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Trey Williams (Dying Fetus)

Interview with Trey Williams from Dying Fetus
by Karila Shannis at 21 June 2012, 5:46 PM

No matter what people say about a band releasing the same stuff they have been used to release since their emergence, it is never the same. So it is with DYING FETUS. "Reign Supreme"is the band's new album via Relapse Records. Femme Metale talked on the phone with drummer Trey Williams about the band, the new album, being perceived in the world and the tour.

​​Greetings, Metal minions, welcome to, I am on the phone with drummer Trey Williams of Brutal Death Metal band DYING FETUS to discuss all the upcoming opportunities that have knocked at his door.  What’s going on, Trey?​​

Not much, just talking to you!  We are currently getting ready to go on the “18 Nights of Blood” tour alongside REVOCATION and SIX FEET UNDER.

​​Man, that seems like one of the most wicked lineups I’ve ever heard of! You must be feeling pretty pumped about this one! ​​

Yeah, we’ve toured with these both these bands before. It’s going to be really nice to see some friendly faces when we get back on the road.  Pretty stoked to see how the new album is received while we’re out on the road too.

​​Speaking of the new album, I know you guys released three tracks from the new album to the public: “Second Skin,” ”Subjected to a Beating,” and “From Womb to Waste”.  How have the reactions been so far? ​​

Pretty positively so far.  You know, people who normally aren’t really into Extreme Metal are on the fence, but we don’t cater to them. We cater to our audience and the people who like our music so far have been digging what they’ve heard. We are eager to see how the rest of the world likes it, and we will find out in a few days.

​​On DYING FETUS’s bio on Relapse Records, the band has wanted to “return to their roots” with this album.  How does this phrase imply how this album will sound differently from something more recent such as "War of Attrition"?​​

What we really wanted to capture was some of the New England-style Hardcore vibe that was really present in the DYING FETUS sound around the times of the albums "Killing on Adrenaline"and "Destroying the Opposition". We wanted to slow it down to let those New England style Hardcore grooves really play out and let the audience have time to grasp the parts and give them time to start bobbing their heads to the tempo of the music. That’s what we were trying to achieve when we say we want to “return to our roots.”

​​What is the Metal scene like in New England as opposed to the rest of the world? ​​

Eh, it’s alright. I mean, there are better places in the country. But the scene is getting better here with festivals like the Maryland Deathfest and bands like us and MISERY INDEX and bands like PERIPHERY who have been coming out of the Baltimore area. People have started looking at the Maryland scene a little bit more, but overall it’s not the greatest scene but not the worst either.

​​The East Coast is generally pretty receptive to Metal though, as opposed most of the West Coast or the Deep South, no? ​​

You know, the East Coast is interesting because there are so many cities that are within a two hour drive, so sometimes it’s hard to get people to come out to the show because they know that another show that’s just as good is going to be coming next week. So you have to have the audience really want to come and see you on the East Coast because they know you’ll probably be coming again next month, or they can see whatever other tour in a week.  It’s interesting, but the East Coast audience is great, I love it.

​​When did Maryland Deathfest start?  Maryland seems like a rather random place to hold a Heavy Metal festival. ​​

That’s just the guys, Evan and Ryan, who wanted to start the festival. They wanted to do it, and it just kept going and going. I think this is the tenth year that it’s been happening, so it’s a good thing for them, and the festival has gotten a lot of notoriety even around the world.

​​Speaking of notoriety, congratulations on the band’s induction into the Decibel Magazine Hall of Fame for the album "Destroy the Opposition"!​​

Thank you! We’re really honored to be a part of all the other amazing bands whose albums have been inducted into this hall of fame.  It’s cool to see that these people remember some of our past works and give us that honor.  We found out about it through email.  Our manager said, “Whoa!  Look what happened!” and we were like “Oh, that’s cool!”

​​Inducted via email? That’s quite the express way! ​​

Well that’s how it all happens now, isn’t it?

​​This is definitely true. This is obviously a huge note of praise for the band, but I know there is also the other side of society that is disturbed merely by the sound of the band name!  Do you get hate mail from angry moms? ​​

Yes we have.We did one show in the UK where the letter wasn’t sent to us personally, it was sent to the venue and the promoter.  Someone said, “How dare you have a band named DYING FETUS play in my city? The band should be tied up and executed, shot in the head”.  We still played the show because this person wasn’t going to come out! They’re just going to hide behind their words. It’s funny because if you take the two words “dying” and “fetus” and separate them, there is nothing offensive about either word. Actually to me, there’s really nothing offensive about the term “Dying Fetus”.  It doesn’t mean that we are for or against babies or we want children dead or anything like that. It just states that somewhere someplace there might be a fetus, and it might be dying. But then again, ever since we’re born, aren’t we all dying?  There’s ultimately an end for us all.

​​Damn.  That’s a very strong statement for a band who just longs to play brutal fucking Metal! ​​

Exactly, we just want to play brutal-ass music and make people slam into each other. That’s what we do

​​How often are the social commentaries that are written in this album related to subjects that directly have a serious personal effect on you? ​​

Some of the songs are written about situations we are close to. They can kind of relate to each of us individually in the band. We just draw from all the social issues that are happening around us, whether things are happening overseas or in our own backyards.  The song “Womb to Waste” is about a pregnant mother who just does not care about the child who has died and doesn’t care about the repercussions of her actions. She’s going to continue living her party life, and that’s a situation reflective of something we are close to in the band. Like I’ve said, the world inspires us.

​​The opening to that song is incredibly disturbing, by the way.​​

Well then, we achieved exactly what we wanted by putting that sample there. It’s definitely not supposed to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Her snide remarks in the beginning really capture the vibe that we wanted to portray.

​​Another significant portrayal in the "Reign Supreme" album is the cover artwork, which to me is a bit reminiscent of DEATH’s album "The Sound of Perseverance". Who helped the band design it, and what was the main idea behind the cover? ​​

Well we threw out a couple ideas at the art director of Relapse RecordsOrion Landau.  He has done a few of our album covers in the past like "Descent into Depravity"and "War of Attrition". We are very happy with the kind of graphic style he has, which is pretty varied actually. We threw him some ideas, that’s what he came up with, and we said, “Looks cool, let’s go with it”.

​​Did you want to do different styles of album covers on purpose?  You are right in that your albums don’t really have a sort of consistency of style; was this intentional? ​​

It’s not something that’s so conscious that we had wanted something to tie each albumvisually together. It’s just kind of something that happens. I think that it also helps give each album its own identity. Because we do have a sound that—you know, I’ve heard some people say, “Oh, DYING FETUS has a new album. You’re going to get what you always get…a DYING FETUS album”. So one way we can make each of these albums stand out is by having them look visually different.

​​What are you going to do in the few days you have before touring? ​​

I’m going to be practicing so I can play my drums well. I try to practice a little bit every day, keep my chops up. And I’m going to spend some time with the people I care about most, and enjoy a couple more days of relaxation!

​​Minions, be sure to pick up your copy of "Reign Supreme", released on June 19 via Relapse Records. Check online for the nearest tour dates in your town too! Thank you Trey for joining us on Metal Temple!  ​​

Thank you for having me!


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