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Simon Abele (Andsolis)

Interview with Simon Abele from Andsolis
by Chelsea Jennings at 24 January 2015, 2:04 AM

Criminally underrated, German Progressive Melodeath Metallers ANDSOLIS are soldiering on with their exceptionally mature and intellectual brand of Extreme music. Their name, in Old Norse, means "in opposition to the sun"; one is to embrace life's hardships if one is to see the light at the end. Guitarist Simon Abele answered some questions our writer Chelsea Jennings had for him regarding how the band found such inspiration for their music and the introspective nature of their lyrics.

Andsolis has recently put out their latest full-length titled Vigil. How have the fans been receiving the newest release? As a band, is Andsolis happy with the reception that Vigil has gotten?

Well, it is very early to assess the scene’s reception of the album at this point as we basically popped out of nowhere. Considering this, we are quite happy with the first feedback we have gotten from most reviewers and fans. Of course, you can never please everyone, but that is not why we set out to make the record in the first place. We wanted to have a piece of art that we are happy with, with music that we like to hear. And if, in the long run, others also start appreciating it, we are more than happy!

How has the reaction from fans and people been while you were out on the road with the newest release, Vigil, to this point? Does it meet the expectations you had set on this release?

We will start promoting “Vigil” live this spring, and we are more than excited to present the material to the audiences, obviously. We are really confident that it’s going to be a killer experience for the fans and ourselves, “Vigil” was definitely written to be played live.

What leads Andsolis to write largely darker, more somber lyrics that focus on human struggles and setbacks when there are so many positive things that are beautiful about life as well?

I guess it’s my melancholic nature. The lyrics of “Vigil” are centered on general imagery of loss, be it the losing of an important relationship or the loss of a treasured life. However, there always is a certain light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak – if you take a closer look at the texts, you will find that they are not completely abyssal and black. Maybe it’s also the realization to value the things we have now more when we know that they one day will be gone that made me take a look at things from this perspective. I certainly don’t deny the beauty of life! I only know that everything will eventually pass.

What was included in the process of writing the outline sketches for the bands first LP in Vigil? Where did your primary inspiration come from for the latest LP, Vigil?

To answer this question, I have to go back to the year 2012, when, in a moment of astonishing clarity, I came to a realization of how what eventually would become “Vigil” had to sound like and how I wanted to have the songs. So, during the first year or so, nothing was included except my guitar and two PCs (the first one I destroyed during the writing process) to record the rough outlines. After having pinned the first demos, I started looking for people who shared my enthusiasm for this kind of music and who wanted to join me in my perennial quest. ;)Obviously, I was very lucky here. My main inspiration of how I wanted “Vigil” to sound like came from all the albums of other bands I love so much. Disillusion, Opeth, Enslaved, Psychotic Waltz, Fates Warning, Dark Tranquility, and the likes-artists all with a unique vision and an integral concept for their records.

What are the touring plans for 2015 to support the latest Vigil effort for the band? What locations do you plan to tour in?

Right now, we have our release party scheduled for the 17th of April, where we will celebrate “Vigil” together with the killer bands Fragments of Unbecoming, Lyfthrasyr, Zombieslut and Olphor. No further information about touring and gigs can be revealed at the moment, but we are working tirelessly to schedule both for the near future, hopefully also together with some great bands we cherish.

Andsolis released a single on this album called “Kingdoms Without Shape”. What is the song title referring to? Is it a physical place here on earth or a vision of the afterlife?

The title and lyrics of “Kingdoms Without Shape” are a poetic view on how an endogenous depression might manifest itself in the perception of an affected person. The depression is the “Kingdom Without Shape”, which starts to embrace all aspects of life, to swallow sanity and paint the world of the sick with uncanny and alarming tones. As a consequent development of the depression, self-injuring behaviors as well as anxiety attacks are described.

Beyond touring to support the newest Vigil release, what are Andsolis’s plans as a band going into 2015?

We’d really love to meet cool and interesting people on the road, and we look forward to sharing the stage with great bands. Also, we hope to complete album number 2 this year!!!

Thanks so much to Metal Temple for your interest in Andsolis!!! Cheers and giddy up!


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