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Tom Englund (Evergrey)

Interview with Tom Englund from Evergrey
by Maria Voutiriadou at 12 August 2010, 4:08 AM

Sitting at the artist lounge during the hot Belgian evening surrounded by artists no one could resist to catch a conversion and -why not- fish some news right from the source. This was exactly the case with EVERGREY’s frontman Tom Englund who was enjoying a beer with friends and was more than eager to chat for a while.

Hello Tom, you know that this interview was planned during your visit in Greece for two shows, the regular and the acoustic one, but for some reason, we didn’t make it then. By the way, it was an excellent show and the acoustic one.
Oh, I didn’t know that I am sorry, I guess… Yeah, the shows were great.

Have you ever thought of doing a full acoustic album?
Yes, actually we are going to do this right now. I don’t know if we’ll release this material with the new album or if we do it later as a separate release. I don’t know yet. We want to be sure about it and of course pick the songs. This procedure is very hard. Last week we played an IRON MAIDEN song acoustic; it was “Wasted Years” with acoustic guitars. Really weird!

How was singing like Dickinson?
Great! “Wasted Years” is a great song to sing after all…

Do we have any news from the next album?
Yeah, we’ll record in August and we will release the new album in November.

Have the new guys contribute in it?
Very much, yes.

Musically, where do you put this album?
This is very hard to say before it’s finished, you know. But if I have to compare with some stuff we know, I’d say somewhere between “Recreation Day” and maybe “In Search Of Truth”.

How are the new guys doing with the band?
Great, really well, I mean we spent a lot of time together and they are really great guys and in this way we put the basics down, you know, which is very important. And they are also very talented all of them!

What about the line up changes? Did they happen so smoothly because watching the youtube video, seemed to be very smooth, very polite.
I wouldn’t do a video if I was lying, so, no hard feelings at all. That’s why we did the video you saw; in this way people don’t have doubts. You can see it, it’s not fake of course; it’s impossible to fake such things.

You have your stuff stolen back in Rome; did this have any to do with cancelling the whole tour?
Yeah, we had to do it. We didn’t have any gear and it was impossible for us to borrow stuff every day, it doesn’t make justice at all. So, we had to go home and get the equipment and then we did the rest of the shows we had to.

Was it a random event or someone has planned it in your opinion?
I think they have planned it.

Ok, what about the record label? Are you still with SPV?
I think so, yeah. We decided to stay with them the previous week.

Ok, Tom, thanks for this nice chat. I am going to leave you to continue your drink.
Cool, very good. Thanks!


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