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Slit your Gods

Interview with Slit Your Gods from Slit Your Gods
by Marcos Garcia at 21 September 2020, 12:08 PM

The Spanish Metal scene has many good names.  It arose by the efforts of BARÓN ROJO, OBÚS and few others on the beginning of the 80’s, but as time passed by, things improved, and many name from different Metal genres started to show what the lands of Spain have to offer. And the quintet SLIT YOUR GODS comes to unleash a violent Brutal Death Metal, showing what they’re about with “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude”, their three-song EP.

Metal Temple writer Marcos Garcia had the opportunity, we could talk with them to check about how things are working by now and their future plans.


Hi guys. Thank you for this interview. So the first one for introduce you to the readers: you’re all members from many bands, so how things worked up to gather efforts to create SLIT YOUR GODS? And what are your main musical influences?

Oskar: Fist of all, thanx for this interview, all began when Rod (Arthropodal Humanicide, Scrumptious Putrescence, etc.), one of our guitarists, made an advertisement in Facebook looking for members to create a band in the vein of the old Cryptopsy. Inmediately I decided to join this new and interesting proyect (we are brothers, play together in Arthropodal Humanicide and both of us love Cryptopsy, specially the four first albums). Soon Jordy (vocalist of the brutal spawn Avgrunn) and Santi (guitarist and composer of his one man death metal band, Sad Eyes) decided to join us too. The icing on the cake was when Roman (Ineffable Demise, Esophageal, etc.) decided to be part of this incoming monstrosity. Then I thought ”Well, this is gonna be good, haha”

Even being a young band, you expressed a great musical maturity on “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude”. Is it a sign that the experience on other bands influenced during the writing process of the songs, or do you believe that another feature was important as well?

Oskar: thank you for your words, we truly appreciate that. I think it´s a mix of several things: on the one hand, all in the band have played death metal for years in acts like Arthropodal Humanicide, Avgrunn, Sad Eyes or Esophageal, between others; on the other hand, I think that the fact of having such a talented drummer like Roman give us the chance to play without any boundaries in terms of speed or complexity and it you listen to “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude”, I think you can feel that freedom.

Speaking about the EP. In the first, why an EP, and not a total full length?

Oskar: Well, some weeks ago, we were totally unknown in the underground scene. We didn´t know how the reaction of fans and labels was going to be. Luckily, it was amazing. We wanted to release something before facing the recording of a full album. And, for what is coming, I think we took the right decision.

“Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude” has a very good sound quality, that improves the natural aggressiveness of your music, but that allows the listener to understand what’s being played. So who are the ones who produced, mixed and mastered the EP? And how things worked on the studio? And are you satisfied with the result you got?

Oskar: Santi was in charge of producing, mixing and mastering the Ep and yes, he has done an excellent work and we are very satisfied with the results, I think we got a powerful but natural sound, you can listen to all the instruments at every moment, which is very important for us and for the listener.

It seems to the fans that you deal with deeper anti-religious themes on your lyrics, but shaped with a horror-like ambience, am I right? Tell us about your lyrics, the main concept behind them, and what is the idea you want to express with the lyrics? Personally, they seem to be about the abuses committed by Spanish Inquisition, aren’t they?

Oskar: Yes, it´s true! I think that the nucleus of freethinking is atheism, we despise all religions equally because all are based in the ignorance of mankind, but we prefer to focus on the catholic religion because it´s what we have experienced in our country. Religion as one of the main causes of ignorance and inequality. Religion as the reflection of a rotten society fueled by fear and hate. Religion as the opium of the masses. Here in Spain, for centuries, many people was abused and murdered by the Holy Inquisition. That is what happens when the religious fanatics have too much power.  Now it's time to take off the blindfold and put an end to all the gods once and for all so that men and women can truly be free.

The artwork for the cover gives the idea of the use an old drawing of the inquisition. Is it a drawing created by a modern artist to depict what happened in the past, or is it an old one? And by the way, I still remember an old documentary about the Spanish Inquisition telling that it was the most bloody and cruel of all, so it justify the artwork.

Oskar: The cover is an adaptation that our singer Jordi made of an engraving from the Middle Ages, dating from the year 1.608, by Adriaen Collaert called “The martyrdom of Saint Tárbula and companions”, and it perfectly represents everything we mean by “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude”, how religions, no matter what kind were they, corrupt and destroy mankind in the name of false idols, beliefs or moral convictions.

It can be a little early, but how are things going for “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude”? I mean, how is being the answer of public and media for it? I hope that a worldwide feedback is happening.

Oskar: although, as you have said, is early, we are very happy for the response of public and media to our EP. I think that Steve and Comatose Music are doing an amazing job promoting “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude”. We couldn´t be more satisfied with that.

Speaking about the songs. One feature that amazed me during the review was the presence of Latin Groove elements on the percussive moments on “Scapulars of Human Decay”. It’s not usual on such brutal form of Death Metal, so it seems that you’re up to use any elements to improve your music and create a personal work. Am I right with this idea? And can we expect the unexpected on a future album?

Oskar: of course, you are right!! That is why I was talking about of the relevance of having such a talented drummer like Roman on our side, he not only play fast as hell, even he can create imaginative parts and fills to make the songs better and richer. That is our purpose as a band: to play very brutal music but using all the musical resources that we can in order to add details and make songs more interesting.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic created a problem for the bands to make shows and tours. How are you dealing with this? Many bands are using live lockdown via Youtube and Facebook, so are you planning to do one (or already did)? If yes, please, mark me on it on Facebook!!!!

Oskar: The Covid 19 has changed our lives dramatically, but fortunately, this has not affected very much as a band, so as you can imagine, we have decided to focus on creating new songs for the full album. Slit Your Gods was born as a studio project. Except Rod and me, who live near, the rest of the members live in different regions of Spain and our drummer Roman, lives in Russia, so it´s almost impossible to play live with SYG. If the conditions were good and that day arrived, it would be a dream for all of us and of course, we would notice or mark you on Facebook!!

Hey, as I told about a future album, are there plans for a full length in a near future? And if yes, can you tell us its name or when will it be out?

Oskar: Slit Your Gods are working now on a full album. We have composed, let´s say, four or five new songs, but they are not finished yet. We don´t have a name for the new album and I can´t tell you a date of release but we hope that things will go well and we don't take too long to present the successor of “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude”.

Well, I hope it’s good for now. I thank you again for this interview, hope SLIT YOUR GODS a massive success, and please, leave your message for our readers. Thank you very much for this interview and for letting us be known to your readers, it has been a true pleasure!!!

Oskar: thank you very much for this interview and for letting us be known to your readers, it has been a true pleasure!!!Our Ep “Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude” is out now by Comatose Music and we hope that death metal fans around the world will appreciate it. We are working hard to create a very sick album, this is only the beginning. Btw, stay safe, enjoy brutality and life!!!


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