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Shaun McCoy (Bobaflex)

Interview with Shaun McCoy from Bobaflex
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 25 November 2007, 12:28 PM

It is always great to come across a band you didn't even know and you are surprised by its great work and unique sound. The US metallers BOBAFLEX managed to attract my atention instantly with their brand new album Tales From Dirt Town and the band's vocalist/guitarist Shaun McCoy was more than willing to answer a few questions regarding the rough times the band had to go through, as well as his own dirt town…

Hello guys! Congratulations on your new album! It is really a great sample of modern Metal. Really, what’s the whole story behind BOBAFLEX?

We’re just five guys from the same town, we’ve been working hard for about seven years, touring and putting out records. Tales From Dirt Town is our 3rd national release, it’s somewhat of a concept record, in the sense it’s about the industry, and the toll the road takes on an American band who’s still in the trenches fighting tooth and nail to stay alive.

How did you decide to choose this name for the band and what does it mean?

I’m a huge star wars geek, and it was just a bad drunken idea to pay homage to Boba Fett from The Empire Strikes Back, we just changed it to flex so George Lucas wouldn’t sue us!

You have shared the stage with diverse acts like NICKELBACK, DISTURBED & MUDVAYNE. Is it easy to adapt to playing with musically different bands?

We just play whatever songs we fell like playing that day; it doesn’t phase us to play a ballad in front of MEGADETH’s crowd. People are either gonna get it, or they wont - so we won’t change our set to adapt. Whether the crowd is into us or not, we usually win them over by the end of the set because we play it with confidence. Any crowd respects a band that does their thing and appears to not give a fuck if you like them or not.

You managed to be a part of Gigantour. How was that experience for you?

Amazing. Dave Mustaine is personal hero of mine, I remember watching MEGADETH videos as kid, and it was just surreal to actually be talking to the guy in person. It’s creepy, anytime I meet anyone famous that I have only seen on TV, something in my subconscious screams, You live only in the TV, you can’t be real! Go back inside the TV, you are just an image-man! I never say this to them, I just keep it to myself.

Which bands have influenced your music?

Everyone in the band likes totally different shit, which makes the writing process complex and sometimes intense. Jerod loves PRIMUS and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, Mike likes SYSTEM (OF A DOWN), TOOL, our drummer loves Steeley Dan, and is a huge PINK FLOYD fan. My brother and I love GUNS & ROSES, early eighties Metal like WASP and JUDAS PRIEST, and we all love classic Rock, hell we’ve even been listening to a lot of Elvis movie soundtracks.

How did you manage to sign a contract with TVT Records? Did they approach you or did you send your work to them?

They came out to see us on the SEVENDUST tour, they loved the live show and the demo. Atlantic was offering a deal at the same time but it was a development deal and those can be dangerous. So we went with TVT plus TVT’s head Honcho is crazy as hell, and he takes chances on bands and groups that other labels don’t have the balls to. And he has done quite well for himself, so hopefully he is right about us.

Last year someone stole your gear and several problems were caused due to this event. Tell us what exactly happened back then…

We were in Dallas, Texas, and basically, while we slept in a hotel room, crackheads broke into our trailer and stole about $15,000 worth of equipment. I think it was crackheads because they took half of the drum kit, or a guitar head and not the cabinet. Not to mention we were in the Dallas ghetto. Our label couldn’t help because we exhausted our advance, we didn’t even know if we were getting another record deal from them, so we were on our own. It was dark time in our career. So Michael Kelly offered us a guitar endorsement, which we gladly took it. And we played three benefit shows to get just enough equipment to tour again. We are just now replacing special drum mics and wireless systems.

You have said that the band has faced various problems in the past, but you kept going strong without giving up. What is the thing that gives you strength to carry on?

I am at the point of no return, I have put too much into it to give up. I still believe in the American dream, it sounds corny but I think if you work hard and stay focused you’ll get what you deserve. Plus after you’ve been robbed, sued, broke, and told no and fuck you a thousand times, you just get stronger. There is no obstacle this industry can throw at us that is gonna make me quit. I’ll quit when I feel our music is irrelevant or I personally feel we have no more songs to write.

So, we all live in our own dirt town. How did you come up with this concept? Does the cover represent your own dirt town?

Yes, I was raised small town in the middle of nowhere. It seems nice passing through, but if you lift the covers, you can see a lot of vile, nasty things. I was always shocked as kid when I heard the truth about my neighbors - my little league coach was a pedophile. The local doctor who seemed so nice was actually always on cocaine 24/7 and let his friends screw his wife when she was passed out on painkillers. There was this old redneck who walked the streets, had a strange grin and a bad limp. Later I found out that he stalked the preacher’s wife for months threatening to kidnap her and take her into the mountains. The preacher reached his breaking point and beat the man unconscious and laid him on the railroad tracks to die. He actually woke up just before the train hit him, but the train got his leg, ripped it off from the thigh, down. Creepy small town shit.

What are your favorite bands in the Metal scene?


I suppose you don’t live by playing music. Do you have regular jobs?

I haven’t had a regular job in six years. Real bands, whether successful or not tour too much to have regular jobs. I live and breathe this shit. My wife works and supports us (I have a fifteen month old daughter), in hopes that when the band breaks I promise to buy her fake tits. Sometimes I think she married me just on that promise alone. I am predicting that after this album cycle her shallow dream will come true.  All jokes aside I couldn’t do this with out her and our families, they truly believe in me.

What differences can you see between Apologize For Nothing and Tales From Dirt Town?

Apologize For Nothing was a transitional time, I don’t feel that we were clear on the sound we wanted. Tales From Dirt Town is more defined and confident songwriting - we made conscious decision to be more melodic, and separate ourselves from the sea of cookie monster Metal.

Are you planning any tours for the promotion of your new album now? Is there any chance we may see you here in Greece?

We are definitely coming to Europe and hopefully Greece! My brother and I have family in Scotland, and we are dying to get there. But you guys gotta buy the record and scream at our label, give us BOBAFLEX or give us death!

How has the press (and the fans of course) faced your new album until now? Are you satisfied with the reaction?

Yes, the critics are giving it great reviews, even Blabbermouth gave it a great review and they hate everything. When you evolve you are gonna lose some fans - but you have to be happy with the music yourself to keep on doing this. Only AC/DC can stay the same for decades.

Tales From Dirt Town features a more melodic song that could be characterized as the album’s ballad. I am talking about Home, a song that really dragged me away from reality the first time I listened to it. Can you tell us some things about this song?

It was written by my brother Mardi on a horrible tour when we were playing in front of eight people a night. My daughter was just born and I wanted to be with her and my wife - I was hating life, and he said my misery inspired him. I love tour, but having a family, it is always bittersweet, there is always a little pain with everyday, and sometimes there is an avalanche of it. We just keep working and hopefully it is not in vain and we get the success we deserve and my little girl will prosper from it. I believe in my gut that we will.

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best! I leave the last words to you…

My words to the world, take a break from destroying each other and the planet. In other words… stop being evil assholes!


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