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Tony JJ (M.A.N.)

Interview with Tony JJ from M.A.N.
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 28 August 2008, 9:05 PM

I had the chance to be introduced to M.A.N from their debut album Obey, Consume, Reject which was issued last year. The band changed label and with a brand new line up strikes back with an album that will knock you out with its power and aggressive groove. Here is what the band's frontman Tony JJ had to say to the Metal Temple readers.

Hello Tony! Congratulations on your latest album! Tell us a few things about the band and how it all started…

M.A.N were actually formed out of the ashes of TRANSPORT LEAGUE. I decided that the TL sound had changed so much since the first two albums, so it was time make a new, fresh start. This was in July 2005. I also made the decision to drop the guitar and just be a frontman/singer in M.A.N.

You are from Gothenburg, a place that produces mostly melodic Death Metal bands. Didn't this influence you? I suppose you wanted to do something different…

Nope, we don't have connection to that scene. I've always wanted to do my own thing and did not want to jump onto that bandwagon. I know all the bands, they are good friends of mine, and I respect their thing.

Which bands have influenced your sound? Correct me if I am wrong, but you must be huge fans of MUDVAYNE!

Well, MUDVAYNE could be an influence, but also other American bands such as PRONG, WHITE ZOMBIE, STATIC-X etc, that kind of groove has influenced us, but also the EBM genre has for me, and for some others also MESHUGGAH and Alan Holdsworth etc.

So, back to the album. Do you believe that there are many differences between your 2007 debut and Peacenemy?

The main difference is that we almost have a whole new band now, and that has been a great progress in the sound.

Have you evolved as a band since then?

I was almost writing everything on the first album, but on Peacenemy everybody has been involved in the process, something that has been really a good thing, more of a team then ever.

Why did you leave Gain and how did you manage to get a contract with Tiefdruck/Universal?

The contract with Gain was just for one album, and we where approached by Tiefdruck Musik. We felt that Tiefdruck was the right label for us.

Do you feel ‘safe' with your new label?

Yes, we know where we have'em.

In both your albums you trusted Svein Jensen to be the producer and I can say he has done a really good job. Will he also work on your next album or will there be another producer?

Yes the work with Svein has been good. Let's see what we'll do for the next album nothing has been discussed yet.

Your sound features many different elements. How would you describe it?

We have some sample-sound effects made by Jonas Beijer on the album, and that has created a great atmosphere to the sound, but also Robguz's other instruments was the cherry on the cake.

While taking a look at your MySpace page I noticed that you play two shows supporting TEXTURES. How do you feel that you are going to play with the Dutch maniacs? I personally love their music!

We are really looking forward to the shows; I think it will be great line-up.

What are your plans for now except from the live performances to promote our new album? Are you going to rest for a while or will you start preparing your next album?

We will do lots of shows during the fall, both electric and unplugged, so we will have a busy fall. We'll also shoot a video for the track Blood Vanish during September.

A last question that will travel you a bit in the past right now. Why did you leave MNEMIC?

I left MNEMIC due to financial & personal reasons.

Do you still talk with the guys from the band?

Hell yeah, we are still friends.

Thank you for your time and I hope we'll see you playing live here in Greece sometime!

Let's hope that we could play Greece some day. That would be killer.

Anything last for your fans?

Stay safe on the road, and don't forget to pick up our new album.


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