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Thanasis (Oblivion Echo)

Interview with Thanasis from Oblivion Echo
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 27 August 2007, 4:56 PM

OBLIVION ECHO gave an example of their promising work in the A Dream Within A Dream demo CD. The Metal Temple crew asked the band members several questions to find more on this new band. Read on and support the underground!

Greetings from our magazine. Would you like to introduce OBLIVION ECHO to Metal Temple readers?

OBLIVION ECHO were formed in 2000 in Edessa \[Greece] by Thanasis, Kaisaras, Yiannis T. and John Petkos. Georgia entered 5 years later, so as to complete the line up. The today’s line up was formed in the last two years, when Voyias (ex – NEBULA CARMINE) and Yiannis A. (ex – LETHARGY) entered the band.  Soprano Yiouli Karagouni helped us in female vocals. The basic target was to find a personal attitude and to reveal the music deposition, as far as this is possible in the beginning of an effort, which is being influenced from the whole spectrum of metal sound.

In Dream Within A Dream did you have in mind using non-metal instruments or it just happened on the way?

This was our target. This is what we are trying to achieve in the sound of OBLIVION ECHO, by introducing alternative instruments, harmonically to metal guitars. We wish to achieve our personal sound that combines other kinds of music to metal (eg classical, jazz, soundtrack)

What is your composing process, usually?

Even though we are open to experimentation (something easily shown in our demo, especially in Take Me Away), which means that we use an alternative instrument as a basis (eg piano, violin), our main composing process is the following: first of all we focus on the rhythm guitars and the drums. Then we add the existing ideas, using the instruments that seem to transfer the feeling better and suit to the music theme.

We wrote, in your demo review, that you could make more songs with all those ideas presenting in the three tracks. What is your opinion?

We could surely use some of the ideas for different tracks, but this could be done in a full-length album. Therefore, we try to exploit the possibilities we have, so as to add new elements in the tracks, making them more interesting, while we extend our sound.

What is the current status in OBLIVION ECHO?

There are some suggestions we are looking into, but our main goal at the moment is to finish the album. In the meanwhile, we rehearse and compose a lot, so as to enter the studio as soon as possible.

I found it difficult to describe the music in the demo. Can you help us some guiding light?

It contains heavy guitar sound and riffs, with alternative instruments in classical and rock formula with progressive character, so that an intense change of rhythm and peak of music theme can be established and all the potential of instruments can be used. It mainly contains characteristics from progressive, atmospheric and doom metal music. But, most of all, we play our own music.

How difficult is to perform this kind of music live? What’s your experience on stage so far?

Our live experience as the band OBLIVION ECHO is limited, even though every member individually is experienced enough in live performances. Fortunately, we never faced any serious problem on stage. However, the presence of a sound engineer is necessary!

What are the band’s major influences? Both as musicians and fans?

Beyond all major bands of metal, atmospheric or not, such as PARADISE LOST, ANATHEMA, MY DYING BRIDE, METALLICA, PANTERA, I assume that DRACONIAN and other similar bands of the new atmospheric metal generation are similar to our sound.

Are there any plans on releasing a full-length album? Do you have enough OBLIVION ECHO material to compile?

As I mentioned before, our main goal is to complete the tracks we are working on and enter the studio by the end of summer, so our first full-length cd will have been released till next summer.

How can you convince a metalhead to buy the band’s demo? These are tough times, you know, with tons of music around…

First of all they should be interested in listening something different, which is not limited by labels, although it is metal 100%. So, if they are interested in metal, classical music, or soundtracks in general, they can easily enjoy our music, never being disappointed, for now and for the times to come!

Can we have some info on how can someone purchase the OBLIVION ECHO demo?

This is easy, they can contact with us in every possible way. For the time being, we suggest to use our e-mails:,

In the promo sheet you say that you are planning on making an official website. Is there any news on it? How familiar do you see Internet as a promoting weapon?

I believe that Internet is the future, as long as it is an easy and fast way to contact many people worldwide, so as to present them our music and an image of the band. Internet is a wide window for the band, where everybody can look through it. We faced some problems with the site, which have been overcome now, so I hope that our official site would be a fact soon. At the same time, we manage to construct a site in for a more active contact.

 What’s the situation in the Greek Metal scene nowadays, in your opinion?

I believe it’s very good: a lot of new bands carrying fresh ideas exist and they have a satisfied musical background, while prejudice from the past has been overcome. However, I believe there is no market (companies, promotion, clubs, etc) to support these bands, adding to their amateurism, which is their biggest wound.

 What is the next step for OBLIVION ECHO?

As long as we finish and release our first full-length album, our next target is to find a music company and a management, efficient to help us stand on our own.

 Thank you for your time. You can say anything you like to Metal fans worldwide!

Enjoy the music!!!


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