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The Source

Interview with The Source from The Source
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 21 March 2009, 5:19 PM

The last years, the Greek extreme Metal scene has produced some pretty good bands/albums. THE SOURCE are nothing new in this scene, since they are actually the brand new renovated form of the Thrash metallers NEGATIVE CREEPS. Here's what the band had to say about their first steps under the THE SOURCE banner…

Interview with: THE SOURCE

Hello and welcome to Metal Temple! Just to start with, let's have some info on the band. When was THE SOURCE formed?

Hello there! THE SOURCE were formed in the winter of 2007 by John (guitars), Makis (vocals), Tomek (drums) and the line up of the band was completed a few months later by the coming of Stamatis (guitars) and Atris (bass guitar).

You were previously called NEGATIVE CREEPS and I have to admit you were one of the Greek Metal bands that had huge balls and kick ass music. Why did you decide to change into THE SOURCE? Whose decision was it?

Thank you. That was very nice of you. Just to start with, the vision of the NEGATIVE CREEPS was shared by 3 members of THE SOURCE (John, Makis and Tomek). Realizing that the circle of NEGATIVE CREEPS had come to an end (as far as the composing, music, etc are concerned), something new approached the surface with more intense Thrash Metal ingredients. THE SOURCE was born!

You recently released your debut full-length album through the Greek label I For An I Records. How do you feel that your first recorded output as THE SOURCE is out there? Are you satisfied with your collaboration with I For An I?

Well, we are proud to know that a piece of our work or a point of view (The Source) is out there and we feel very excited for the coming future. I For An I Records was the missing ingredient for the acceptance that THE SOURCE now have.

What feedback do you have from the Press and the fans until now? Are you satisfied?

It is very encouraging for us to know that, as time passes, the positive feedback is getting more intense and we're very satisfied to find out that there is a group of people out there that really enjoys our music!

Where and when was the album recorded? Has the sound met your expectations?

We recorded the album at Basement Studios, Athens, and our guitarist JB worked on the mixing and mastering. The sound of this album has overcome our expectations a little bit, and that made us more relaxed for now and for the future… better!

Which bands have influenced your sound? I have seen some classic Thrash elements, as well as some more modern touches into THE SOURCE's sound.

As you said, we have some influences from some classic 80's Thrash Metal bands like MALEVOLENT CREATION, SLAYER, KREATOR and simultaneously we have some other genres in our taste of music such as modern European melodic Metal (like DEW-SCENTED, CARCASS, AT THE GATES) that fit into THE SOURCE's influences. Full heaviness, speed, melody and shredding are the basic elements of our sound.

What differences can someone spot between NEGATIVE CREEPS and THE SOURCE?

As we said before, the main difference is that THE SOURCE is more relative to our own roots (which is Thrash Metal).

I guess you are currently playing live to promote your release. Have you managed to support any known act until now?

Live gigs always come first in our priorities. We have also played at the Maltese Extreme Metal Festival last summer. Our latest gig was in the 28th of February, when we supported ILLDISPOSED in Athens. The future is open for now, for more to come. We have plans to play in Malta once again in May and we're looking forward to spread THE SOURCE in the rest of Europe.

Is it too early to be talking about a possible second full-length release by THE SOURCE?

We have already some ideas for the next album that we're working on. There will be a second album in a year or so.

Who is in charge of writing the songs and the lyrics? What do the lyrics have to do with?

JB (guitars) composes the music and our vocalist Makis writes all lyrics…

I have to admit that the album's cover artwork was kind of strange. Who designed it and what does it exactly represent?

Hehe! That was our goal: A monster that, according to the imagination of each individual, takes the meaning that each one of us has in mind as THE SOURCE. The designer who helped to put that monster on paper is our friend Sebastian Hereras.

What is it that you think makes THE SOURCE different from the rest of the extreme bands out there? What more does the band have to offer?

We don't know what more we can offer but we know for sure that the music we play and dig is worth it.

Thank you for your time and I hope we hear more kick ass material from you in the future.

Thank you too… That's for sure! Bye.


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