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Interview with Leigh Marklew from Terrorvision
by Jojo Rocket Queen Hamilton at 19 February 2020, 7:51 PM

Terrorvison have been rocking the scene for over 30 years. Today they speak to Metal Temple Co-Editor In Chief Jojo Rocket Queen Hamilton

TERRORVISION, it’s an honour & a privilege to speak to you today and may I thank you for performing this interview today for Metal Temple magazine.

It’s our pleasure Metal Temple magazine!

TERRORVISION are performing at Stonedead this August, I cant wait to see you there, do you have plans to do another tour?

Well, we have about 12 gigs in total booked in for 2020, so not a tour as such but gigs dotted around the country, at festivals and one-off events. We may do a few more as well, but not a proper tour. That may come later, maybe in 2021.

TERRORVISION have been together since 1988. How did the band come together back then?

Like lots of other bands, it started as a school friends thing. Leigh and Shutty started a band in their teens while at school together and it all mushroomed from there. Leigh went to Art school in Bradford and met Mark, one of only two other metal heads on his course, and he joined the band after a stint in a Bradford glam band called Harlequyn. The band gigged for about a year and then ditched the singer but struggled to find a replacement until Tony Wright came along and filled the slot in his own inimitable style. We were young, raw and rough round the edges, but even from day one we felt we had a bit of something unique.

So just how did you guys come up with the band name “TERRORVISION?” What’s the meaning of the band name?

When the band was completed by Tone, we were called the Spoilt Brats for a year or two, which kinda fit well back then. Not that we were spoiled! But our music was snotty and dishevelled and it had more of a glam rock edge to it. But then our music and songs started to evolve into something a bit meatier. We loved Faith no More, early Chilis and the early grunge scene and we felt we’d outgrown the Spoilt Brats. Mark suggested we change the name to Terrorvision, in honour of an old B-Movie of the same name – and it’s stuck since then!

You guys played support to MOTORHEAD, what was that like? How did the gigs go, what was it like supporting God?

We played a whole European tour with MOTORHEAD! In the summer of 1993. God, those were exciting times and an eye-opening adventure. We’d been signed about 18 months at that point and had played lots of gigs and tours already, written and released the first album ‘Formaldehyde’ and felt ready for our first trip overseas to play. From the ferry trip onwards it was a complete mental, drunken speed-fuelled blast. MOTORHEAD were the loudest band I’ve still ever seen. They were so loud they made my nostrils vibrate in France! Lemmy was a gentleman on the whole – of course, we were all in awe of him! The tour was always on the edge of chaos and falling apart. There were near riots in Prague and Barcelona, dodgy dealings at border crossings and just a solid month of vodka, vomit and volume!

“How To Make Friends And Influence People” was a great album which achieved 5 top 30 hits during 1994, how did that make you guys feel?

You know what, it felt both amazing and completely natural to me. We have always taken our music seriously, but not ourselves. So weren’t ‘expecting’ any success at all, it’s just that when it came, it felt like…’oh, ok, this feels right. Let’s crack on!’ 1994 was one of the very best years of my life. I think we had about 10 days off from band duty all year long, and I’ve never had so much fun!

You were previously signed to EMI. You had a falling out with EMI in the late 90’s, what happened?

Usual shit with the majors back then – personnel changed and all of a sudden, the team that discovered us, the team that nurtured us, the team that believed in us no longer worked there and the new regime didn’t want to know. That kinda coincided with us using up our Radio 1 ‘five years and you’re out of fashion’ card, so we were unceremoniously binned. No big deal for us. Ok, what’s next…

Do we have any new material in production or are you concentrating on gigs at the moment?

No, we’re trying to concentrate on new material! These gigs kinda fell in our lap, and we always love to play, so out we go. But, yeah, new stuff is what we want to do next.

There’s something I’ve always wanted to know, did you guys ever find out what was the matter with Alice?

Of course we didn’t! We can barely function as humans ourselves, so finding out what makes Alice tick was never gonna happen…

When your not doing band stuff, gigs, writing, recording etcetera, do you hang out together & what do you get up to in your free time?

We are all so busy outside of the band, that we don’t get the free time to hang out. The band IS our hanging out time. Which, after 25 years of knowing each other, is pretty cool. Tony has a coffee shop and a tidy little solo gig going on, Mark is a tattoo artist, Cam teaches kids how to play RRRROCK and I do graphic design work and race triathlons in my spare time.

You guys have been around for over 30 years now. What’s next for TERRORVISION? Where do you go from here as a band?

Good question. Answer – we have no idea. If it remains fun, we will keep on tinkering with Terrorvision and making noise! We definitely want to write new material, it feels long overdue and we are all in a good enough place to get creative with each other again, so looking forward to that.

TERRORVISION, I would like to say it’s been an honour to perform this interview today with you for Metal Temple magazine. Thank you & see you in August!

It’s been our privilege. Thanks for asking us to be part of your world! See you all at our gigs over 2020 and I hope we’ll be at the signing tent, so see you down there with your Sharpie!


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