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The Entire Band (Jackviper)

Interview with The Entire Band from Jackviper
by Grigoris Chronis at 05 February 2006, 5:42 PM

You crazy lunatics! If I'd have to sum it up to only one comment, this interview's 'spirit' is kindly summarized in the last line of the following text: JackViper's Carnival Of Sleaze 㤎 will be slithering into your town soon!. I really hope Jackviper will deal with major 'issues' in the following years because they deserve it for tryin' so hard to put sleaze back on the map! The entire band's spittin' out ideals below.

Hi guys! Greetings from mag! Well, a brief bio of Jackviper would be suitable for a start, what do you think?

Formed through a mutual love of sleazy Rock ’n’ Roll, epitomised by bands such as Guns ’n’ Roses, Faster Pussycat and Motley Crue, JackViper are presenting a middle finger to the London indie-Rock scene. To date: Jackviper have supported the L.A. Guns on their German tour. Jackviper are featured on the soundtrack to the Axl Rose DVD: The Prettiest Star. Jackviper’s song Merry-Go-Round was voted 9th best song of 2005 in Top 25 songs of 2005. and… Jackviper’s Merry-Go-Round will be on Perris Records’ Hollywood Hairspray 5 compilation released in Feb 㤎.

Your influences seem rather obvious for the ones that had the chance to hear your CDs or see you performing live, but in which bands do you feel you owe your musical existence?

Guns ‘n’ Roses, Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat, Aerosmith are the obvious ones but we wanna mention Velvet Revolver, Beautiful Creatures, Brides Of Destruction and the handful of others who have kept the fire burning in the face all the shit, dull bands out there.

I admit it’s been a long long time since I last had the chance to hear such a sleaze/glam Rock band come from the UK. What’s going on with that kinda music in England?

Dude, the scene here is growing all the time. We have several regular sleaze clubs that are always rammed with people and the gigs are pulling larger crowds all the time. People are hungry for this music, it just needs more exposure. We are the fastest rising band in the U.K and every time we play, we get fans from all scenes thanking us for bringing back this kind of Rock. We won’t stop until the sleaze is firmly back in Rock ‘n Roll.

You’ve come up with a good set of self-financed releases so far. Is it hard to promote your music via a normal label? Are you in the works for gaining a contract deal?

’Normal’ labels don’t have a fucking clue what to do with a band like us. If promoted correctly and with some cash thrown at it a label could have a massive selling artist. As for us…there is stuff developing as we speak but we can’t say until it’s concrete. You will all know when the Viper sign.

Finishing off the support slot for the L.A. Guns German tour, what’s the impression you got? Was it all at your expense?

The tour fucking rocked! We loved playing in Germany and are planning more dates at the moment, not just for Germany but we wanna get to other countries as well. Unfortunately, we had to turn down the whole Brides Of Destruction European tour last year but we are leaving dates open to do Europe this year.

What was the reaction of the attendees at the shows? In addition, what did the Guns say to you?

People fucking loved it and it was cool because they hadn’t seen us before! We even had a couple of German fans at our next London show. But if you’ve seen us live, you would know why. You get more than yer money’s worth with the Viper! The Guns were cool guys and we partied with them after the show in Munich.

Is there any full length release in the works for 2006? Are you into writing for a full length album?

We are always writing new material. At the moment we have more than enough for an album. The full length debut should be on the cards this year but the deal has to be right. This album will tear the music scene a new asshole…you ain’t heard nothing yet.

Really, is there something special behind the Jack name in the band’s title? Why not e.g. Russell? (Laughs)

(Laughs) We ain’t saying….it’s a band secret!

I see an incredible work on your CDs’ covers! Do you cooperate with a certain designer or do you try it all by yourselves? Anyway, the covers themselves can put someone in the picture!

Some of it is by us and others by fans. We also work with a great graphic designer called Jason Gray who did the logo. He’s busy doing designs for this year’s Carnival Of Sleaze concept.

The lyrical concepts of the songs deal with sleaze-familiar stuff? Women, bikes, booze etc? Would you like to deal with something different in the future?

Is there anything else to write about? Seriously, every song is based on an experience from us or someone we know. All kinds of shit will get wrote about but never politics. And we have a lot of experience with booze and women.

Do you believe Jackviper would have a better chance if they were based in the USA? Even if, in our days, I don’t think the States is the dream land for this kinda music anymore!

The market in the States is still huge for sleaze and we are building a good fanbase there and we’ve had excellent reviews. It’s as we were saying, it just needs exposure. Hollywood will always be the spiritual home for sleaze Rock. We have the Merry-Go-round track on Hollywood Hairspray 5 \[compilation] through Perris Records in Texas and that should raise profile States-side.

You seem to be really hard workers as a band! What’s the motive behind this energy?

We fucking love this music and this band and are serious about putting sleaze back on the map but that ain’t gonna happen if we sit on our asses and wait for it. Plus this ain’t work, dude, it’s our fucking life!

Does the entire Jackviper team participate in the making of the songs?

For sure that’s what makes us fucking Rock. Everyone brings something to the party.

When should we expect a Jackviper video in the future?

Soon. We are hopefully shooting a promo video in the next few weeks!

Besides music, are you into any other hobbies? I mean, apart from parties!!! (Laughs)

Err! Is there anything else? We all like to relax in different ways but there ain’t much time for that in between playing and partying.

Guys, thanks for your time! Is there something you’d like to ad?

Cool, dude! Thanks for the time! This is gonna be a big year for the Viper and we want everyone along for the ride. To kick it off our new track: Go Fuck Yourself is available as a free download from our website, so come and get some sleaze. JackViper’s Carnival Of Sleaze 2006 will be slithering into your town soon!


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