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Tony, Ryan, Phil (Municipal Waste)

Interview with Tony, Ryan, Phil from Municipal Waste
by Caterina Zoi at 23 September 2009, 9:04 PM

MUNICIPAL WASTE played a great show here in Athens, Greece. Before the gig we had the chance to meet Tony, Ryan and Phil and have a pretty interesting (and a bit funny) interview.

Interview with: Tony, Ryan and Phil

It's your first time in Greece. How do you feel about it??

Tony: I love it, it's really cool. We didn't expect the people to be that hospitable to us. Everyone's been really nice to us and take care of us. Really good.

Phil: What are we talking about???

What should your fans expect from the show??

All: Dancing…Synchronized dancing…Modern Dancing…Boogie rhythm…

Tony: Can we stop?? We're drifting off from issue.

Do you think that there'll be fans with surfboards crowd-surfing??

Ryan: A surfboard with somebody on it??It can cut your throat!!It's dangerous!!

Phil: They're pointed and really huge…

Tony:Oh, I wanna see a jetski!In a circle pit…cutting off people's hands…Or a speedboat!

You have released a new album..

Tony: Yeah, that's right.

What's the feedback you have from your record company as well as from your fans?

Tony: The record company…they made us write a good album, really good, and we did that. And the fans are never happy…and we said that this is the new style. This is the way it's gonna be…Oh no…the fans made us write a good album…and we did that…and the record label is never happy! (laughs)

How was the experience of playing in  huge festivals such as 'Download' and 'Wacken'?

Tony: Amazing! We really liked 'Bloodstock'!!! SODOM, SAXON, ENTOMBED ..awesome, so good. With festivals we get used to play in front of a huge crowd of people, and you're so far from the people. When you're used to play smaller shows…and we can unite a huge crowd…

Tell me about your main influences.

All: Beer, sandwiches, sleep, earth, source, soil, water, fire, self, wind, crystals, elegance, extravagance…

Are there any bands that you would like to play with?

Tony: Uhm…no. (laughs)

Phil: There's a band that I would like to play with really bad…it's called COMPLETE.

Tony: A killer band from Texas; look in the internet. COMPLETE, Texas.

Ryan: We're touring with bands like TOXIC HOLOCAUST, ANNIHILATION TIME…it's cool!!

You play Crossover/Thrash just like it was played in the 80s.People here think that it's really cool…what do you think about it??

Ryan: We agree with the people here…

Tony: Yeah, the people here are right.

Which of your albums do you think is the best?

Ryan: Hazardous Mutation.

Tony: Hazardous Mutation is good…I would say the new album.

Phil: The new one is the best.
Tony: That's what I was gonna say. Every fan says that the new album is the best. Well honestly I've listened to the new album for over a hundred times, and I'm probably sick of listening to it so that's why if I haven't listened to the record for a year I would probably say that it's the best one!

Phil: I would say our next album is the best one…

Any plans for the future?

Ryan: No…Not really…

Tony: Settle down, get a dog, a nice pretty lady, a couple of wives…

Phil: Learn something…like baking a cake…

Tony: You know…baking is hard…

Yeah,I know…(laughs) Is there anything you would like to say to your Greek fans?

Tony: I'm looking forward to meeting you tonight!

Ryan: You guys have great food!

Tony: The fans have great food?

Their mothers maybe…

Phil: Oh yeah…everyone's mother can cook her ass off here…Tell them to bring their mom!

Tony: Bring us food that your mother has cooked!


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