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Thomas Goat (Heretic)

Interview with Thomas Goat from Heretic
by Ilias Halastanis at 10 February 2011, 10:02 PM

Metal Temple interviewed HERETIC's frontman Thomas Goat. Let's see what he had to say.

What are your plans for this year and for the future of your band and what should we expect from you? Do you have any plans for a new album?

Expect nothing but the unexpected, especially regarding the forthcoming new album. We are currently working on it but there is no deadline set for release.

What are your touring plans for 2011?

Live shows are currently the least of our priority. I dont want to perform as much as we used to have done the last 2 years.

What are your point of view and personal ideas and opinions concerning Satanism and the occult? Explain why. Describe how your routine is influenced by it and how it merges with yourself?

Both terms are of such wide interpetation of which i wish to discover every dark corner. But i do not restrict myself to merely the hidden knowledge, i like to study a universal form of theology.
The combination of it has an inevitable influence in my cosmic consciousness and i would rather speak of an enrichment of my physical being of which the foundation is being fed by the experience of my spiritual world.

Which aspects of your live you think Black Metal has given influence and changed or reformed it?

None whatsoever. Black Metal should function as a soundtrack to ones spiritual state not as an ideology on its own. In the end its simply nothing more than earthly entertainment.

Are there any situations or facts you would like to provoke and why?

I leave the provocation to those who seek attention.

Which bands do you believe are the most succeeding ones? Which of them do you believe are the best, and which bands deserve to be idolized.

My taste in music is too wide and every artist i admire has its own specific quality which i envy, so the list is way too long. I do wish to bring Jim Steinman to the attention as one of my favourite composers.

You believe that Black Metal should be commercialized and accepted by the music society? Or remain underground and unholy?

We are already years beyond the point of this choice and have to deal with the reality that it IS commercialized and accepted. It would be foolish to obtain a desire for this utopia.

If you had the chance to live in the past, the days black metal was given birth in the underground culture, let us know which things you would change (if any) and why.

Even though i did not witness its birth, i was allowed to enjoy its first baby-steps back in the early 90's. It was a great time and i am very grateful for the memories i am able to enjoy. I never had the desire to change history of anything whatsoever.

Do you think Black Metal should be evolved, synchronized and such, or it still remains a never-ending story?

The evolution or state of Black Metal is the least of my concerns.

What do you thing of the various spawns of Black Metal? What do you think about it, which have proven themselves evil and which ones should have ceased to exist?

I am not aware of the various spawns in order to make a judgement and i am not in a position to make any judgement at all.

What you believe that is the key of success for a black metal band?

That would depend on what kind of success one strives for…. There is no formula for commercial success otherwise we would all be swimming in gold.

Would you encourage an average metal-head on listening on not listen to Black Metal and why?

I would encourage anyone to broathen their musical horizon as wide as possible.

Speak about 5 to 10 sinister things you would like to torture with, people you don’t like, emo kids and new wavers!

I think the most horrible torture would be to let them answer 10 questions about fuckin' Black Metal….

Do you cooperate/are in good terms with any other band/bands? What bands and musicians you consider you are brothers in hell/brothers in Satan with?

Its always a pleasure to share the stage with dear friends like Nocturnal, Ketzer, Urfaust, The Devils Blood, Nox, Thornium, Inquisition, Black Crucifixion.

Finally, what would be your advice to the average black metal newcomer? What would you say to your fans?

Stretch your own limits and break your own boundaries, spiritually and musically.


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