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Tom Hunting (Exodus)

Interview with Tom Hunting from Exodus
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 02 July 2004, 9:52 PM

Exodus are back after almost 7 years of inactivity and Greece was one of the tour stops for the promotion of their latest album Tempo Of The Damned. We caught up with Tom Hunting, one of the craziest drummers we've ever met and we've got to show you some great stuff about Exodus's past and future, a story of a burning bus and some box-of-famous-Greek-desert molesting!! Read on! \[Interview taken on the 5th of June]

First of all I would like to congratulate you about your new album…

Thank you…

…it represents the come back of the band. I also heard that you are going to release a limited version of Tempo of The Damned in North America, new artwork – tracks or something like that…

No, it’s going to be pretty much the same, only the States version of the album has a slightly different artwork. The European version got Dirty Deeds on though!

What’s the media and fans response so far, for the record?

It has been overwhelmingly good! We did a press trip on January and one on February and it was fucking amazing! Everybody loved the record!

Do you know that it reached the German charts in place 67?

It did??? Woohoo!! Right on Germany!! First Germany, NOW the world! \[Laughs] Did reach that high in Greece too?

 Not that high but it did really good! But you know that you have many fans here in Greece!

Oh yeah we are happy so far with the record sales and we got mail from Greece since 1985 saying how we fucking rule and things like that! \[Laughs]

I want to talk to you about the production of this album. It’s quite a killer one, compared to older material…really different and groundbreaking for your normal sound. You remained faithful to your musical style but became more technologically advanced in a way. How did you achieve this?

We mixed a few songs from a band Gary and I have, called War Dance and we saw that these songs were created in 1995 so we kind of copied that production. To me it’s like Fabulous Disaster but with a better production and we did the production with the same guy that did our live album. To be honest I never believed that I could get so loud drum tracks cause the drums are pretty loud on the album especially on Sealed With A Fist , which makes me really happy. \[Laughs]

Since you mentioned Sealed.. along with War Is My Shepherd are in my opinion the highlights of the album. I would like you to give a general idea of the rest of the songs or more like the story behind them.

Actually War Is My Shepherd is the first one we wrote after we all cleaned up, no more drugs and shit like that. This song really took us some time to get it out but once we completed this one the rest ones was like we were spitting them out! It’s probably one of the most aggressive song we ever wrote.

I want to ask you about the cover! Whose idea was it in the first place?

It was like an idea of the whole band, like a demon playing a church organ to the crowd! Kind of to represent our shows! \[Laughs]

Well we heard about your recent accident in Italy with a tour bus burning and shit like that! What really happened?

Between Rome and Bergamo the tour bus got fire! The accommodation was a bit lame! They got late like 8 hours and then the power inverted, burned up and we didn’t get power on the bus for two days and the last thing that happened was the diesel deposit burned up. Whole group spent some time trying to find a way to get to Greece! But we are here so no big deal! To be honest we spiced it up a bit for BlabberMouth! \[Laughs] We narrow escaped with our lives but it wasn’t that bad anyway! \[*Pauses* A nice looking gal – probably from DiDi music- comes in with a box of Galaktoboureko – Greek famous desert - and Tom gets a bit anxious about this one!]

What’s the fans’ reaction on the new songs during your live shows?

They are fucking crazy when they listen to our new songs! And we are planning a DVD release, towards the end of the year! It’s going to include live footage from 1995 till now!

I want to ask you about the Another Lesson In Violence record. Was it some kind of test to see if your songs still got a vibe in the crowd or something like that?

I don’t know! It was more like a look back in time and I think the live versions of the songs were better than the original studio records. It was more like a retro thing.

Do you use the internet?

Me? No! I don’t even know how to use a computer!

What about the rest of the band?

Gary does! He is on the Net almost every time he can!

What’s your opinion on file sharing? Napster, Mp3s if you know what I mean!

I’m kind of confused in a way cause Internet is a great mean to know a band or make your own band expose or your new album. It’s good to get a few songs or samples but people that got lots of mp3; they got to know that this is our life and at least they should buy the record. If you want to hear it before it’s released it’s fine man, but when the CD comes out please buy it! Otherwise we won’t be around anymore and it’s not only about us, this affects lots of bands too.

So I don’t want to keep you waiting from the famous Greek desert so we will end our conversation here! I only want you to say a few words to your Greek fans.

Oh man! You are going to get crushed!! \[Laughs]

Thank you for the interview Tom!

You too! See you in the gig!


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