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The Embodied

Interview with The Embodied from The Embodied
by Rebecca Miller at 07 December 2011, 1:06 AM

The newly signed to Pure Steel Records, the Swedish THE EMBODIED, presents a good fashioned melodic Death Metal from a country where this sub-genre was born and raised. Their new self-titled album is hitting the streets nowadays and it left quite an impression on our own Rebecca Miller that had a chat with the guys on the band's origins, musical inspiration and their road to success.

Where did the band name come from? Was this the first name you settled on, or were there others?

Well there were a few suggestions for this line-up but we really liked it from the beginning so we decided to stick to it. It was Marcus proposal at first to have the name ”Embodied”. Later on we added ”The” in front to give a more solid meaning.
The name actually refers to our music, how it can bind emotions and philosophies intro the songs. We believe that music is supposed to carry a message or a feeling with it even though sometimes the listener perceives a quite different thing than intended. It feels good to have kind of outcome because we can later on discuss that with our fans, something that lifts the communication above normal. We embody a lot of things and that's why the name feels perfect.
We are heavy metal embodied.

How did the band form?

At first we played in different groups but some of us had played together before as well. Jon and Chris came together and thought about some ideas for a concept of the music and started in a more 70's vibe with 80's melodies but that evolved later on to become a bit more thrashy metal. Agust had joined the band but could first focus entirely on it after he got his leave from the military. Marcus was on board and is much 'til this day responsible for the image of the band. It was probably first in 2008 when Axel arrived that we took the step to become what we are today. There's no cinderella story to this or the opposite. We're ordinary guys who have been working on the side of the music but love what we do.

Who are your main influences?

It would be wrong to not mention the genres instead. There are so many groups who still inspire us now. Mostly we relate to thrash, classic, nwbhm, power and the Gothenburg sound. It doesn't feel right to name a band and forget another. People hear what they like in our music and we would like to keep it like that. We vary a bit on what our favorite groups are but that's part of the core of The Embodied. We like different things that we bring with us. Usually the guys and gals behind the groups are the real inspirations when we get to talk to them.

If you could pick any 5 bands for a line up on a festival stage, who would they be?

That would be really really hard hahaha! But to make things easy, let's say The Embodied, In Flames, Soilwork, Iron Maiden and hmm Justin Bieber! So we can show his fans what real music sounds like!

Which songs have most influenced you and why?

As we are five guys with different background that is a hard question. Sometimes it can be your own songs that improves what you do and that you create something that is perfect in both music and lyrics. That inspires for even more creating! What we actually could say is that we're not fond of the development these days… people forget albums. They only listen to a song or two and never know what they miss by doing so. But technically the companies are responsible for this evolution as they want their hit-single and sometimes forget about the artistic side to it.

What’s the inspiration behind the lyrics of your songs?

Really could be anything. Injustice, war, religion, politics or just how people choose to live their lives. Since we live in a sick/beautiful/weird/unfair world there is not a problem to find topics to our songs.  The first time you hear a new song you could almost hear what it is about just by listening to the music or riffs. That is really helpful when it comes to writing lyrics.

Thank you very much for your time!

Thank you!


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