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Sven de Caluwe (Aborted)

Interview with Sven de Caluwe from Aborted
by Emily Coulter at 23 March 2016, 4:38 PM

Over 20 years ago in Belgium began one of their finest exports in music, the death metal band ABORTED was created. With low gutturals and sinister lyrics the band would shake the extreme metal world to its core. In the year of 2016 the band have brought out their first music in two years: ''Termination Redux EP'' and their next album ''Retrogore'' which is bound to impress anyone who likes it disturbingly heavy. Metal Temple talks to vocalist Sven de Caluwe about plans for the band.

So you released the "Termination Redux" EP earlier this year, do you think it's been received well by fans?

Yeah we've had a great response, the fans already know it when we play shows so people seem to be very happy with it.

What is your favourite track from the EP?

''Termination Redux'' and ''Bound in Acrimony''.

It's been 2 years since "The Necrotic Manifesto"; would you say the bands style has changed since then?

I'd say some subtle changes, with the new album there is definitely more of a sinister vibe too it. The new songs have darker melodies with some being more technical. The next album is a lot more diverse than the previous.

You're releasing your next album ''Retrogore'' next month, do you think this is the bands best album so far?

I truly hope so!

What is the meaning behind the name ''Retrogore''?

It's a throwback to the golden age of horror and all the silly toys. It's a huge nostalgia trip for the band besides the death metal as we're all a bunch of geeks and nerds. Even the album artwork is a good representation.

What are the lyrical themes behind this album?

A lot of everything really. There's the obligatory song about feces, some religious stuff and political too. We even have a song which is about what we call the Kardashian generation  that's kind of happening currently.

What can fans of ABORTED expect from this album?

It's a more mature album than others, but it's darker and sinister than the rest.

Who did you work with when creating the album?

We went to a studio in Germany called the Kohekeller Studio which is where we did ''Termination Redux'' as well, we're really impressed and had no issues.

The band has been together since 1995 with numerous changes, do you think they've made the band stronger?

Yes. In a career of 20 years you see people come and go for various reasons, playing extreme metal doesn't make a lot of money so you're gonna have people to leave due to kids or a career. The band is really passionate currently and we fit together well as musicians.

What bands got you into metal?

I started off with stuff like ALICE IN CHAINS and NIRVANA which gradually got me into stuff like PANTERA to NAPALM DEATH and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Who inspires you as a vocalist?

Jeff Walker from CARCASS is a huge inspiration.

As a vocalist in metal, what advice would you give to people wanting to be in a touring metal band?

Don't be a dick! Make sure you get on with the people you tour with and don't make fast decisions, take your time and it'll be worth it.

What is the difference between between your country and others metal scenes?

Well in Belgium it's pretty much the same as Europe but in America people are more outspoken about things but more open to sharing places to stay and such.

What are your plans for 2016?

Getting the album out their and doing some summer festivals across Europe.


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