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Simon Mengs (Deserted Fear)

Interview with Simon Mengs from Deserted Fear
by Andrej Romic at 08 February 2017, 10:09 PM

German Death Metal band, DESERTED FEAR, recently released their new album, “Dead Shores Rising”, via Century Media, and is looking forward to 2017 to be their biggest and most successful year to date. The band consists of Manuel Glatter on vocals and guitar, Fabian Hildebrandt on bass, and Simon Mengs on drums. Below is an interview with Simon conducted by Metal Temple’s Andrej Romic. 

Hey guys. It’s a pleasure to talk to you!

When and where was the band formed?

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in DESERTED FEAR! The band was formed in 2007 in Eisenberg, when Mahne and Fabian invited me to come to Mahne’s house where they have a little PA, amps, and an e-drumset. They already had some songs, which I tried to play, but IN FLAMES influenced the songs very much and that was too hard for me at the time.

Who were the past members, and who are the current ones?

We only had changes in the bass position, which also is a live cast. We three, Mahne, Hilde, and me, Simon, are the first and stable lineup.

Were you satisfied with the feedback on your last record entitled “Kingdom Of Worms”?

That was a special situation because “Kingdom Of Worms” was our second release and you ask yourself if it will fit the expectations of the fans, as well as our own! But we were very happy with the result and also the feedback was great!

What do you think the feedback will be on the upcoming new album?

The feedback is great so far! There are a lot of people that got to hear us the first time, which we appreciate a lot! They like the stuff and also most of the long-term fans enjoy the new songs. But most important is that we are happy with it and we three agree that it is our strongest album so far!

Your previous 2 records were released via F.D.A Rekotz, and the new one by Century Media. Which label was more satisfying to work with?

We liked to work with F.D.A. Rekotz. Also, Rico, the label chief is a very great guy! With Century Media we have a much bigger company in the background, with much bigger abilities. So you can’t compare them and stay fair! It was very cool and interesting years with FDA and now we are happy to reach new coasts in the mad ocean of the metal scene.

How many videos were released for the upcoming “Dead Shores Rising” album, and will there be more?

We made two music videos, released one album track and putted also a “making of” for “Dead Shores Rising” on YouTube. I think we will do some live videos in summer two!

What inspires you to write your lyrical themes and play?

The roots of our inspirations lie in the shadows of unconsciousness. We started playing death metal because we like the music and it’s energy. Our texts are about to question our existence as humanity and if there is a profound sense in living to work and consume. There are very big problems in our time. We eat the planet and kill it like desert locusts. The earth population will collapse someday in the near future if we don’t manage all of our way of living wisely.

What was the inspiration for the latest record and it's artwork?

We see thousands of people dying in the sea and on our coasts because we fear to lose some of our prosperity. There is a mass migration going on because the countries, homes, and families of those refugees go up in flames, blown up by technology, weapons and bombs that we produce!!! We sell them death and refuse to help afterwards. That’s sick! And it’s the will of companies and their financed governments. But there is a ship to save us in the distance and maybe we might reach it.

How much time did it take to record the new album?

The recording was done over one month. We recorded everything on our own – so we have a lot of time and we don’t stress that much. The work on the album took much longer. We started to write new stuff directly after “Kingdom of Worms” was released.

What do you wish to recommend to newer and younger bands?
Thanks for answering! Cheers.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Play at home, play together, play live! Every minute you enjoy live with your instrument in your hands, you will get better and better. Try new stuff! Jam around with other people! Only practicing and playing and listening to good music will make you better and gives you the feel to implement what you want to express!

Thanks a lot to all you crazy metal heads! Hope to see you some day on one of our concerts!!!


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