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Thomas V Jäger (Monolord)

Interview with Thomas V Jäger from Monolord
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 05 August 2018, 9:31 AM

MONOLORD formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2013. The Stoner/Doom Metal trio have released three full-length albums to date, the most recent being "Rust." They deal in lyrical themes including horror, the supernatural, and the manifestations of evil, among others. Metal Temple writer Martin "Doomed" Desbois recently got the chance to interview vocalist & guitarist Thomas V Jäger, to talk about the band.

Hi guys, nice to have the privilege to do an interview with you since I'm a big fan of your music since "EMPRESS RISING". Your latest album did receive quite a great answer from the stoner  and doom fans over the world,from now on where MONOLORD sets sail too? Can we have a little idea of what's to come?

The themes evolves quite naturally. We are not aiming for a record to sound a certain way except the way we sound. Of course we try not to sound the same as the previous records. This time we are almost sure that we are gonna work with a guy and record in his studio. We have been recording everything ourselves up to this point.

Has a trio it must be much easier to deal with ideas while composing and writing?

That depends on how you do things. Every band finds their way to write songs eventually and if they don’t, they will probably not last very long as a band haha.

Who's the most difficult to satisfy? LOL I mean there's always one in the band that has more opposing ideas!

That would be me (Thomas) actually. I am the one writing almost everything of the music and lyrics and i throw away a bunch of songs even before i play the ideas to Mika and Esben. Sometimes we rehearse ideas and I (or we) don’t get the Monolord vibe for it and we toss it out the window. And sometimes we all just like it right away.

Is there a successful pattern of formula for you to let the inspiration grows freely? Do you compose music and then lyrics or riffs and then drums etc…?

That is different from time to time. Sometimes i have a line of lyrics that i start building on. Sometimes i have a drumbeat in my head. Sometimes just a melody. So i am starting out with one of those things, record the ideas and just let it go where it goes.

Talking about songwriting , i'd like to know for each of you maybe a top five of influential bands or writers or anything that inspired you or still inspire you to make music?

Not really inspired by any other band like that. Sure i can listen to a good record and wish i wrote just that cool riff but it isn’t like ”ah this is a good riff, now i must make a good riff too”. It is more what i already have in my backbone, what music i grew up with formed my songwriting i think.

Whats your favorite track to play live and your worst? It can be the song you're tired of playing live!

If we have a song that i or someone else in the band didn’t like we wouldn’t play it live. Right now i really enjoy Lord Of Suffering live. Always get a good kick out of that one.

You played many festival like the famous Roadburn, Hellfest , many desert rock festivals,is there a dream gig you dream of? A city? Bands you'd like to play with or tour with?

Black Sabbath called it quits so, no dream bands. We have played many great places. Royal Albert Hall for example. There are many cool venue out there but i like to just take it as it comes.

Can you tell us how Monolord was formed ??? Were you friends before? I'd like to know in which bands you played before Monolord and was it metal related?

Mika played in Rotten Sound and The Don Darlings among others. I have played in bands since i was 13 or 14. Esben too. The latest before Monolord for me was the boogie rock band Marulk. Me and Esben played together in that band. Esben knew Mika a bit from some project and introduced me to him and he joined me and Esben to put down some tracks of bass on the first Monolord record.

You called one of your albums Vaenir, has I know , the Vanir are Gods in the Norse mythology that are related to wisdom, fertility, and foreseeing the future…am i right or its nor related to that at all? Since you are from Sweden it is safe to assume that it's part of your cultural heritage?

Vænir is an old swedish name for Vänern, which is the biggest lake in Sweden. It is also believed to be an old name for the word friend. So no, I don’t think it has anything to do with gods.

How are you seen in your own country? is it quite different from where you got to play the last years? Many bands, especially in North America,  have a much greater response in Europe or Asia…

I don’t know about Sweden. I think you will have to ask someone else about that. We don’t play that often in Sweden for that matter. When we do it is probably more exiting compared to if we played here a lot.

I'll have the privilege to see you live for the second time in September 4th, Montreal has a great Doom/Stoner oriented scene: Kurse, Dopethrone, The Death Wheelers, Lochness, Show of Bedlam and many more! I can't wait to see you again guys last time if was amazing I head-banged with you too Thomas and Mikka and it was hell of a night. Thanks for giving us some time !!! Doom On over the WORLD!

Yes! Let’s have a blast in September!


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