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Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis)

Interview with Scott Crouse from Earth Crisis
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 29 July 2009, 10:39 PM

Scott Crouse, an inspiring musician and a man true to his word and the scene. After the release of EARTH CRISIS' last album I didn't miss the chance to have a small interview with him asking him about his feelings on the EC comeback and their plans for the future…

Interview with: Scott Crouse from EARTH CRISIS

Hello Scott! Congratulations on your new album! It kicks some major ass! What took you so long to return?

Thank you very much! Well, we ended it in 2001 because we weren't sure doing a band part time would work for us. We lived and breathed EC up until that point and didn't understand how it could work around our families and other career goals. It took us about 7 years to realize we can make it work.

Really, what was the reason you split up back then? If I am not being indiscrete, was there something you never told the media about?

No, it truly was just a matter of us being burnt out after years of constant touring, and also coming to that point in our lives where family and careers needed to take the front seat for a change.

How did you sign with Century Media? I guess that when you made known that you are back in action many labels approached you.

We did have a few labels approach us, but Century Media seemed like the best fit. We had talked with them in the past numerous times, but this time around they felt like our best option. They've always maintained their integrity over the years and that was something that was important to us this time around.

Why did you name the album To The Death? Who thought of that name and what does it stand for?

Karl and I came up with it. It's our statement of pride that we still are vegan and all still straight edge. So many bands are coming back now we wanted it to be known that we are for real. Not up there trying to cash in, we still believe in every word this band ever said.

How was it working with Tue Madsen?

Amazing. I'm a big fan of his work and it was an honor to have him mix our recording.

From my personal point of view, I noticed some more modern elements in your new album, as well as the distinctive EARTH CRISIS Hardcore sound. Do you think your sound has evolved?

Yes, I think To The Death is EC 2009. Old fans will recognize it, but new fans can also relate to it as well.

Are you satisfied with your comeback? I mean, is the album as good as you expected it to sound? Are you satisfied with the reactions from your fans and the press?

The album actually exceeded my expectations. I'm very proud of it. It's great to see new and old fans up front singing the new songs every night.

How do you see the Hardcore scene nowadays? Are you trying to be updated with the new bands? Is there any band that has attracted your attention?

No, we definitely aren't trying to be what Hardcore is now. That would come off as extremely contrived and fake. We are just who we are and doing what we do. If we are trying to do anything it's bring back a time when Hardcore bands sang about more than girls and love. Those things have their place of course, but it's getting tiring now. By the way, how is the tour going so far? Are you enjoying the ride with WALLS OF JERICHO?

The tour is going great! There is a lot of enthusiasm when we play To The Death material. WALLS OF JERICHO are great people and we are happy to share the stage with them every night.

Is there any chance we may see you playing live here in Greece some time in the near future? HATEBREED and TERROR are playing live in the summer, so it would be nice if you could join and complete the package, hehehe!

I would LOVE to come to Greece. We'll try really hard to make that happen.

You are embracing the straight edge philosophy all these years, and I see many new Hardcore bands following the same movement. What does this ideology mean to you? Does it influence your music?

Straight Edge for me is just a logical decision. I don't see any benefit whatsoever in drinking alcohol or using drugs. I prefer living in reality and dealing with life's struggles head on. As for influencing our music, lyrically it definitely does.

Are EARTH CRISIS here to stay or was it a hit and run situation? Are we going to see more stuff from you in the future?

We are taking it one step at a time, but things are going very well right now and I think there will most likely be more recording in the future.

Thank you for this interview and I hope you kick ass for a long time to come! Respect brother! Thanks a lot! It was a pleasure doing the interview.


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