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Thimios Krikos (InnerWish)

Interview with Thimios Krikos from InnerWish
by Michael Dalakos at 07 September 2006, 11:41 AM

Innerwish strikes back! The new album is a killer one! It took them a while but now they seem to be in a really creative mood (no ten years brakes between albums please!). Thimios Krikos friendly as always answers our questions about Inner Strenght.

First of all congratulations for your new album. Can you please tell us what was the band activities after the release of the previous album and prior entering the studio for the new one?

Thanks for your good words my friend. After the release of the Silent faces we manage to make few gigs in Greece and played in the Headbangers Open Air in Germany. We had plans to make many gigs but things didn’t work the way we wanted. Our bass player Antonis had a serious car accident. He broke his leg very bad and we had to wait for him to recover for more than 7 months. As you can understand this situation didn’t let us work the way we wanted and everything that we had in our mind was canceled. After his recovery we worked on the songs of the new album.

Inner Strength musically speaking starts where Silent Faces stopped. Do you think there are musical differences between the two albums or your sound is pretty much the same?

The whole idea is almost the same. I mean that we didn’t change our song writing.  Only that this time we tried to make simpler songs, with more groovy parts and straight heavy riffs. The production is much better than the previous one which gives the band the necessary power to show who we are and what we stand for.

 What can you tell us about the recording process of the album?  

The production on this album was made by R.D. Liapakis. We have worked together on our previous album Silent Faces which he did a great job. So we knew that we had to work together again. When we finished the preproduction I’ve send him the songs to have a complete idea of what we wanted to do. We talked a lot in the phone about the songs and the production in order to be prepared. Finally we went to the Music factory studios studios in Kemten - Germany in the beginning of last December and recorded all the drums, guitars, bass guitars. The vocals and the keyboards recorded in Greece in G-Sound studios in the first 15 days of January 2006. I have to tell that it was the easiest album I’ve ever done due to that everything worked under schedule and it didn’t take more than 1 ½ month.   

Inner Strength is your second album with LIMB. Are you satisfied with their work? Do you think you have many similarities with the other bands in the label’s roster?

Until this time everything is working very well from both sides. We feel that the label stands by our side as a sixth member. We feel like home, and that is the most important think for us.

As for the label’s roister I think that we are different as for our way of song writing, but on the other hand we are alike due to our melodic style.

The album includes the cover version of Lonely Lady from Q5. Can you please tell us why you have chosen this song?

We all grew up listening to these great bands of the 80’s. Q5 is one of them and I have to admit that Steel The Light is still on of my favorite albums. Manolis (the other guitar player) got the idea to cover this song, and we all agreed at once. We knew that there was a risk due to that the original is an amazing song, but the final result find us all satisfied. We all enjoy it very much during the recordings.

If you had to chose a non-rock / metal song for a cover version - what would that be?

Very difficult for me answer cause I?ve never think of it. Probably it will be something from the 80’s but I do not know which one.

Can you give us an inside look on how the band composes music? is it a team effort?

The main composers of the band are me and Manolis. We generally work separate our ideas. When we feel that we have enough material we start working on them together in my home studio.  We never hurry up. We take our time to do the best we can. When we feel that a song is ready we get on the studio with the other guys to make the final touches.      

Will you make any videoclips for the new album? Have you recorded any additional songs for a limited edition or something?

If everything works as we have planed at the end of September we’ll make a video for our new album. But I do not know which song yet.

Are there any touring plans?

We are planning many things for the forthcoming winter and I hope that everything will go ok. For this time the only confirmed gig is in a festival at the end of November together with Manowar & Rapsody in Athens.  

Innerwish is one of the oldest heavy metal acts from Greece. What is your advise to all the young acts out there?

Work, work, work!!!!!

And your opinion about the Greek metal scene?

For many years Greece was known only for their black metal bands.  Groups like Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, and Nightfall have made it and being known worldwide. They have shown that if you believe in what you are doing you can make it. So the last few years many classic metal bands worked harder than anyone before and manage to break the limits of the Greek market.

Bands like Battleroar, Casus Belli, Wastefall are showing to the rest of the world that Greek metal exists.  

A set of less serious questions. While on stage you discover that the crowd has almost fallen asleep. How would you react?

It never happened to me yet and I hope that it will never have to face it. I believe that I’ll be pist of and I’ll do my best to awake them.  

What is the worst front cover you have seen on an album?

It’s not a metal album.

The most embarrassing moment in your career as a musician?

We have to go back in 1998 when I had to face the walk out of 3 band members at the same time. It was a very difficult period for me and Manolis who we are the only member that still remain in the band from the first line up.

Thanks for your time. Close this interview with a message to all the readers of our magazine.

Thank you all for your support and I hope that you all enjoy our new album.


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