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Stathis Pavlantis (Reflection)

Interview with Stathis Pavlantis from Reflection
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 01 September 2008, 6:43 PM

The legendary Greek phalanx REFLECTION returned with a brand new album through their new label Cruz Del Sur. The band's mastermind Stathis Pavlantis was kind enough to answer a few questions. Enjoy!

Hello and congratulations on your latest album! Let's start with a simple - and ordinary - question. What's the story behind REFLECTION?

Thank you very much! I hope that everyone will enjoy it! REFLECTION is a 5 piece band consisted by me Stathis Pavlantis on guitar,my brother George Pavlantis on drums, Leo Stivala on vocals, John Litinakis on bass and Iraklis Loukakis on the keyboards.

We are in the scene for about 17 years with lots of ups and downs (as every band!!!).We formed the band on 1991 and since then we have 2 demos, 2 singles and 4 official albums(including this!).We have many gigs in our bio and some really great shows as a  headline or as support act with bands like SOLITUDE AETERNUS, DEMON, Paul Di Anno etc. You can find more of course on or on!!!!

You decided to name the new album “When Shadows Fall. Why did you choose the specific title?

It was a common decision actually… We liked the idea a lot from the beginning due to the song name. We wanted a more dark title for the album and When Shadows Fall is a song with a lunatic's story behind it so we thought that it would be fine as an album title.

Is there any kind of concept behind your new album? You did this with your previous work full-length work.

No, not this time! I think that we had enough with the concept albums! Of course we kept the same dark and epic character to the songs and the lyrics of the whole album because we like to have a kind of bond between the tracks. It creates a certain mood to the listener and that's what we like the most.

Why did you leave Secret Port and how did you manage to sign with Cruz Del Sur Records? Did they find you or did you send them your material?

We didn't leave Secret Port. Our contract was expired 2 years ago so we didn't belong anywhere. When we started recording the new album we thought “why don't we send some promos out there? and in 15 minutes I mixed very rough 3 tracks of the new album. No solos, no backing vocals just the basic forms of the songs with the tracking sound! And in10 days Enrico from Cruz Del Sur contacted me and we talked on the phone on the same day. He was very enthusiastic about the samples that he heard and he asked me about the details. When are we going to finish, how many tracks, what do we expect from the label etc etc. We talked over an hour and the negotiations kept for over 2 months until we reached to an agreement!

In the meanwhile many labels approached the band with serious offers, but we thought that this is the right label for us. So finally we signed and that's the result! We are very satisfied.

Back in 2006, you recruited Leo Stivala as a new vocalist. How did you find him?

We knew Leo from FORSAKEN's albums. We liked his voice a lot!

We talked with Theo Miras from Secret Port Records and with my friend John Tsakonas because they know the guys personally and we tried to found as many details as we could about this guy. After some mails we talked on the phone with Leo who became a member of our family very soon! We love him a lot, he is a brother to us. We have many things in common and he loves the band very much! He sacrificed many things to be a member of REFLECTION. He is a true brother not only in Metal but in life too…

REFLECTION has been a strong force in the Greek Heavy Metal scene for years now. Looking back, how do you see your career? Are you satisfied with what you've done until now?

Thanx for your kind words. The main purpose of the band is to play music. That's the main reason why we're still playing. We love what we're doing. I don't believe that we made a career. We just love Heavy Metal. We didn't intend to do something. When you start and even now after so many years in the scene we have many difficulties. Many back-stabs. We should have quit hundreds of times if we were chasing a career! But no matter what, we continued to play and have a really good time together!

Nevertheless, I believed that we achieved as many things as we could all these years. Yes I'm very satisfied. I think that we achieved what we actually deserved. We couldn't achieve anything more. We are not pros. We have our lives our jobs our obligations. So why not to be happy and satisfied?

Being Greek was always a problem when chasing a career in Metal music. What do you think is going wrong?

Nothing! Why must be something going wrong all the time? You mean that everyone else from all the other countries is famous and is making a career in Metal except the Greeks? Greece is a 10 million country and has a huge native music tradition. No other country has the musical tradition that we have. Our musicians are famous around the world. I don't care if it's Metal or not. Can you name me a country that has soooooo many native singers that gain so much money?

Even in Heavy metal according to our population we have many bands that are having a career. ROTTING CHRIST, SEPTICFLESH, INNERWISH, BATTLEROAR and many many many more. These bands are participating in very big events and gigs around the world! I don't know countries with our population to have so many bands that have international labels, contracts, gigs etc etc. I think that the problem of Greece is the same as always. The Greek's MIND. We blame everyone and anything except from our self…

What are your plans for now? Are you going to schedule any live dates to promote your album?

We have 2 lives confirmed till now. The first is on November in Athens with the legends TOKYO BLADE and the second is in Athens again on the Up The Hammers Festival on March. We have many good proposals for lives but we have to be very strict due to the fact that Leo is from Malta and we must plan everything we do many months before.

The kind of music you play is not so popular among the metalheads, but features one of the most die hard audiences. How's the support you've got from your fans all these years?

Amazing! We have fans back from 1995 when Sire Of The Storm 7 EP was released. These guys are over 40 years old now!!! Fuck! It's awesome! We receive a lot of mails daily from every corner of the earth! We couldn't ask for more!

Thank you for your time and for giving me the chance to have an interview with you! I leave the last words to you…

The pleasure is all mine John! I'd like to thank everyone who supported us all these years from the bottom of my heart and especially Chris Kappas, John Tolakis and Kostis Anastasopoulos the ex-'Reflections' for their loyalty and faith all these years. Thanx Metal Temple!
Stathis Pavlantis


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