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The Entire Band (Distortion Of Perception)

Interview with The Entire Band from Distortion Of Perception
by Michael Dalakos at 03 October 2005, 6:34 AM

Distortion Of Perception is a new band from Greece and their debut Demo, Project one:ISOBirth?, really caught my attention. I decided to contact the band and find a couple things more about this act...

Welcome to our magazine. Let’s start with a short presentation of the band.

Hello! Thanks for the interview. Well, we are almost a new band that’s making its first step whith the Demo Project one: ISOBirth?. We’ve existed for two years now and we keep on headbanging with the same lineup! We are students in the University of Xanthi (Greece) and we jammed for the first time two years ago. Since then we have managed to release one Demo. Our lineup is: Bilias (vox), Bill (guitar), Nikozz (guitar), Nikos (bass) and Mitsos (drums). The average age of the members is 22. We had band activities before we gathered as D.O.P.

Your first Demo is called Project One: I.S.O. Rebirth. What can you tell us about the recording sessions?

The recording sessions were divided into two parts. The recording of vocals and drums, as well as mixing and mastering took place at Nemesis studios (Kavala, Greece). Responsible for this part was Tasos Karapapazoglou. The second part of recordings (guitar and bass) took place at Bill’s (guitar) home. The sessions duration was two months (May-June 2005).

The Demo has a good production. Do you think that having a good production today is equally essential as having good music?  

First of all, thanks for your comment. The strongest point of a release is its music. Whether a production is good or not, no one will pay attention to the release if the music is not good. It is obvious that a good production gives a hand to the release, and adds extra points to the whole package. However, we are very pleased with the production of our Demo. But the listeners should also consider the circumstances under which the Demo was recorded.

Please give us an inside look on the way the band composes music…

The basic composers of the band are the two guitar players. Ideas and riffs lay on the table of the rehearsal room. Then everyone expresses his ideas about the structure of a song, and after many rehearsals and improvisations the song comes to its final form. As for the lyrics, the main composer is Bilias. Many lyrics are written down before the music. But there are many cases in which the music gives inspiration for the lyrics.  

If you had to describe your music to someone that hasn’t heard any of your songs you would say that you play…

The answer is tough! Our opinion is that our music is a mix of aggression and melody, which are framed by progressive elements. Of course it would be more objective if the audience described our music! We leave it up to them. Last but not least, we don’t give much importance to the music labels. The first priority is to create music that people like.

What are your major influences?

We should give only names: Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Pantera, Death. We try not to limit ourselves when it comes to music. We try to listen to almost everything…

Does the band have any live activities and are there any live shows scheduled ahead?

Yes, until now we have played in 4 live shows in the city of Xanthi. Two of them were organized by us. Of course 4 is not a satisfying number but we believe everyone knows the circumstances in provincial cities of Greece. We would, of course, like to play in concerts in other cities (Thessaloniki for example) and we will do everything we can for that!

The most extreme genres of Heavy Metal music have become really popular the last few years. Why is that?

This phenomenon is not new. Throughout music’s history we’ve noticed that changes in listeners’ taste are very often. Extreme Heavy Metal is popular these days for the same reason that classic Heavy Metal was popular in the early 80’s. The reason is evolution! Another reason is marketing. Extreme bands with extreme tendemcies to be preferred by the audience. It is also a matter of image.

I have noticed that the band doesn’t have a website. Will you have one soon?

We are hosted in some sub domains that contain information about us and of course contain our songs. Some of them are: and We have plans for our website that will be utilized very soon.  

The immediate plans of the band?

Rehearsals, live acts and lots of headbanging. Simple answer!

Thanks for your time. Close this interview with a message to all our readers…

Thank you for your support and we hope that your readers will dig our music! Take care and we hope we will keep in touch!


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