same time that we have influences from classic Thrash Metal, Progressive Rock, Ambient and even Industrial.

Music wise, looking back to “Pieces Of Mankind”, your debut album, do you miss things back then that you wished you could have and now you don’t?

I dare say no… “Pieces…” season was totally different from today. That album was a real experience for us, it was the first time we tried to add this bucket of influences in our music, the same time that most of the metal fans were in more Black Metal ways. On the other hand, today we are back with a good album that has all the elements that “Pieces” and “Random’s” albums had but in a more Death Metal way. They are different seasons, different people, different elements in Metal scene.

After returning to the Metal scene, how to you find the surrounding Greek Metal scene? Has it changed for the better or the opposite?

Things are in a really good way. Today there are really good bands, most of all the musicians try their best on anything, although that Greece is bleeding today… It is pity that only few Greek bands have a good way out of the underground boundaries but I am sure this will chance as the years pass.

Do you think that ACID DEATH can recapture its rightful place?

We will try to do it. We are giving all our powers to this “machine” but we need also the power that the fans can give to a band. The fans can make a band important or unimportant….

What about the future, anything planned for you guys?

This season we will make a small tour in Greece for promoting “Eidolon”, it is really important for us that we will be together with legendary UK Thrashers ONSLAUGHT in two gigs, and we are on searching for a slot to a European tour… Hopefully we will have positive news soon on that!

Savvas, I wish to thank you for this interview, I am glad you guys are back, hopefully for good this time. Congrats for the new album and I will be waiting for more of you guys.

Thank you again for this presentation! All the best to you and METAL TEMPLE mag!

Acid Death - Eidolon - Review


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